Blue Collar Coffee Talk

Blue Collar Coffee Talk
Blue Collar Coffee Talk (B.C.C.T) is a podcast for extraordinary EXTRA ordinary hard working people. Covering anything from current events to details of the blue collar industry in an interview style setting. Nothing but fun, non-scripted conversations…

Carmel, IN Franklin Equipment Team, Challenges and the People
Jul 28 • 70 min
In this episode we talk to some of the great TEAM @ Franklin Equipment in Carmel, Indiana. Brad (Store Manager), Sean (Rental Associate), Joey (Equipment Associate) and Micheal McQueen (Rental/Retail Sales Rep) share their experiences, stories and…
Taylor Hoppe and Brad Clinkingbeard, MOTIVATION
Jul 21 • 95 min
In this episode we chat with Taylor Hoppe (Sales Rep) and Brad Clinkingbeard (Sales Rep) about their adventures in becoming who they are today! Great stories and takes on motivation from both of these fine people. Taylor who is energetic, positive and…
Special Episode with EJ Ford, 1977 Interview in Sylvester, GA WOW!!
Jun 18 • 53 min
In this very special episode I share with you something near and dear to my heart. My Great Grandfather EJ Ford doing his 1977 rendition of a podcast about his story and life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Nik Fleishfresser, Taking Ownership
Jun 3 • 78 min
Nik Fleishfresser, National Account Manager for Hy-Brid Lifts, joins us on this episode to talk about taking ownership. In a world full of commodities you have to be creative/different to really be successful. Of course with everything going on this…
Marshall Garcia & Nick Brown, To ALL who have served, Memorial Day Special
May 25 • 77 min
In this special episode, we are joined by two veterans of America’s Armed Forces, Marshall Garcia (Marine Corps) & Nick Brown (Army). Marshall and Nick tell us about themselves and briefly talk about their time in service. We thank all of have…
Troy Gabriel, Past Present Future and COVID effect of the Industry
May 13 • 82 min
In this exciting episode, Troy Gabriel, CEO of Franklin Equipment talks about the past, present and future of Franklin Equipment. He shares his unique story on how they came to be the owners of a 20+ location, successful equipment rental business in…
TJ Sommer, Customer Retention and Owning a business
May 6 • 74 min
In this episode owner of the Highlands Sportsman Club and SoLu Winery, TJ Sommer, chats with us about his life, business and customer retention as it relates to sales. TJ has a lot of wonderful stories that could not be shoved into one episode so we…
Ryan Hasty and Matt McMahon, Wisconsin Life & Growing into Leaders!
Apr 29 • 82 min
In this episode, we talk to Ryan Hasty (Store Manager Racine) and Matt McMahon (Store Manager Oshkosh). we go through their career pathway as they grew into leaders and how they managed tough times/challenges. We also have a little good ole fashion…
Cabe Wall, Oil Rig Life and Family Memories
Apr 23 • 77 min
We were so glad to have Cabe Wall, Automation and Control Specialist for a Major US Energy Company in the Gulf a Mexico. He just so happens to be my family, but has been in the Blue Collar Industry his entire career and even his life. He is a good ole…
Sean Cullen, Pathway to Success and Relationships
Apr 17 • 80 min
In this episode we chat with Sean Cullen, Business Developer for JP Cullen & Sons about his pathway to success. He tells us how he went from growing up in Jainsville, WI to playing College football at Oregon to Boston working his butt off and much…
Gary Barber, Hard Work and Commitment with THE CHIEF
Apr 15 • 87 min
In this unscripted “phone-in” episode, we talk with the one and only Gary Barber about his extraordinary life in the industry. They call him CHIEF, and his hard work and dedication to his work/life/career prove his nickname to be a perfect fit!
Wayne Hafemeister, The “Northern Life” with The Hafemeister
Apr 15 • 69 min
Enjoy this unscripted and raw episode with Wayne Hafemeister from Hurt Electric. We talk with Wayne about his life in Wisconsin and how he got into the trades as an Electrician, and we have some fun talking about his passions as he has created an…
Kyle Calhoun, Casual Coffee Talk with the Coffee Talk Master
Apr 8 • 65 min
In this unscripted episode we hang out with the “coffee talk” man himself, Kyle Calhoun. We sip on a little coffee and just let the conversation take the wheel as we discuss current events, work and a little bit of non-sense.
Steven Piasecki, Motivation and Life in the Industry
Apr 1 • 65 min
In this unscripted episode we have guest Steven Piasecki, Outside Rental Rep for Franklin Equipment. Steven tells us about his life and motivations that keep him going and how he works on getting better every day! We of course have a little fun as always.
Bryan Schneeberg and Lee Wilke, The Blue Collar Grind
Mar 27 • 78 min
In this raw and unscripted episode, Bryan Schneeberg and Lee Wilke hang out with us as we discuss the daily grind in our industry, building culture, good relationships, and we may or may not got off subject having some fun. So grab a beverage and enjoy…
Sherry Tasker, Positive Customer Service and Women in the Industry
Mar 25 • 61 min
We chat with Sherry Tasker about a little bit of everything! While we are going through COVID-19 Pandemic, she brings some positivism to the show and tells us about her experience as a woman in the industry and much more!
Jake Gaylord, Apprenticeship Program Guru
Mar 12 • 68 min
On this INCREDIBLE episode, Jake Gaylord of Wacker Neuson North America goes into detail of how important the skilled labor force is. Jake talks about his leading role in the Apprenticeship Program through Wacker Neuson North America and how it is…
Intro #2, Behind the Reason Why
Mar 11 • 61 min
This followup Intro goes a little more deeper into where the idea of BCCT came from and who our audience should be. Bringing general awareness to the Industry and how it can all connect! Enjoy this unscripted and raw episode with Nate Gross, Kyle Pokey…
Tim Fluery, Service is Everything
Mar 2 • 57 min
In this raw and unscripted episode we chat with Franklin Equipment’s own Tim Fluery. Tim is a Service Manager and a Wisconsinite through and through. We dive into the life of Tim and have a little fun along the way!
Ben Reina, Success Raw and Unscripted
Feb 28 • 60 min
In this episode we are testing out length of communication with one of the top Rental Reps, Ben Reina, in our equipment Industry. Questions for success and just some off the wall conversation.
Intro to Blue Collar Coffee Talk
Feb 27 • 65 min
This episode is introducing Blue Collar Coffee Talk to the world. Who we are as host and what we will be covering in future episodes to come!