Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place
Finding daily sanity in a world that feels increasingly insane.

96: Fierce
Jul 11 • 64 min
This week I’ve been sharing my conversations with the writers of FIERCE: Essays by and About Dauntless Women. On today’s Story Saturday, you’ll finally get to hear from all thirteen of them.FIERCE won the Book Life Prize and the Nautilus Book Award.…
95: Transcendent
Jul 10 • 16 min
As we continue our series featuring the women of FIERCE: Essays by and About Dauntless Women, we talk today with Chicava Honeychild, who is an actress, a burlesque dancer, a scholar, and a teacher of what she calls “Sacred Burlesque.” She tells us what…
94: Revelry
Jul 9 • 16 min
Kara Lee Corthron is a playwright, a novelist, and a TV writer. Her forthcoming Young Adult novel DAUGHTERS OF JUBILATION is about a teenager in the Jim Crow era who discovers that she has magical abilities that make her powerful in a time when the world…
93: Audacious
Jul 8 • 20 min
Edissa Nicolás-Huntsman calls herself an agitator, and activist, and an educator. In this riveting installment of our essays featuring the women of FIERCE: ESSAYS BY AND ABOUT AUDACIOUS WOMEN, Edissa tells us about the inspiration she found from a…
92: Defiant
Jul 7 • 22 min
In the first of five episodes featuring FIERCE: ESSAYS BY AND ABOUT DAUNTLESS WOMEN, award-winning author Meera Nair shares how she’s found hope even as she’s been living in “the epicenter of the epicenter,” the place that for a time, got hit hardest by…
91: An Open Letter to My Mom
Jul 6 • 11 min
In this open letter to her mom, Laura reflects on what she learned about being a strong woman even in a house that was wary of feminism. Her letter kicks off a week of episodes with the women who wrote the award-winning book, FIERCE: ESSAYS BY AND ABOUT…
90: Real Patriotism
Jul 4 • 21 min
On this Independence Day, Air Force veteran Tino Dinh talks about patriotism, and why he thinks it should be an inclusive term. Tino is the child of refugees who nearly died when they fled Saigon during the Vietnam war. He’s spent most of his life serving…
89: Family History
Jul 3 • 12 min
As we approach this holiday weekend, Laura looks to Independent presidential candidate Mark Charles to help us celebrate without ignoring our country’s complicated family history.Resources from today’s episode:Read UNSETTLING TRUTHS by Mark Charles and…
88: Temper Tantrum
Jul 2 • 15 min
We all have those times when life is a perfect storm of disasters and we just can’t take it anymore. Sometimes it’s our kids who have temper tantrums. Sometimes, it’s us. Today I share the biggest one we’ve had yet during this quarantine, and what it’s…
87: Untouched
Jul 1 • 17 min
Fifteen years ago, the first thing Laura ever published was a short piece of creative non-fiction called “Touched.” Today, she responds to that younger version of herself with “Untouched,” a reflection on life in a world where she no longer takes touch…
86: Special
Jun 30 • 15 min
For the past two weeks, we’ve been looking at this time through the lens of the Enneagram—but the idea for this series began as a joke. Today Laura shares her own rocky road with the Enneagram, and why she’s finally come around to believing that we need…
85: The Individualist
Jun 29 • 20 min
Keith Watts can hush a room with the beauty and power of his singing voice—but he’s spent a lifetime silencing himself. As an Enneagram four, Keith knows how complicated life—and his own feelings about it—can be. In this final installment on our Enneagram…
84: The Capacity for Courage
Jun 27 • 32 min
Micheline Aharonian Marcom has been writing beautiful, courageous, award-winning novels for over twenty years. Her latest book, The New American, comes out next month. One of the great gifts she has given to her students is to teach them to write with…
83: The Enthusiast
Jun 26 • 18 min
Sevens are often referred to as “the fun number” on the Enneagram. But their continual search for contentment through the next great experience can also make them scattered and unreliable. Oakland pastor Marco Ambriz, who calls himself “a hard seven,” has…
82: The Achiever
Jun 25 • 13 min
In the age of Malala and Greta Thunberg, young people are leading the charge on changing our world. Sanjna Selvarajan, today’s Enneagram 3, is a great example. She’s lived and traveled all over the world as a documentary filmmaker, photographer, writer,…
81: The Reformer
Jun 24 • 14 min
The Enneagram type 1 is often referred to as “the reformer” because with their strong sense of ethics and their core desire of having integrity and balance, 1s see that things can always be better—and they know how to make that happen. Jana Riess is an…
80: The Loyal Skeptic
Jun 23 • 16 min
Enneagram sixes are more aware of how uncertain life is than most of us. In any given situation, they’ve probably thought through the worst case scenario—but that doesn’t mean that they’re never taken by surprise. In today’s episode, Shea Gilbert talks…
79: The Investigator
Jun 22 • 14 min
The Enneagram 5 is often described as “the investigator.” Musician and audio editor Erica Huang was born and raised in New York, and during this time she’s seen her city go from isolation to community. As she grapples with what the challenges of a…
78: Story Saturday: A Beautiful Place
Jun 20 • 32 min
Elmer Yazzie grew up on the Navaho reservation in New Mexico, and was the son of a translator for the “white missionary.” In today’s Story Saturday, he shares a nuanced view of his people’s history, and a vision for the future that prioritizes community…
77: The Peacemaker
Jun 19 • 14 min
The Enneagram 9 is often called “the Peacemaker.” 9s are so skilled at creating harmony that we often don’t even notice they’re doing it. The challenge for 9s is to do what they’re good at without avoiding the chaotic parts of life. Samantha Lee is a…
76: Pandemic Summer
Jun 18 • 23 min
For over 40 years, Dr. Jose Luis Sanchez has been working in infectious disease epidemiology, outbreak investigation, and applied biomedical research. In today’s episode, he answers questions about COVID-19, including whether or not we should schedule…
75: The Helper
Jun 17 • 15 min
Hilary Davis is a hospital chaplain who enjoys helping people have what she calls “a good death,” and who brings equal enthusiasm to her work fighting climate change. She’s also an Enneagram 2, the type often called “the Helper,” because they’re quick to…
74: The Challenger
Jun 16 • 20 min
The Enneagram 8 is often described as “the challenger.” Addiction therapist Jen Sheedy has been speaking truth to power all her life, but this time has brought with it challenges she never could have foreseen, choices that are pushing her to be more…
73: The Life-Changing Magic of Spacing Out
Jun 15 • 11 min
As social bubbles form and expand, each day continues to have challenges we didn’t anticipate. Sometimes, the answer is to push through. But sometimes, the answer is to do absolutely nothing. See for privacy and opt-out information.
72: Story Saturday: A Common Memory
Jun 13 • 59 min
Presidential candidate Mark Charles shares why he thinks our country’s struggles with racism have everything to do with our need to find a common memory of our history, and why eleven years of watching the sunrise on the Navaho Nation has given him hope…
71: More Caught Than Taught
Jun 12 • 13 min
In parenting and in life, real change comes from a little less talk and a lot more action. See for privacy and opt-out information.
BONUS: How We’re Doing Now with the Transmission Times
Jun 11 • 16 min
The Transmission Times is an audio diary of voices from all across the globe. Today one of those voices is Laura’s. In this special bonus episode, Laura talks about how she’s really doing, and why even though this time has been extremely difficult, it has…
70: Redefining Sanity
Jun 10 • 18 min
Tatiana Mac, an engineer, writer, and speaker who is thinking a lot about the weight words carry, prompts Laura to redefine the daily sanity she’s seeking in each episode, and to explore how that pursuit is evolving. See for privacy and…
69: The Possibility of Change
Jun 9 • 11 min
In her forward to The Best American Science and Nature writing, Jaime Green pushes back on the idea that anything is outside of politics, and makes a case for choosing to engage in a more hopeful, just future. See for privacy and opt-out…
68: Difference
Jun 8 • 17 min
In the wake of cancelling a long-anticipated trip to see her extended family, Laura explores how the differences that have created conflict within her own family have revealed the lies she has believed about her family and country. See…
67: Circling Back
Jun 6 • 46 min
Laura circles back with Muoki Musau, whose perspective began this week of amplifying and celebrating Black voices. In the first conversation they’ve ever had—a conversation that begins and ends with laughter—they agree together to talk about racism in…
66: What’s Going On
Jun 5 • 34 min
James Jones has been carving his own path for a long time—as a musician, a voiceover artist, a podcaster, and a Black man in the Morman church. He shares how taking the leap to follow his dreams have included some falls, but ultimately landed him exactly…
65: Goodnight America
Jun 4 • 20 min
Singer songwriter Miko Marks shares music and words to guide us in these troubling times. See for privacy and opt-out information.
64: Blues for Almost Forgotten Music
Jun 3 • 17 min
Award-winning poet Roxane Beth Johnson shares poems to help us remember the music of life, and talks about how this time has taught her to to live a quieter life and find hope in the small moments. See for privacy and opt-out information.
63: The Show Must Be Paused
Jun 2 • 5 min
Shelter in Place is joining with other arts organizations in observing “Black Out Tuesday” on June 2. This is a day to disconnect from work and reconnect with community in light of the deaths of African American citizens and the systemic racism, violence,…
62: Balance
Jun 1 • 15 min
What a failed gymnastics career and a Virginia realtor’s perspective can show us navigating this time with humility and presence. See for privacy and opt-out information.
61: Story Saturday: Do Not Be Afraid
May 30 • 42 min
Laura talks with Nashville Singer-Songwriter Christopher Williams about how making music for twenty-five years has taught him how to not be afraid—even when everything around us is crumbling. See for privacy and opt-out information.
BONUS: The Rollercoaster Ride with the Transmission Times
May 29 • 17 min
Life in quarantine can feel like an emotional rollercoaster ride, one with twists and turns that are not always welcome. In this special bonus episode from the Transmission Times, listeners from around the world share their experiences of the ups and…
60: Trixi
May 28 • 18 min
How uniting around a common cause can help former adversaries become allies—even when those allies are your siblings, and the common cause is bringing someone else down. See for privacy and opt-out information.
59: Standardized
May 27 • 20 min
As the UC university system ditches the ACT and SAT as requirements for college admissions, Laura shares her own story of test-taking and college, and why she hopes her children’s experiences of college will be different. See for privacy…
58: Type 2 Fun
May 26 • 16 min
As we enter this pandemic summer, Laura recalls how sometimes our best memories aren’t of the easy kind of fun, but the kind we had to work for. See for privacy and opt-out information.
57: Slab City
May 25 • 44 min
Laura takes this Memorial Day holiday off from the usual episodes, and instead shares a short story she wrote called “Slab City,” which was originally published by A Capella Zoo.Note: This story may not be suitable for children. The original version of…
56: Story Saturday: Bent Toward Hope
May 23 • 48 min
In this very special Story Saturday edition, Laura talks with award-winning author Kirin Khan, who began this time of sheltering in place in a firestorm of tragedy, but through it all has found her way to hope and grace.Warning: This episode contains…
55: Solve for X
May 22 • 22 min
On her kids’ last day of school, Laura draws from Susan Wise Bauer’s research, writing, and experience on how we can rethink the way we approach our K-12 education system as our world begins to open up and we try to imagine post-pandemic living. See…
54: Mullethawk
May 21 • 15 min
What a decade-long fight taught Laura about relationships, laughter, and the grace we need to keep giving each other. See for privacy and opt-out information.
53: A Better Way
May 20 • 11 min
As the world begins to open up at least in some places, Laura looks to the work of #1 New York Times Best-Selling author Sebastian Junger to examine the pitfalls of American individualism, and guide us toward a more connected, contented future. See…
52: I do it.
May 19 • 15 min
Laura comes to terms with the way the generosity of others is pushing her to recognize how much she needs her community, and also how much we miss out on in a culture of individualism. See for privacy and opt-out information.
51: Rest
May 18 • 14 min
Two months in, Laura reflects on the challenges of starting a project with no planning—a challenge that mirrors life during COVID-19. She takes a good friend’s advice to figure out what rest means right now, and finds it in some places she didn’t expect.…
50: Story Saturday: In Service to the Poem
May 16 • 34 min
On today’s Story Saturday, Laura talks with poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommor about her daily practice of writing and publishing a poem a day for over a decade, and about why her favorite people in this world are the people who don’t like poetry. See…
49: Sanity
May 15 • 14 min
After writing daily episodes for eight weeks straight, Laura considers what it means to find daily sanity—and is surprised by the complexity of the answer to that question. If there were a Shelter in Place manifesto, this would be it. See…
48: Open for Business
May 14 • 12 min
Over the past week, many states have lifted their shelter in place orders at least partially. Others have put in place measures more extreme than before. In a time when even the coronavirus has become political, how do we find our way forward without…
47: Tell the Kids
May 13 • 15 min
In this second episode of lament over Ahmaud Arbery’s death, Laura faces the hard reality that her kids may not have the view of equality that she thought they did. She looks to two leaders in the church who are crying out against injustice in a new way,…
46: Ahmaud
May 12 • 14 min
Ahmaud Arbery was killed on February 23, 2020 while he was out for his daily run. Laura looks to fellow runners Alison Mariella Désir and Bayano Kamani for wisdom on where we go from here. See for privacy and opt-out information.
BONUS: Creativity and COVID-19 with Emerging Form
May 11 • 42 min
In honor of Mother’s Day, Laura shares this very special bonus episode, a conversation with Emerging Form’s hosts, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer and Christie Aschwanden. They talk about motherhood, creativity in the time of COVID-19, and what the daily…
45: Story Saturday: Through a Different Lens
May 9 • 19 min
Laura talks with Hollywood executive Andrew Calof, who has spent the past twenty years chasing his dream of making movies, and how pursuing that dream and spending years crafting stories is helping him to shelter in place. See for…
44: The Third Way
May 8 • 12 min
As difficult as life feels right now, this time of sheltering in place has revealed some important truths about how unsustainable our previous COVID-19 lives were. And yet what we’re experiencing now is unsustainable in a totally different way. Laura…
43: Help
May 7 • 26 min
Seven months ago, Patrick Vaughn got into a bike accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The healing process from that injury was a long, slow one, and in many ways mirrors the losses our world is experiencing right now. In today’s episode, Laura…
42: Tiny Habits
May 6 • 11 min
In the face of feeling disappointed with herself for making the same parenting mistakes over and over again in this time of living in close quarters with her family, Laura turns to BJ Fogg’s work and writing, that shows us that the key to big long-term…
41: Giving When It Hurts
May 5 • 10 min
On Giving Tuesday, a day that is all about being generous, Laura looks to recent research on scarcity and generosity for guidance during this time of both personal and global scarcity. See for privacy and opt-out information.
BONUS: Keeping a Notebook with Nina LaCour
May 4 • 11 min
In this special bonus episode, recent Shelter in Place guest and best-selling, award-winning author Nina LaCour invite us to turn to words and creation for hope in this time of fear, uncertainty, and disappointment. See for privacy and…
40: May Day
May 2 • 26 min
To celebrate this week’s challenge of dreaming and gratitude, Laura brings you a very special episode with your stories of what this time has been like for you, and how you’re dreaming, grieving, and finding hope in the midst of the struggles. See…
39: In This Together
May 1 • 11 min
On this final day of the week’s Gratitude and Dreaming challenge, Laura considers how the challenge has helped her to dream not just for herself, but for what her future could look like for her and her family. See for privacy and opt-out…
38: Let’s Celebrate
Apr 30 • 12 min
On this birthday episode, Laura continues this week’s gratitude and dreaming challenge and shares how being grateful has given her small wins, which have gone a long way to helping her process the loss of the past week and have given her a sense of…
37: Abundance
Apr 29 • 14 min
In this third installment of a week dedicated to dreaming big crazy dreams and being grateful, Laura confronts her own cynicism about generosity, and how a recent study showing a link between gratitude and generosity and Laura’s own experience of her…
36: Non-Essential
Apr 28 • 13 min
In the second installment of this week’s invitation to dream and be grateful, Laura continues to navigate her family’s recent loss of income, and consider what it means to create art in a world where she is among the non-essential. She turns to…
35: Permission to Dream
Apr 27 • 10 min
As Laura continues to process the losses of the past week, a good friend challenges her to see this time as an opportunity to dream. In this episode, Laura invites listeners to join her in dreaming big about our lives now and beyond the pandemic. See…
Shelter in Place Trailer
Apr 26 • 0 min
When the news came down about the mandate to shelter in place, Bay Area writer Laura Joyce Davis decided to mark this moment in history by chronicling her experience in real time. In each short episode, she draws inspiration from artists, scholars, and…
34: Story Saturday: Writing in Place
Apr 25 • 22 min
On today’s Story Saturday, Laura talks with bestselling and Michael L. Printz Award-winning author Nina LaCour, who started this time of sheltering in place in major transition. Laura and Nina have known each other for sixteen years, and talk about how…
33: Let Them Cry
Apr 24 • 10 min
As Laura processes her own grief over two major losses this week, she looks to the science of tears and Professor Ad Vingerhoets, one of the world’s leading researchers on crying, to understand what we need for our tears to help us. See…
32: Be Still
Apr 23 • 7 min
Today, Laura shares some big news in this little episode. As her family faces the reality of unemployment and a future they can’t control, Laura considers what it means to sit in this moment of fatigue and uncertainty while staying focused on the things…
31: For the Beauty of the Earth
Apr 22 • 16 min
COVID-19 has meant a drop in greenhouse gas emissions, but those effects won’t last if we go back to our previous ways of living when this is all over. On this Earth Day, Laura steps away from the politics of climate change and dreams about how we can…
BONUS! The Same Humanity
Apr 21 • 18 min
Today’s story is a special episode from Out There, a podcast exploring big questions through intimate stories outdoors. The story originally aired back in the fall of 2017, when producer Maya Kroth was living and reporting in Mexico City, but in many…
30: The Sabbatical Year
Apr 20 • 13 min
Laura tells the story of how the idea for a sabbatical year has shaped the last 17 years of her and her family’s life—and how all that has changed with COVID-19. See for privacy and opt-out information.
29: Story Saturday: The Entrepreneur in All of Us
Apr 18 • 26 min
Laura talks with business owner, occupational therapist, business coach, and podcaster Laura Figueroa, whose experiences pivoting her business and restructuring her life gave her the skills she needed to respond to the current crisis of COVID-19. See…
28: TGIF
Apr 17 • 11 min
One of the strangest things about this time of sheltering in place is that every day feels exactly the same. Laura explores why this sameness is so troubling, and why we need the days of the week more than we realize. See for privacy and…
27: Lessons from the Trail
Apr 16 • 16 min
Last summer, Laura and a friend fulfilled a longstanding dream to unplug from their overfull lives and backpack a section of the JMT. The trip was ill-timed in many ways—but it ended up being exactly what they needed. Laura shares stories from the trail,…
26: One Month Later
Apr 15 • 10 min
One month into sheltering in place, Laura reflects on some recent wisdom from writer Victor LaValle, and what his words and the past month have shown her about herself and her world.You can find the critically acclaimed, wild, wonderful writing of Victor…
25: A Time to Laugh
Apr 14 • 17 min
Laura takes a break from the usual pondering about the meaning of life to bring you an episode devoted entirely to laughter, and why we need it now more than ever. See for privacy and opt-out information.
24: In Defense of Doubt
Apr 13 • 15 min
On the 22nd anniversary of a beloved family member’s death, Laura reflects on the critical role doubt has played in her own journey, and how continues to guide her during this time of uncertainty. See for privacy and opt-out information.
23: Story Saturday: Pink Cathedrals
Apr 11 • 29 min
On today’s Story Saturday, Laura shares her short story Pink Cathedrals, a story about love, loss, memory, and displacement. Pink Cathedrals was originally published in the Arroyo Literary Review and nominated for a Pushcart Prize. You can find a link for…
22: In Solidarity
Apr 10 • 12 min
Laura gets a message from a friend in Manila talking about how COVID-19 has affected those in the Philippines, and reflects on the lessons her year in Manila taught her a decade ago. See for privacy and opt-out information.
21: Human Touch
Apr 9 • 17 min
Not touching isn’t just about physical contact. It reveals something deeper and more troubling about our current reality. Laura explores the research behind why touch is so important, and offers some practical solutions of how we can care for ourselves…
20: Chased by the Muse
Apr 8 • 41 min
Laura and her family are taking the day off, so she shares the story of another time in her life when she had to shelter in place, though under very different circumstances. Inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, she tells her own odyssey of being stuck in Mexico…
19: The Surprising Power of Kindness
Apr 7 • 14 min
Laura shares some surprising and delightful research from social psychologist Nicholas Epley, and reflects on the kindnesses that have made a big difference in her own life during times of grief and loss. See for privacy and opt-out…
18: Seasons
Apr 6 • 9 min
It’s Holy Week, the final week of the season of Lent. Laura reflects on growing up in a place with extreme seasons, and how learning about the rhythms of Lent, Passover, and Ramadan have helped her during this season of shifting from our pre-COVID-19…
17: Story Saturday: Picnic
Apr 4 • 19 min
On today’s Story Saturday edition of Shelter in Place, Laura talks with Oakland painter Christine Ferrouge, whose solo show “Picnic” was scheduled to open today. Christine talks about being a mother artist, painting the world that her daughters are…
16: My Country
Apr 3 • 14 min
COVID-19 comes at a time of intense political division, and the pandemic has only highlighted that divide. Is it even possible to come together as a country and find a way forward? Laura talks about how a hard day with her family gave her insight into her…
15: Social (Media) Distancing
Apr 2 • 14 min
Social distancing has made us more reliant on social media than ever—and also more susceptible to its pitfalls. Laura reflects on the changes in her own life around social media during this time, and features work from Anya Marchenko, Keyonna Summers, and…
14: The New Normal
Apr 1 • 13 min
With the news that schools will not reopen for the rest of the year, Laura considers what it means for us to settle into a new normal that is uncertain and ever-changing, and where so many things are out of our control. She draws from a conversation with…
13: One More Day
Mar 31 • 15 min
Two weeks into the Bay Area Shelter in Place Mandate, Laura reflects on the ways her family’s life has changed, and shares the insights from her friend Arathi Ravier, whose essay on this time captures the pushes and pulls of this new life against the one…
12: Ten Percent Happier
Mar 30 • 15 min
Laura goes out of her home for the first time in two weeks, and shares what she’s learned about meditation, prayer, and the importance of contemplative practices in a time when the chatter of our thoughts is constant. See for privacy and…
11: Story Saturday: Windows
Mar 28 • 12 min
On today’s Story Saturday episode, Laura turns to the work of another creative, photographer Sean Donnelly, whose work of shooting family portraits through windows has given him perspective on this time. See for privacy and opt-out…
10: What Grief Can Teach Us
Mar 27 • 10 min
As Laura struggles with her sorrow in real time, she looks to generations past as well as to those who are currently suffering on wisdom for how to grapple with the challenges we face. See for privacy and opt-out information.
9: Community
Mar 26 • 9 min
During this time when so many of us are isolated, Laura tells the story of her neighbors Sara and Mona, who took it upon themselves to take a neighborhood where no one said hello and make it a true community. See for privacy and opt-out…
8: The Call to Create
Mar 25 • 8 min
Midway through week 2 of the Bay Area Shelter in Place mandate, Laura reflects on why she feels compelled to push her anxiety into creativity in this time, and reflects on other times when artists have led the way. See for privacy and…
7: Lament
Mar 24 • 10 min
Laura discusses the anxiety many of us are feeling right now, and shares the insights she learned from Dr. Chuck DeGroat on how the best way to move through that anxiety might just be through ancient practices of lament. See for privacy…
6: Grace
Mar 23 • 10 min
As Laura reflects on the lessons of this last week of sheltering in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, she faces the hopes and failures of both herself and this world with a much-needed dose of grace. See for privacy and opt-out…
5: Story Saturday: The Noise Inside
Mar 21 • 32 min
Since nothing feels normal right now, Laura has decided to designate each Saturday episode as “Story Saturday,” a time of sharing fiction or art to get us through the day. Today she shares a short story she wrote a long time ago, but that feels right for…
4: This Just Got Real
Mar 20 • 9 min
Laura gets news from several friends who are being tested for the virus, and reflects on what it means to live a generous life. See for privacy and opt-out information.
3: Burning Bush
Mar 19 • 12 min
On day three of the Bay Area Shelter in Place mandate, Laura gets news that a family member might have been exposed to COVID-19. In the wake of this news, she reflects on what life is like for those in medicine right now, and what the rest of us can do to…
2: One Day In
Mar 18 • 8 min
With the Shelter in Place mandate extended to Bay Area wine country and Gavin Newsome warning us that school probably won’t be back in session until the fall, Laura considers what it means that this is the new normal. See for privacy and…
1: Lockdown
Mar 17 • 5 min
In the hours after the 3-week 24-7 Shelter in Place mandate to stop the spread of COVID-19, Bay Area author Laura Joyce Davis turns to her art to connect with others and make sense of the chaos in our world. In the first episode, she considers what it…