The Entrepreneur Ethos

The Entrepreneur Ethos
The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur and author Jarie Bolander, will dig deep into the traits, values, and beliefs that drive entrepreneurs to create an independent life that completes them as well as what all of us can learn from them.

Gregory Roufa — Deep Healing
Jul 7 • 54 min
Today, I talk with Gregory Roufa, founder and CEO of Sodalis, a company that is transforming the way we interact with each other. Gregory started off in the mortgage brokerage business where he learned how to work with others to get stuff done. Gregory…
Ben Simon-Thomas — Learning Every Day
Jun 30 • 47 min
On this episode, I talk with Ben Simon-Thomas, co-founder and CEO of W3LL which is Connecting people With Effective, Evidence-Based Solutions That Improve Wellbeing. Early in his career, he worked in preventive medicine to try and change people’s…
Joanna Penn — Not Afraid to “Fail”
Jun 23 • 47 min
On this episode of the podcast, I speak with Joanna Penn, Award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She is a podcaster, international speaker, and award-winning creative entrepreneur. Her site, The Creative Penn is regularly voted…
Richard Reis — Lots of Small Projects
Jun 16 • 53 min
Today I talk with Richard Reis, co-founder of Most Recommend Books, a website that tells you which books have shaped the world’s most successful people. Before Richard learned to code at Lambda school and started Most Recommended Books, he worked in LA at…
Anupam Kundu — Go All In
Jun 11 • 47 min
On this episode of the podcast, I speak with Anupam Kundu, founder of, which is building a visual intelligence platform to measure and optimize human experiences. He is a trained engineer and soon realized that he was not that great at…
Black Lives Matter and Must Prosper
Jun 8 • 16 min
On this episode of the podcast, I wanted to share my thoughts, experiences, and insights on how to live the entrepreneur ethos, especially as it relates to women and minority entrepreneurs, especially African-Americans. I’ll also give you some back story…
Nathan Beckord — Always be Nurturing
Jun 4 • 46 min
Today I talk with Nathan Beckord, co-founder and CEO of FounderSuite as well as a podcaster over at How I Raised It, which I had the honor of being on — episode 5 to be exact. We talk about the fundraising process and why he feels it’s just like any other…
Amandeep Khurana — Coachable
May 28 • 50 min
On this episode of the podcast, I speak with Amandeep Khurana. Right now, he’s helping me out with the San Francisco Chapter of Founders Network while he is plotting his next move. We talk about as a kid, we wanted to be an industrialist, which back then,…
Amy Wister — The Perfect Fit
May 21 • 47 min
On this episode, I speak with Amy Wister, co-founder of RevShopp. RevShopp is a platform that helps retailers and customers reduce the number of returns on clothing. They do this with their unique shape intelligence software that makes it easier to know…
Mark Strathdee — Monumental Moments
May 14 • 53 min
Today I’m talking with Mark Strathdee, founder of Sherpa Digital Media, a video platform designed to engage and entertain your audience. Think of a webinar platform that’s engaging. Mark and I talk about some of his daily habits, notebooks, and how…
Marvin Raab — Bridge the Gap
May 7 • 46 min
Today on the podcast, I interview my good friend Marvin Raab, who is doing something pretty amazing stuff with of all things Bridge. Marvin is an avid board and card gamer with a collection of over 250 games in his living room and recently discovered…
Jerod Morris — A Sense of Belonging
May 4 • 51 min
On this episode, I speak with Jerod Morris. Jerod is a podcaster, entrepreneur, and all-around awesome community organizer. I met Jerod as a member of The Unemployable Initiative which is a place to build your perfect business in a community of…
Greg Marcus — Practice Good Actions
Apr 30 • 50 min
Today on the podcast, I have a conversation with Greg Marcus. Greg and I have known each other for the better part of ten years. Greg is one of the most thoughtful and introspective people I know. I always love talking to him about life. Currently, he’s…
Kevin Holmes — The Water You Swim In
Apr 27 • 50 min
On this episode of the podcast, I speak with Kevin Homes, Founder, and CEO of Founders Network, a peer mentoring network for tech founders. We talk about his journey from history major to semiconductors to almost going to Guatemala to founding Founders…
Nathan Rose — Ideas Worth Funding
Apr 23 • 51 min
On this episode, I speak with Nathan Rose, entrepreneur and author. We dig into crowdfunding and how lots of people use it to fund their ideas. Nathan is a world traveler who now lives in the country of Georgia. His experience with the digital nomad…
Marc Guberti — Always Be Upleveling
Apr 20 • 45 min
Today I talk with Marc Guberti, author, podcaster, and all-around online media guru. We talk about how he got into writing books and YouTube — all while going to college. He has published over 27 books and hosts 3 podcasts. In fact, he starting podcasting…
Lessons Learned — My First Ten Episodes
Apr 16 • 7 min
On this episode, I take a look back at the first ten episodes of the podcast and reflect on what I learned and why I decided to do a podcast in the first place. I always like to take a step back and figure out what’s working, what’s not, and what I plan…
DJ DiDonna — Time [Off] Well Spent
Apr 13 • 51 min
Today on the podcast, I interview DJ DiDonna entrepreneur and author. We talk about why sabbaticals are a powerful tool for both companies and individuals. I met DJ at the Story Grid Nonfiction workshop in Nashville right before the COVID-19 shutdown.
Candice Smith — Meaningful Conversations
Apr 9 • 54 min
My guest today is Candice Smith, co-founder, and CEO of Caregiven. She founded Caregiven after her experience caring for her father during his end of life. Her experience was similar to mine while I was a caregiver for my late wife Jane. Her vision is to…
Khiry Kemp — Get Out and Explore
Apr 6 • 46 min
On this episode, I speak with Khiry Kemp, founder, and CTO of Oppti, a SaaS platform that gives high school students access to opportunities like internships and volunteering. He got the startup bug after a brief stint in consulting. He’s also a Guinness…
Anji Desai — Mind + Body Connection
Apr 2 • 50 min
Anji Desai is the co-founder of Dezen, a planet-friendly fashion brand that’s transforming the idea of fast fashion into sustainable fashion. Anji has been at a wide variety of startups — all of which had nothing to do with fashion. That wide variety of…
Marvin Liao — Sharpen Your Ax
Mar 30 • 42 min
Marvin Liao is a recovering startup, big tech, and VC guy. He worked at Yahoo during its heyday and most recently left 500 startups where he was a venture partner and in charge of their San Francisco accelerator program. His daily routine is something…
Mark Struczewski — Now is the Time
Mar 26 • 49 min
Mark ‘Ski’ Struczewski (“Mister Productivity”) helps entrepreneurs & executives get the right stuff done in a distracted world. In addition to being a productivity expert, Mark is a speaker, host of The Mark Struczewski Podcast and an online trainer.
Leslie Watts — Routines
Mar 23 • 60 min
Leslie Watts, a certified story grid editor, and a former lawyer tells us the three things she tries to do every day to make her day more happy and productive. I spoke with Leslie in Nashville, where both of us were attending Story Grid for Nonfiction and…
Ravi Kurani — Be Persistent
Mar 19 • 45 min
Ravi Kurani, founder and president of Sutro Connect joins me from his office at FOCUS Innovation Studio to talk about safe water, aliens, coronavirus, and persistence. Well, I talk more about aliens then Ravi but we do find out why he’s no longer a rocket…
Grant Faulkner — Find Your Time Confetti
Mar 16 • 53 min
Grant Faulkner, executive director of NaNoWriMo, joins me from the San Francisco Writers Conference to talk about how writing a novel in a month is a great metaphor for being a productive leader and artist.
Introduction — The Entrepreneur Ethos
Mar 12 • 5 min
The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur and author Jarie Bolander. We’ll dig deep into the traits, values, and beliefs that drive entrepreneurs to create an independent life that completes them as well as what all of us can learn from them.