Dishing out research experiences in the midst of Covid-19 | from inside the Office of Research at Utah State University.

Extending Grace– a Conversation with, Dr. Nicola Corbin
Jul 6 • 80 min
Dr. Nicola Corbin grew up in Guyana and is often her student’s first black teacher. Wyatt grew up in the rural west and was one of her students. In this conversation, they talk about media, justice, and listening.
How your siblings shaped you, with Dr. Shawn Whiteman | Day 110
Jun 29 • 54 min
Did you know kids these days are more likely to have a sibling in the household, than a father? Did you know siblings in rural areas tend to build stronger bonds with one another? In this episode, Wyatt sits down with USU researcher Dr. Shawn Whiteman…
Witches, Ghosts, and Pesky High Schoolers; Polishing-up your legend detector, with Dr. Jeannie Thomas | Day 103
Jun 22 • 50 min
In this episode, Dr. Jeannie Thomas takes Wyatt through the history and societal impacts of the Salem Witch Trials, and the haunted Logan nunnery has had on the town for the past few decades. Looking into how exactly these myths and urban legends take…
Flushed to a testing site, finding coronavirus in wastewater, with Dr. Roper & Dr. Sims | Day 99
Jun 18 • 26 min
The results of an April study between UofU, BYU, and USU have a surprising outcome - testing waste may be able to predict future coronavirus outbreaks. The most recent cache valley/Hyrum surge in cases was detected the week before confirmed cases…
Stocking Up on Locally Grown Food with, Dr. Kynda Curtis | Day 92
Jun 11 • 25 min
When we hear the term “buy local,” many of us picture that cute mom and pop restaurant downtown; but don’t forget the farmers! During COVID-19, farmers across the U.S. have been scrambling to make ends meet due to new restrictions. To swiftly adapt,…
Land of Snow to Land of Sun, Colorado River Management with, Dr. Jack Schmidt | Day 86
Jun 5 • 41 min
For hundreds of years, the Colorado River has provided vital water supply for seven states in the Western U.S. Wyatt sits down with USU researcher Jack Schmidt, Professor of Watershed Sciences and Janet Quinney Lawson Chair Member at the Center for…
Data Collection on City Dwellers and Students: An Undergrad Research Story, with Erik Dickamore | Day 83
Jun 2 • 20 min
Since its inception in 1975, thousands of USU’s students have participated in undergraduate research at the university. With the guidance of mentors and sponsors, each student becomes an expert in a niche they choose. For the past 45 years, USU student…
All Roads Lead To Research with UDOT Executive Director Carlos Braceras l Day 78
May 28 • 40 min
Utah is the 8th most urbanized state in this country, with 90% of its residence living in urban areas. No wonder there’s congestions on your way to work. Last month, we sat down with USU researcher Dr. Patrick Singleton as he painted a picture of what…
Don’t Touch My Hive! Honey Bees and Killer Hornets with Dr. Joe Wilson l Day 69
May 19 • 60 min
During your quarantined google searching, the infiltration of the Asian Giant Hornets ‘murder hornets’ into the U.S may have come across your screen. But are they really a threat? Wyatt and Dr. Joe Wilson, one of USU’s evolutionary biologists, calms our…
Fraud, Finances, and Finding a Balance With Dr. Chad Albrecht | Day 65
May 15 • 45 min
The stock market has plunged and 36 million Americans have filed for unemployment. In this episode of Instead, USU Huntsman School of Business researcher Dr. Chad Albrecht helps us connect the dots between the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Depression….
A New Vision for Downtown Pocatello with Landscape Architecture, Todd Johnson | Day 61
May 11 • 25 min
Pause and notice the key items in your community. What makes people visit, stay, and engage with the town? Todd Johnson, USU’s Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning practitioner in residence tunes in with us today, along with graduate…
Baking a Good Online Course With Dr. Breanne Litts | Day 51
May 1 • 51 min
Dr. Breanne Litts is an explorer at heart. You can find her either in the great outdoors going on wilderness adventures, or in the classroom investigating the way people learn best. Breanne started and runs the LED Lab to investigate how people learn…
Utah’s Mail-in Voting & Influential Election Systems With Dr. Damon Cann | Day 46
Apr 27 • 40 min
“The structure of our election system influences our voting outcomes”. In this episode Damon Cann, a professor of political science at Utah State University and Mayor of North Logan City, helps us weigh in the pros and cons with the various voting…
Coronavirus Commuting, With Transportation Engineer Dr. Patrick Singleton | Day 40
Apr 21 • 39 min
COVID-19 has reduced traffic on our roads. Could there be lasting changes to the way people get around? As an engineer, Dr. Patrick Singleton specializes in understanding the sociological factors that need to be accounted for. Wyatt and Patrick discuss…
When I Wait, I Get What I Want… Behavioral Economics With Dr. Gregory Madden | Day 33
Apr 13 • 31 min
Dr. Gregory Madden Studies Impulse control and Behavioral economics. Sometimes this involves getting rats hooked on drugs. He also has developed a successful method of getting a cafeteria of kids to eat more of their lunch. Here’s a link to more…
Corona, But Make It Fashion! With Nancy Hills | Day 30
Apr 9 • 29 min
Because of CDC guidance facemasks are the new fashion in many of our lives. People are learning to sew to contribute during this pandemic. Fashion Historian Nancy Hills talk about how facemasks and how people made do with what they had during World…
In The Lab With Covid-19 and Dr. Brett Hurst | Day 24
Apr 3 • 31 min
News sources may let us know who and where COVID-19 is being researched. But, how does that research get going and what is it like to be a Viral Researcher during a pandemic. In this episode Wyatt webchats with Dr. Brett Hurst to learn about USU’s piece…
Working Together & Networks of Female Spies, with Dr. Tammy Proctor | Day 20
Mar 31 • 53 min
Wyatt gives and updates on efforts to collect protective equipment from USU. Then Dr. Tammy Proctor shares her research about female spies during the First World War. How they worked together to collect and slip information past the central powers. Then…
Through Watershed Eyes, With Dr. Nancy Mesner | Day 15
Mar 26 • 34 min
Wyatt has a webchat with Nancy Mesner, professor of watershed sciences here at USU. They explore the good, the bad, and the ugly surrounding the numerous types of bacteria found in our rivers and lakes. Professor Mesner also dives into the ins and outs…
ACT-ing On Self-help With Dr. Michael Levin | Day 12
Mar 23 • 32 min
Michael Levin is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Utah State University and a leading ACT researcher. In this episode below Wyatt and Michael discuss his work on how to translate the skills that people typically learn in…
Earthquakes On The Wasatch, With Dr. Susanne Janecke & Dr. Alexis Ault | Day 8
Mar 20 • 32 min
Wyatt talks with two Utah State University Geologists to learn about the recent Magna, Utah Earthquake, debunk some myths, ask an outdated question about the Richter scale, hear about outreach with middle schoolers, and get graded on his research…
A Bit of Utah’s Urban History, With Dr. Lawrence Culver | Day 6
Mar 18 • 38 min
Posted 8 hours before a 5.7 magnitude earthquake centered in Magna Utah, This installment Dr. Lawrence Culver gives us a refresher on our 4th grade Utah History. With an eye on what currently relevant. Wyatt didn’t ask about how earthquakes influenced…
Looking Out For The Quaking Aspen, With Dr. Paul Rogers | Day 3
Mar 14 • 37 min
Where there is an Aspen there is Dr. Paul Rogers right there too. Dr. Paul Rogers is a faculty member in the Wildland Resources Department at Utah State University and Director of the Western Aspen Alliance, a “venture between Utah State University’s…
Digging In To Where We Are, With Dr. Courtney Flint | Day 2
Mar 12 • 36 min
Governor Herbert declared a ‘state of emergency’ today Thursday, March 12, 2020. Utah State University announced that in-person classes are moving online. Last night, The world health organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic.In this installment –•How…
The Explainer | Day 1
Mar 12 • 1 min
On March 11, 2020 Utah State University cancelled events, in response to Covid-19. In this clip Wyatt Traughber explains the purpose of “Instead.”