Social Distance Warriors

Social Distance Warriors
A podcast about this whole garbage situation and what it’s like to live through it

14: A Delicious Cycle
Jun 1 • 28 min
Hey it’s Tom. This episode of Social Distance Warriors was recorded on May 26th. That was only a day after the brutal murder of George Floyd by members of the Minneapolis Police Department, and at the time of recording it wasn’t yet apparent just how much…
13: Potato Gun Synergy
May 26 • 25 min
Warning: Discussion of Hydroxychloroquine, and Homestuck and Homestuck-adjacent media. Action items: Solve a puzzle. Links:Trump tweets more than 100 times in one day as coronavirus death toll nears 80,000 | The IndependentTrump Says He’s Taking…
12: It’s Big Death
May 16 • 25 min
We check in with a despondent correspondent, and talk about death models. Action item: Read a book! Links:Was That Ralph Northam in Blackface? An Inquiry Ends Without Answers - The New York TimesPushing Daisies - WikipediaThe Best of Chris Traeger | Parks…
11: We Have To Deal With May Things
May 9 • 23 min
It's hard out there for a teen. ACTION ITEMS: Try a new recipe. Links:Food Delivery Robots Take to the Streets | RIA Robotics BlogTake the 2020 Census | U.S. Census BureauKerblam! - WikipediaAmazon VP Resigns, Calls Company ‘Chickenshit’ for Firing…
10: Drive-Thru Orb
May 1 • 32 min
The semester is coming to an end but the pandemic isn't. Action items: Travel in time and have a dance party with your alternate self. Watch Mama Mia: Here We Go Again Play a board game. If you live alone, play a single-player board game. Links:_____ —…
9: Those Things are Carrots
Apr 22 • 29 min
Hey, this one has a guest! His name is Lewis.Links:Amtrak - WikipediaRiding Backwards | New Diagnosis — that song about trainsTinker Tailor Soldier Spy - WikipediaSchlaugh - arctanpi — Lewis’s profile on the social media site we refer to as “Eric”
8: A Massive Monkey’s Paw
Apr 15 • 33 min
Politics, music, irony, and cooking. ACTION ITEMS: Add new illumination to your world? What are the five things you need to do every day to keep going? Links:Homestuck | Webcomics by Andrew HussieStuck at Home - Homestuck Livestream - YouTubeCats (2019…
7: The Blood is Better Off Inside You
Apr 7 • 31 min
Lots going on in this one: blood, masks, music, hair, and more! ACTION ITEM: Select your Pandemic Anthem Links:Schedule Your Blood Donation With The Red CrossF.D.A. Relaxes Blood Donation Guidelines for Gay Men and Others - The New York…
6: The Good News Is, You Are Alone.
Apr 4 • 28 min
We talk about perosnal grooming, educational Zooming, and microphone booming. ACTION ITEM: Walk your dog. If you don't have a dog, walk an imaginary dog, or a metaphorical dog, or something else. Report back on your "dog" walk. Links:Video Conferencing,…
5: How To Not Be In A War
Mar 31 • 35 min
We're worried about debt and whatnot.Links:Coronavirus stimulus checks: answers to your most pressing questionsHarriet the Spy (film) - WikipediaKentucky coronavirus party with group of young adults has left at least one person infected - CNNAvengers:…
4: In a Safeway, In a Safe Way
Mar 28 • 28 min
This one's depressing, folks! Action Items: Any ideas for in-person socializing in a safe and socially distant way? Links:The U.S. Now Leads the World in Confirmed Coronavirus Cases - The New York TimesRitual washing in Judaism - WikipediaLast Christmas…
3: Melty Wax From My Wings
Mar 24 • 29 min
Rachel is living in a post-Gumbo world, and Tom is starting to do a bit too well. Action Items: Complete the 2020 US Census! What is your piece of media (or whatever) that brings you joy and comfort? Have you learned anything or picked up a new habit…
2: Tom Friendly
Mar 21 • 34 min
This episode has nothing to do with Tom Friendly, the character played by M. C. Gainey in Lost. It's just a thing Rachel says at some point in the episode. Action Items: Complete the 2020 US Census! What is your piece of media (or whatever) that brings…
1: Washing Your Hands to the Sounds of Capitalism
Mar 17 • 28 min
Action Items: What is your hand washing strategy or song? Any good pandemic books, movies, or shows?