SELFLOVE is the beginning of transformation. It is only when we learn to fill our own vessels that things start to turn in our lives SELFLOVE with SHARMILA is a podcast to help you keep in touch with your own self.

Self-denial To Self-fulfilment
Sep 21 • 3 min
Self-denial, the willingness to give up personal pleasures for the sake of another – the doctrine is so ingrained in many cultures world-over that when you talk about self-nourishment, self-care it almost sounds like counter-culture. Welcome to episode 28…
Do You Sabotage Yourself?
Sep 6 • 3 min
Last night in a conversation on Saturday Night Selflove, an Instagram live series we had a detailed discussion on how some of us fail to maximise ourselves – despite knowing full well our abilities or being in the possession of adequate resources. How…
Do you manage your mental health?
Aug 30 • 3 min
Being conscious of your mental state, managing your thoughts, releasing emotions and reactions are necessary for our mental health hygiene and takes a lot of Selflove.
Eat To Nourish Your Soul
Aug 23 • 4 min
Welcome to episode 25 of Selflove with Sharmila. I love food, I am a foodie. How many times have you heard this? The truth is – everyone loves to eat. And everyone loves to eat food they have growing up eating, what is close to their culture, what they…
Watch Your Self-talk!
Aug 16 • 3 min
Many of you may have heard of this story of two saplings – when one sapling, over a period of time when told loving things, grew to become leafy and healthy; the other one which was just abused at and cursed at, eventually withered. Words act on us like…
Your Wishes Reveal You
Aug 9 • 3 min
The only way to fulfilment is through the fulfillment of our wishes. Our wishes are windows to our true selves. Fulfilling them, helps us align. Fulfilling our own wishes is Selflove.
Strike a friendship with yourself.
Aug 2 • 3 min
As you start out your day, strike a rapport with yourself first. See how it changes everything 😊
SELFLOVE on social media. How to prevent others from ruining your day. ❤️🎧
Jul 26 • 4 min
We are practically living on the internet. But we must have a lot of SELFLOVE, create a BUFFER and use social media with purpose, so it neither overconsumes our time, nor sanity.
Episode 20
Jul 19 • 5 min
Welcome to episode twenty of selflove with Sharmila. It is a big celebratory episode – 20 weeks of selflove and I can say my own selflove practice has grown immensely thorough these weeks. If you are a listener of this audiocast – I would love to hear…
Sit down with your emotions ❤️🎧
Jul 12 • 3 min
Selflove if for givers, empaths, compulsive compromises. Some even disregard their own emotions and allow others to shrink them. Here’s a remedy - sit down with your emotions. Listen, closely, carefully to yourself.
Recalibrate your inner compass.
Jul 5 • 3 min
People all over the world are finding new ways to look at work, life and way of living. It is time to recalibrate your life through a carefully set inner compass.
Does guilt come in the way of your Selflove?
Jun 28 • 3 min
Guilt is perhaps the most useless emotion one can feel when one wants to walk the path of selflove. If not checked, guilt can push you towards self neglect because the a sense of guilt springs from unworthiness.
Self-knowledge Starts With Self Immersion.
Jun 21 • 3 min
Selflove is nit about self-obsession. It is about self-knowledge.
Self-discovery starts with vulnerability.
Jun 14 • 4 min
Learning to be candid to our needs, wants, lacks and shortfalls is how we discover ourselves, pay attention to what we need to change and grow and ultimately transform. Listen to yourself closely.
How to practice Loving Kindness Meditation.
Jun 7 • 3 min
Loving Kindness Meditation is a very easy technique through which we can connect with our higher selves and show ourselves self love. Try it.
Living a FULL life needs alignment.
May 31 • 4 min
To be able to lead a full life, one needs to be immersed in their passions. Half-hearted choices can never help you thrice. Let’s all find our true homes in love and in life. ♥️🎧
Do you over function?
May 24 • 4 min
Do you over-function? Highlights . A perfect balance in any partnership is easier said than achieved . Most partnerships turn resentful when one is an over functioner . An over functioner steps above the brief – takes on more than is needed and healthy…
Do You Love Cooking For Yourself? 🥘🎧
May 16 • 4 min
Can You Easily Cook For Yourself? . Homemade food is the best kind of food there is, then why do we throng food courts? . We all have an individual relationship with food . How we eat and what we eat and how much we eat are all linked to how conscious we…
You Can Mother Yourself
May 9 • 4 min
You Can Mother Yourself . Motherhood comes with a whole set of expectations – can you meet them all? Of course not. . How to walk the golden mean of being the perfect mother? Don’t even go there. . Complete acceptance and nurture – a mother is naturally…
Who Determines Your Worth?
May 2 • 5 min
Who Determines Your Worth? When a crisis hits, as it has now – the first thing that gets affected is ‘value’ – What is your value – at work – what is your value, in relationships – to people you spend time with. But this sort of value is about what…
Apr 25 • 4 min
Creativity is no longer an option. Very soon, it will be the way of life! #creativity #NewNormal #podcast
Smell Your Way In ♥️
Apr 19 • 4 min
Welcome to Episode Seven of Selflove with sharmila – my weekly podcast is as much about waking myself to selflove as it is for you. As I explore ways and ideas to keep tapping on inherent knowledge and help integrate them in our daily lives and keep the…
Write Your Way Into Yourself 📝🎙️
Apr 11 • 3 min
Welcome to episode six of selflove with sharmila. This is a happy week and the podcast has already completed one hundred plays. It was an interesting week too how I got to accomplish so much over emails, videoconferences, phone calls and Instagram lives.…
Overworking From Home?
Apr 5 • 3 min
Welcome to the fifth episode of selflove with sharmila. It has been a very interesting journey so far while recording this podcast. While talking about selflove, selftrust and the value of self compassion, there have been a hundred different things that…
People Detox Time! Folks :)
Mar 29 • 3 min
Welcome to the fourth episode of selflove with Sharmila. This week, we discuss our need for human connection - with our peers, colleagues, family and friends. But the necessity to choose our social interactions wisely. As humans we crave connection. But…
Time To Transform
Mar 22 • 3 min
EPISODE THREE Welcome to episode three of Selflove with Sharmila. This is a tough week for a lot of us – restricted from the world, confined to working from home and social distancing from friends and peers. Times like this, when we are forced to cocoon…
Mar 15 • 3 min
Welcome to the second episode of SELFLOVE with SHARMILA. In this episode we explore the value of creating self trust so that we develop a healthy self-esteem. Trust is a muscle, built over time. We can build it each day through a simple exercise. Here’s…
Mar 8 • 2 min
EPISODE ONE Welcome to the very first episode of SELFLOVE with SHARMILA. Today we try and understand the difference between being loved and loving our own self. Being loved by a parent, a partner, a friend of course, serves to nurture and validate. But…
Mar 7 • 0 min