The Simple BioTech Podcast

The Simple BioTech Podcast
Interviews with the researchers, founders, and investors of the BioTech industry. An insiders look into what is going on in the world of BioTech, from curing aging to psychedelic therapy, we interview the game changers of the industry. The unsung hero’?

#10 - Shawn Singh - Tackling Anxiety & Depression: A Unique New Approach with a Fraction of the Side Effects
Oct 13 • 54 min
Vistagen Therapeutics are taking on anxiety and depression with their unique bio technology that aims to leave the nasty side effects of anxiety and depression meds behind
#9 Brian Culley - Cell Therapy & The Power of Pluripotent Stem Cells
Sep 3 • 44 min
A fascinating conversation with Brian Culley about the Sci Fi Like Powers of Pluripotent Stem Cells
#8 - Nick Sinclair - Extending The Health Span of Our Pets: How Improving Our Pets Health Span Will Improve Human Health Span
Aug 10 • 31 min
A delightful discussion on extending the life span of our pets, & how the discoveries in this field will speed up & move forward the progress in human longevity science
#7 - Joseph Baur - NAD, NMN, & NR - A Deep Dive Into NAD & It’s Precursors w/ a Leading NAD Researcher
Jul 3 • 27 min
NAD, NMN, and NR, finally explained by top NAD researcher, Joseph Baur
#6 - Dr. Gregory Bailey - Investing in the Longevity Industry: The Greatest Investment Opportunity in All of Human History
Jun 17 • 31 min
An extremely hype interview about investing in the Longevity Industry. One of the greatest investment opportunities in all of human history
#5 - Alex Zhavoronkov - Artificial Intelligence and Drug/Biomarker Discovery: Why AI Will Play a Massive Role In Pushing BioTech Forward
May 26 • 64 min
An Interview w/ Alex Zhavoronkov on Artificial Intelligence and How it Will Affect the BioTech Industry
#4 - Andy Koff - Preventing Quiescent Cells from Turning Senescent - A Unique Approach to Fighting Senescent Cells by Atropos Therapeutics
Apr 23 • 37 min
A unique approach to tackling senescent cells: An interview with Andy Koff, founder of Atropos Therapeutics
#3 - Mike West - Pluripotent Stem Cells, Telomerase, and How Age X is Solving Human Regeneration
Apr 11 • 95 min
A mind blowing conversation about pluripotent stem cells, telomerase, and the absolute sci fi levels of potential behind these technologies.
#2 - Graham Pawelec - The Immune System and it’s Role in Aging and Cancer Treatment
Apr 1 • 37 min
In this interview Graham Pawelec, a top academic in cancer research and immunotherapy, breaks down exactly how the immune system protects us, why it becomes less effect as we age, and how scientists are utilizing the immune system to cure cancer. Yes… to…
#1 - Tim Cash - Senescent Cells: What Are They & Why/How Senolytx Is Trying To Fix Them
Mar 18 • 37 min
In this episode Tim helps me to understand exactly why senescent cells, and the damage they cause to the human body is such an important issue we, as humans, need to fix. If you’re interested in learning why and how the human body ages, you’re going to…