Manic Mommies The Teen Years

Manic Mommies The Teen Years
Former neighbors and longtime friends, Kristin Brandt and Erin Kane shared the trials and tribulations, joys, and triumphs of being working mothers trying to do it all, and do it all well (or just good enough) for almost 10 years. Now the parents of te…

Safety First
May 25 • 53 min
As America reopens, we’re struggling with our decision-making capabilities. Can you safely swim in your neighbor’s pool on a hot, sunny day? BYOB to a gathering with a few friends? What about getting a haircut? Or eating at a restaurant? This week we…
We’re Starting to Crack
May 17 • 44 min
As we head into week #10 at home—and things are slowly starting to reopen in some states—the manic mommies are starting to crack. Little annoyances that we used to brush off pre-COVID are becoming big frustrations. Dirty dishes on the counter. Toilet…
Advice for the Class of 2021 from a College & Career Counselor
May 5 • 59 min
Listen up moms of high school juniors: coronavirus is likely to have a big impact on the college application process this fall and winter. In this episode, we talk to long-time listener Amy, a high school college and career counselor from Virginia,…
Our Favorite Things in Quarantine
Apr 26 • 56 min
Ozark. Little Fires Everywhere. Leaf Shave. City Lips. This week we talk about the beauty products, entertainment, and cleaning supplies that help make staying home for weeks on end bearable. Like you, we’re shopping online and we’ve fallen for quite a…
College Prep During a Pandemic
Apr 19 • 54 min
The world has turned upside down for everyone including our high school students. Seniors are losing their final celebrations and juniors are wondering what this pass/fail grading might mean for their college applications. In this episode, we talk…
She’s One. Funny. Mother.
Apr 6 • 46 min
If the new abnormal has you feeling down, this episode is your cure! We call comedian Dena Blizzard, comedian, and creator of the “One Funny Mother” Off-Broadway show and many hilarious videos including Chardonnay Go!, that famous back to school rant…
A Cart Apart
Mar 30 • 41 min
Another week of staying home is behind us and we’re hopeful it’s making a difference. In this episode, we talk about what’s essential and what’s not, how teen boys and girls cope differently, and the myths and realities of grocery shopping.
The Manic Mommies Return
Mar 22 • 52 min
The Manic Mommies are back! The threat of coronavirus is here, and the moms need a sanity saver. Join us as we talk about our new normal, online learning, working from home, and how we’re trying to keeping it together.