The BS Podcast

The BS Podcast
Covering all the Bulls*** in the news and more!

11: It’s a Party in the U.S.A.!
May 26 • 64 min
Is a nursing home the most dangerous place to be? People flock to the beaches in droves for Memorial Day! And… one mayors strange attempt to evade the law. All this and more on this week’s show.
10: Who Needs A Mask Anyhow?!
May 19 • 58 min
As always, the BS is never ending! This week Dave and Zach discuss a face mask loophole, innovate mask designs that allow you to still drink your booze, and a Florida man going for a swim in an unlikely place! All this and more on the show.
9: You Named Your Baby What?!
May 12 • 54 min
This week, Dave and Zach discuss the ever-growing pile of B.S. including: Elon and Grimes strange baby name, an implant that could save your life, and the white house’s response to staffers getting coronavirus. All this and more on this weeks show!
8: This Smoothie Will NOT Boost Your Immune System
May 5 • 50 min
The world is hard enough as it is… now we have to deal with Aliens, Murder Hornets, and Child Kidnapping Monkeys?! All this and more on this weeks episode!
7: Where in the World is Kim Jong-Un?!
Apr 28 • 56 min
This week Dave and Zach dig through the top 10 pieces of BS from the last week. Was fish tank cleaner guy murdered? Is Kim Jong-Un Dead? Did Trump Say to Drink Bleach? We’ll discuss these questions and more on todays show!
6: Bigfoot Breaks Quarantine!
Apr 21 • 62 min
This week on the B.S. Podcast… Jacksonville opens its beaches sparking fierce debate, protests erupt around the country amidst lock down orders, and… have we found Bigfoot?! All this and more on the show!
5: Sex Toys and Toilet Humor
Apr 14 • 50 min
This week Dave and Zach dive into the B.S. headfirst! Covering stories like: a scandalous booming business in the UK, a new way to spread coronavirus, the wife of an Illinois Mayor breaking the law, and much more.
4: No Face Masks? Use a Bucket!
Apr 7 • 41 min
Dave and Zach discuss all the BS from this week including: Fauci’s most recent COVID-19 update, natural disasters, a pet owner teaching his dog a new trick, and the most recent innovation to fix the face mask shortage!
3: Don’t Lick the Toilet!
Mar 31 • 44 min
This week, Dave and Zach dive into all the recent B.S. including: a pastor getting arrested in Tampa, a university bringing it’s students back prematurely, and a strip club getting creative with it’s new business model!
2: No Hand Sanitizer? It’s All in Vegas For Nude Wrestling
Mar 25 • 48 min
Nude hand sanitizer wrestling, a psychic prediction that was spot-on, and a Florida woman’s assault charge you don’t want to miss… Zach and Dave dive into all the B.S. new stories from the past week that are too ridiculous to ignore. The world is hard…
1: Where’s the Toilet Paper?!
Mar 18 • 33 min
Toilet paper shortages, avoiding COVID-19 by drinking Titos, the newest tik-tok challenge that you will NOT want to try at home, plus ISIS warning terrorists to avoid Europe… Zach and Dave dive into all the B.S. new stories from the past week that are too…