Searchlight - The Entrepreneurs Journey

Searchlight - The Entrepreneurs Journey
Each month we explore the key points on the Entrepreneurs Journey from concept to successful startup. In each program we hear from an established and successful entrepreneur about their particular journey. We also have a guest who is a specialist in the topic at hand, plus we spotlight a featured startup.

August 3rd 2020
Aug 5 • 135 min
For the August 3rd edition of Searchlight Entrepreneurs Journey we take a look at why speed to market is so critical and important for Startups and exploring the thinking behind the concept of the ‘Minimum Viable Product’. Joining co-hosts John Burkett…
July 6th 2020
Jul 8 • 124 min
This month, we turn the spotlight towards considering the importance of having the right business structure in place and also looking at the ‘Solo / Co-founder’ conundrum. Do startups fare better with a solo founder or with co-founders at the helm?…
June 8 2020
Jun 9 • 131 min
For our June program we take a look at understanding your business model and how that links to the importance of having a clearly defined value proposition. Joining co-hosts Sharyn Doolan of Bay FM and John Burkett of Startup Redlands & Advicepoint…
May 11 2020
May 12 • 131 min
This month we continue looking at the world of Startups and consider how it’s necessary to deal with the ‘What problem are you solving’ question. We also look at this idea can be applicable to any business dealing with the effects of the COVID-19…
April 6 2020
Apr 7 • 126 min
In a change to our usual focus on Startups, we will be looking at the impact of the COVID-19 emergency on our local business community and exploring ideas and inspiration to keep our business community thriving. Joining co-hosts Sharyn Doolan of Bay FM…
March 9 2020
Mar 12 • 142 min
Each month we explore what it takes and what it means to be an entrepreneur. This month with a fantastic panel of women we ask - What kind of mindset does an entrepreneur need?