BIG Truths of Small Business

BIG Truths of Small Business
A deep philosophical dive into small business and the people that run them.

The Art of Reconciliation in Your Relationships
Oct 16 • 60 min
Travis and Joe talk philosophy quite a bit on the Big Truths of Small Business. We think it’s important to always be self aware, seek wisdom and knowledge, learn from others, and build relationships. In this episode we discuss the importance of…
Self-imposed Stress by the Business Owner – Why and How to Identify & Resolve
Oct 10 • 61 min
It has been proven by many doctors and scientists that stress is a leading cause of all of kinds of health problems and risks. But how does stress impact you in business; and moreover, who is creating the most stress in your business? The Big Truths of…
Motorcycle Racer Runs a Passion Play Business – Interview with Tim Morris of ValuCycle
Oct 2 • 75 min
Tim Morris, owner of ValuCycle in Conyers, GA, unveils his story from Emory University, to Physician’s Assistant (P.A.) to Motorcycle Racer to Motorcycle Shop Ownership. Learn how one man positioned himself and his business for lifestyle as Joe and Travis…
Learn How NAYSAYERS can be Identified in Your Business and Life – and a Live Performance of “The Naysayers” Song
Sep 24 • 64 min
The Big Truths goes deep on this episode as we dive into understanding how the Naysayers in your life and business affect you. What are the different types of Naysayers? How do you identify Naysayers? Could there be good Naysayers in your ear? We are also…
Super Fan Crashes the Show – A Young Entrepreneur Asks Questions
Sep 18 • 69 min
We are mixing it up today when one of our super fans, Alex Jenkins, 21 years old, crashes our podcast studio, and we decided to bring him in on the show for a questions and answer session. Joe and Travis pour wisdom back at the next generation.
UnSelling – How to Really Serve and Sell Your Clients – Back with Clay Cutts, Square Peg Counseling & Coaching
Sep 11 • 56 min
Back with Clay Cutts with Square Peg Consulting & Coaching, Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell of YesiRent Property Management take a deep dive into a mystery that all businesses can identify with—how do we sell to more clients and raise our conversion…
How Does Your Company Culture Affect Business? – Interview with Bret Eldridge, Director of National Accounts for Hoshizaki America
Sep 4 • 60 min
At the Big Truths, we are always trying to dig deep to discover the hidden gems of what makes good business good, and bad business bad. We have brought you a diamond today. Bret Eldridge, Director of National Accounts for Hoshizaki America, a leading…
Fake News – How Does it Affect Your Small Business? with Guest Dan the Man
Aug 28 • 65 min
We are in a time when our President throws around the term “Fake News” often. At the Big Truths, we are always trying to discover thoughts, angles, truths, and disruptors in our small business. So what fake news is in your organization and how does it…
Mindset – the Importance it Plays in every aspect of your Business – an Interview with Clay Cutts, Business Coach & Therapist
Aug 21 • 61 min
We have a fantastic interview with Clay Cutts, owner of Square Peg Counseling & Coaching, LLC in Peachtree City, GA, who specializes in business coaching. We take and in-depth look at MINDSET and the role it plays throughout our business, our life, and…
Becoming a Small Business Owner by Buying the Business You Work For – Interview with Jef Bass, an Emmy Winning Audio Video Producer
Aug 17 • 53 min
The YesiRent Boys, Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell, have an exclusive interview with Emmy winning and Grammy nominated owner of Sound Around Audio Video, Jef Bass. We discuss his story of working hard, which led to the opportunity to purchase his boss’s…
The Impact of a Coach, Counselor, or Board of Directors in your BIZ – Interview with Sherri Dodd, Founder of Advance Global Coaching
Aug 6 • 61 min
This is a must-listen show about the power of having a coach or board of directors or outside council in your small business. Sherri Dodd, Founder of Advance Global Coaching (, shares fantastic specifics of the true…
The Effects of COVID-19 on your Business – Clearing your Headspace in Chaos
Jul 31 • 57 min
The YesiRent Boys dive into how Covid-19 has affected small business owners and their staff and discuss techniques to clear your head space to get focused on what’s important in the midst of chaos.
The Power of Empathy in the Art of Negotiations
Jul 24 • 64 min
We often reveal that the soft skills are the most powerful skills needed to help other skills. This show discusses how empathy and compassion are critical in winning negotiations and making all sides feel like they got a win as well. The show hosts, Joe…
The Rebound – How to get Excited about Your Business Again!
Jul 16 • 57 min
As small business owners, we recognize that it is very important to be excited about your business in order to keep pressing on and building that lasting business that meets our goals. But, often times we find ourselves in a trench or dull spot of our…
What does it take to Get in the “ZONE” while working?
Jul 2 • 63 min
Joe Watkins and Travis Cassell, with YesiRent Property Management (, explore how small business owners can get into the “ZONE” to accomplish things at an incredibly high level. They compare athletes to business people and give you a…
Act 2, Part 2 – Where we discuss the “Journey” in a Conversation with Randy Dodd, a Missionary, and Best-selling Author.
Jun 25 • 71 min
The YesiRent Boys are back to further their discussion on Act 2 in our business and lives. They believe the “Journey” in Act 2 represents some of the most important learnings you will ever learn. People and relationships continue to be more important as…
Part 1 – Reflecting on “Act 2” in your Professional Life. What Does it Mean?
Jun 18 • 30 min
Travis and Joe introduce a new way to look at your Business Career. Think of it as a play with Act 1, 2, and 3. We will open up discussion on what we think Act 2 means, what are the learnings thus far, what influences do we have on others in business, and…
The 1st Aftershow – It Ain’t Easy, But It’s Worth It
Jun 12 • 24 min
Super Excited to share our VERY 1st AFTERSHOW! Often times, Big Truths are revealed after we hit the stop button on the recording. Some of our best thoughts are shared when the camera isn’t rolling. Now hear these thoughts—unfiltered, unplanned,…
Why the Tape Measure is VERY important in Your Business
Jun 12 • 50 min
What does the tape measure have to do with your business if you are not a contractor? A lot! The tape measure represents everything you are measuring in your small business. Learn Joe and Travis’s spin on how data is vital to reposition, double-down, or…
“Humility” is the Most Powerful Soft Skill or Approach in Small Business
May 20 • 55 min
Travis and Joe are constantly searching for how to better grow their small business, YesiRent Property Management (, into a profitable, serving, and significant company in Atlanta. We recognize soft skills as valuable and important…
How Personal Biases Affect your Business Decisions – Part 2
May 11 • 49 min
Travis and Joe are back to discuss a favorite subject in seeking truths of small business - personal biases. We invited an real estate agent that works with YesiRealty, our sister company, to join the show as well. We discuss level 1 and level 2 thinking…
Learn How Your Personal Biases Affect Your Business, Family, & Future – Part 1
Apr 24 • 34 min
Joe & Travis invite “Dan the Man” (Dan Watkins) to discuss the bitter truths of how everyone’s cognitive biases enter into every decision. This is part 1 of a several part series. Learn about anchor bias, recent bias, relationship bias, and others. We…
Surviving and Gleaning Deep Business Truths out of the 2009 Crash – Interview with Mark Brittain
Apr 3 • 64 min
Learn how Mark Brittain, an Atlanta-based real estate and general practice attorney, survived and learned painful business lessons during the 2009 Economic Crash. Out of these lessons of triumph, then the fall, then the rebuild, Mark changed how he saw…
How running a church is similar to a small business? – an Interview with Pastor Jonathan Andersen of Harvest Point UMC
Mar 26 • 48 min
Jonathan Andersen, Pastor of Harvest Point United Methodist Church in Locust Grove, Georgia for 3 years, explores with the YesiRent Boys how running a local church is similar to running a small business. We discuss immediate similarities around the…
How Integrity and Faith shaped Stephen Bové’s contracting business – an Interview
Mar 16 • 68 min
Stephen Bové, a sole proprietor in the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing business, had a unique upbringing being raised in the jungle as a son of a missionary family. He continued that life by raising his family in Venezuela in a tribal community for 17…
How the Internet Changed Power Plus – an Interview with Jerry Barber
Mar 12 • 60 min
Learn how Jerry Barber, owner of Power Plus and, adapted to a changing climate in the late 90s as his business went from the catalogs to the web. Building blocks of his small business are revealed throughout this classic, hard-working…