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Trinity Bible Church, OKC
Pastor Drue Freeman is a native of Oklahoma City who graduated in 1971 from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, with a Bachelor of Science in 1980, he received a Master of Biblical Languages from Tulsa Seminary of Biblical Languages. Drue has been a pastor since 1978 and has served the Lord as pastor of Trinity Bible Church in Oklahoma City since its inception in 1991. He has also served as a professor of Hebrew and Ancient History at two different seminaries and has been actively involved in missionary outreach, youth ministries and numerous discipleship programs.

Rev 18:11-24
May 23 • 41 min
More on the Entity recognized as Economic or Political Babylon, in whom was found the blood of all the prophets and of the saints and of all who have been slain on the earth, and whom started out as a Golden Cup in the Hand of the Lord.
Stage 3 of Final Battle (Armageddon)
May 23 • 52 min
Stage 1 - Siege of Palestine Stage 2 - King of North responds to rumors from the N. and returns toward Jerusalem. Stage 3 - Siege of Jerusalem. Joel 2:2, Zechariah 9:11-17, Joel 3:2-11, 12-17 Stage 4 - A Great Earthquake, as never before, nor ever again.…
Rev 18:6-10
May 15 • 49 min
“I SIT AS A QUEEN AND I AM NOT A WIDOW”. Rev 18:7. This judgement is on arrogance and idolatry of the entity that was once described as a “Golden Cup in the Hand of the Lord”, but has become 1 of 2 Harlots destroyed during the “Trib”. Find notes at…
Stages of Armageddon
May 15 • 45 min
Stage 1; Daniel 11:40 - Invasion of Palestine. Stage 2; Daniel 11:43. King of N. - Fear of getting supply lines cut. (6th Bowl Judgement happens here - Rev 16:12). King of N. receives news about supply lines and returns to Jerusalem. Stage 3; The siege of…
Revelation 18:1
May 8 • 47 min
The Intoxicant of Wealth, Prophetical Babylon and influence on all the kings of the earth. Fallen (Religious Babylon), Fallen is Babylon (Political Babylon). Both entities were referred to as Harlots in chapter 17
Spotlighting the 6 Bowl Judgements
May 8 • 52 min
Rev 16:1 The 6 Bowls are poured out on the earth just before the 2nd Advent of Christ, at the end of the Tribulation. (Compare Mathew 24:29 and Zechariah 14:1-8)
Rev. 17:14-18
May 1 • 43 min
Babylonianism is continued through the 2 Harlots, Religious Babylon, Prophetical Babylon and the Revived Roman Empire. (Man can save Himself)
3 Woes - Judgments on Environment Rev 8&9
May 1 • 48 min
7th Seal opened. The Trumpet judgments. 1st 5 trumpets part of 1st Woe, 6th Trumpet part of 2nd Woe. 7th Trumpet is 3rd Woe which is the Bowl or Vial judgments including the 7 Thunder judgments. John was not allowed to write the explanation of the Thunder…
Rev. 17:8
Apr 25 • 57 min
The man who was and is not at the time of John and who will be. The Anti-Christ
4th personality - False Prophet
Apr 25 • 43 min
False Prophet and a short look at judgements
Rev 17:1-7
Apr 18 • 47 min
from: study of Revelation. A mystery explained - Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the earth.
Mark of the Beast out of the sea
Apr 18 • 49 min
from: coming events study Rev 13:16. The Beast out of the sea continues a world viewpoint started at the Tower of Babel - “Globalism”, aka One World Government, controlling the ability to buy and sell.
The Lord’s Table
Apr 11 • 46 min
No form for The Lord’s Table is found in scripture, but the function of this commanded ritual is found in scripture.
Continuing the different personalities
Apr 11 • 50 min
The Dictator of the Revived Roman Empire will try to consolidate and rule the entire earth. A.K.A Beast out of the sea, The Prince of the people, The Little Horn, Son of Destruction, Man of lawlessness and more.
Rev. 16:14
Apr 4 • 51 min
…demons like frogs (identifiable) performing signs, convincing all the kings of the earth to follow the Anti-Christ and fight against the God of The Heaven
Personalities in The Tribulation
Apr 4 • 49 min
The 144,000 and the two Witnesses are described
Rev. 16:8-14
Mar 28 • 41 min
Middle of the 7 Bowl Judgments. We are at the 4th. The sun goes nova. Class handout
The Tribulation is also known as “Daniel’s 70th Week”
Mar 28 • 53 min
The verse Daniel 9:24 and following is one of places in scripture where God has put His entire essence on the line. As mentioned before, the entire Book of Revelation is a summary of all the end-time prophecies found in scripture . In this class Drue will…
Rev. 16:1-7
Mar 21 • 44 min
Description of the 7 Bowls (or Vials) of Judgment.
Various Descriptions of The Tribulation found in Scripture
Mar 21 • 49 min
Darkness and the warriors of earth crying out, all the earth will face the judgment of The Wrath of God.
Rev 15:5-8
Mar 19 • 48 min
The 7 Bowel Judgments **This episode was last weeks Revelation class. From now on we will podcast every Sunday 2 podcasts. 1 for the 1st session ( Angelic Conflict - Things to Come) and one for the 2nd session (Revelation). We have a class on Wed.…
Rev 15:1-4
Mar 19 • 35 min
Scene in Heaven before the 2nd Advent
Rev 14:17
Mar 19 • 47 min
The 2nd Harvest
Rev 14:14
Mar 19 • 43 min
The 1st Harvest of 2
Rev 14:9
Mar 19 • 45 min
The Third Angel and doom for worshipers of the Beast.
Rev 14:6
Mar 19 • 45 min
The Three Angels
Rev 14:1-5
Mar 19 • 57 min
The Lamb and the 144,000 standing on Mt. Zion
Rev 13:11
Mar 19 • 53 min
The Beast from the Earth.
Rev 13:10
Mar 19 • 60 min
Here is the perseverance and Faith of the Saints.
Rev 13:4-9
Mar 19 • 60 min
The World worships the Beast from the SEA, and the Beast is given authority for 42 months.
Rev 13:1-3
Mar 19 • 53 min
Beast from the Sea - receives power from the Dragon
Mar 19 • 49 min
1st 19 minutes The Lord’s Table, 2nd portion, info on Jesus the Messiah
Rev 12:13-17
Mar 19 • 53 min
The Dragon pursues the Woman. all the while God is protecting her.
Rev 12:9
Mar 19 • 56 min
Satan thrown out of Heaven and he knows he only has a short time.
Rev 12:3-6
Mar 19 • 52 min
The Red Dragon - 7 heads and 10 horns.
Rev 12:1-4
Mar 19 • 50 min
The Woman and Israel
Rev 11:11-14
Mar 18 • 49 min
The 2nd Woe is past. Bring on the 7th Trumpet.
Rev 11:1-6
Mar 18 • 50 min
The Beast out of the Abyss. The two witnesses are slain. The world rejoices and exchanges gifts.
Rev 11:1-6
Mar 18 • 47 min
The two witnesses.
Rev 10:4
Mar 18 • 72 min
The 7 Peals of Thunder, God will not let John record what he saw concerning them.
Rev 10:1
Mar 18 • 54 min
The Angel and the little book
Rev 9:12
Mar 18 • 53 min
The 1st Woe is past, 2 left. The sixth Trumpet- Army from the East.
Rev 9:5
Mar 18 • 50 min
Men will curse God and seek to die, but can’t.
Rev 9:1
Mar 18 • 67 min
The 5th Trumpet and the Bottomless Pit.
Rev 8:1
Mar 18 • 49 min
The 7th Seal, Start of the Trumpet Judgments.
Rev 7:9-17
Mar 18 • 57 min
Looking at a multitude in Heaven.
Rev 7:1
Mar 18 • 44 min
The four Angels at 4 corners of the Earth holding back the winds and the sealed 144,000.
Rev 6:9
Mar 18 • 55 min
Opening of the fifth Seal and the four horseman. The four horseman show up now and continue until the end of The Tribulation period.
Rev 6:1-8
Mar 17 • 62 min
It’s revealed to John what the seven seal judgements are. Not a pretty picture, You would not want to endure. That is one reason He reveals them. It is not His intention that anyone of His creation undergo a time unlike any other time in the history of…
Rev 5 verse 5
Mar 17 • 56 min
The Worthy is found! The only one that is experientialy Worthy, born of a virgin, hence no sin nature or natural man or old man, if you prefer. That is passed on through the man in reproduction. He lived and died without sin. It’s hard to imagine or…
Rev 5:1-11
Mar 17 • 38 min
this is information about the book of the Seven Seals judgments. Who can open it, anyone?? *First 19 minutes are The Lord’s table. I wrangled with myself about cutting these out,but….. they are a lesson within themselves, I just could not do it.
Rev chpt 4 verses 2-11
Mar 17 • 51 min
This is the scene in heaven immediately after what is known as the rapture (pre-trib)
Rev. 1:16
Mar 17 • 52 min
This is instruction from God the Father to John concerning what John has just seen in what we are calling the “Patmos Vision”
Revelation 1 verses 9-20
Mar 17 • 46 min
These verses are known as the Patmos Vision. Written by John while being in prison on the island of Patmos for spreading God’s Word about His Son
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Mar 17 • 48 min
The last book of the bible. It explains it’s own existence in the 1st verse. “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him (a bondservant aka believer) to show those who accept Him as Messiah, future things that must come to pass”. What makes Book…
Introduction to the Book of Revelation
Mar 17 • 51 min
Includes how this Book is laid out, what you should know before trying to understand it and why should you know whats in it. A lot can be learned when it is taught by studying this Book along with the original text, as always Pastor Drue Freeman explains…