Ask Kati Anything!

Ask Kati Anything!
Kati Morton, LMFT is answering all your mental health questions. Building on her successful YouTube channel, she’s now podcasting. Send in your questions because Kati has the answers you need to hear.

ep.32 “Why Am I So Attached To My Therapist” | Ask Kati Anything!
Oct 14 • 73 min
Questions for Ask Kati Anything!1. Hey Kati, how can I calm down in therapy? Most of the time I feel really anxious and nervous in session and it really bothers me because I feel as if I am not able to think and talk about my issues very well and I tend…
ep.31 “How Can I Learn To Communicate My Anger?” | Ask Kati Anything
Oct 7 • 72 min
Audience questions for ep.31 of Ask Kati Anything!1. Hi Kati! Can your depression change over time? I’ve been depressed for about 10 years but my depression feels different now (I’m 22) to when I was younger, for example around 15. It feels like…2. I…
ep.30 Ask Kati Anything! w/ Alison Rosen
Sep 30 • 85 min
On ep.30 of Ask Kati Anything! we have writer & podcaster Alison Rosen, the host of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend and Childish with Greg Fitzsimmons. Alison’s roots are in traditional media, having written for Rolling Stone, the NY Post,…
ep.29 Coping Skills, Dissociation & Isolating | Ask Kati Anything!
Sep 23 • 78 min
Audience Questions for ep. 29 of Ask Kati Anything!Hi Kati - can you please talk about ways on how to communicate our needs and hurts to our friends without feeling like an exposed nerve when we do it? I grew up in a family that was great at being…
ep.28 Toxic Relationships & Boundaries w/ Christina P. | Ask Kati Anything!
Sep 17 • 71 min
christina p,
ep. 27 Setting Boundaries With A Toxic Parent
Sep 9 • 68 min
Is it possible to have depression, but not feel terrible? For me, I think I feel fine, but I can’t seem to clean my room or take care of myself as well as I should, and I have…Hey Kati, you know how we’re supposed to set BOUNDARIES WITH A TOXIC…
#26 “How do you decide whether a relationship is toxic…?”
Sep 3 • 72 min
Here are this week’s questions for Ask Kati Anything!Hi Kati! I’m wondering if you can tell when a client isn’t being authentic with you (and themselves) during session? Does this happen often? I found myself leaving session with my therapist and being…
ep.25 “I was @ Ariana Grande’s concert (there was a terrorist attack) & now suffer from severe PTSD”
Aug 26 • 96 min
Audience Questions1. I was wondering how therapists decide it’s time to stop therapy. Is there a point you decide that they’re either fully recovered, or no longer benefiting from therapy, and then tell the client they don’t need…2. Do you get tired…
ep24 - “Is it weird that I would secretly really like to be diagnosed with something??”
Aug 13 • 74 min
Audience Questions for ep24 of Ask Kati Anything!Hey Kati, is it weird that I would “secretly” really like to be diagnosed with something?? I’ve been struggling mentally for about 8 months…I see my therapist once a week, but after each session I find…
ep23 - “Do you ever want to tell a client to just STOP complaining?”
Aug 12 • 75 min
Audience Questions for ep23 of Ask Kati Anything!Hi Kati! I’ve heard of repressing bad memories, but is it possible to repress good memories? I had a traumatic childhood and have a lot of bad memories as a result, but as hard as I try, I can only…
ep22 “How can I stop judging myself for feeling the way I do?”
Aug 5 • 71 min
Audience Questions for ep22 of Ask Kati Anything!How is a therapist generally trained to respond when they notice their client getting teary in session? Hi Kati! I really struggle with feeling responsible for other people’s emotions, including my…
ep21 “Are nightmares after therapy normal?”| AKA
Jul 29 • 70 min
Audience Questions for ep21 of Ask Kati Anything!1. I wonder if therapists ever get ”desensitized” to sad stories and get less empathetic after listening to so many of them from clients? Also, does listening to so many sad stories affect your…2….
ep#20 “I feel like I can’t cry & I’m emotionally numb. What can I do?” | AKA
Jul 22 • 90 min
Audience Questions for ep20 of Ask Kati Anything!1. I hope you are doing okay. I was wondering if you could talk about emotional numbness and not being able to cry. I have always found myself struggling with showing emotions while…2. Why do I…
ep#19 “What do you recommend for someone without a support system?” | Ask Kati Anything!
Jul 15 • 77 min
Audience Questions for ep19 of Ask Kati Anything!How do I stop feeling like I don’t need anyone or anything? Deep down I know I need people and that I need to be vulnerable because it’s human…What do you recommend for someone without much of a support…
ep#18 “When Do Therapists Give You A Diagnosis?” | Ask Kati Anything!
Jul 8 • 69 min
Audience Questions for ep18 of Ask Kati Anything!1. Happy Thursday! I’d like to know: When do therapists ever get a break? How do therapists avoid burnout from working so much? How does a therapist coordinate going on vacation or…2. Is it normal to…
ep#17 “My anxious brain NEVER EVER RESTS” | Ask Kati Anything!
Jul 1 • 77 min
Audience Questions for ep17 of Ask Kati Anything!Hey Kati. My question is about why therapists don’t just TELL US when they can see something in our story that we don’t see ourselves? I’ve been in and out of therapy over…Hi Kati, I hope this makes…
ep#16 - “I sometimes feel as if my existence doesn’t matter.” Ask Kati Anything!
Jun 23 • 70 min
Audience Questions for ep16 of Ask Kati Anything!Hey Kati, Is it normal to not want to tell your parents about anything that’s going on in your life? I have really nice supportive parents. I just don’t ever feel like I can open up to them about how I’m…
ep#15 - “Can depression alter your brain permanently?” | Ask Kati Anything!
Jun 18 • 78 min
Audience questions for Ask Kati Anything #151. I was wondering how to cope with grieving the loss of therapy and not seeing one’s therapist again (assuming that one wouldn’t be able to go back to therapy at least for a while)? There are times where a…
ep #14 - “An Existential Crisis, Brain Fog & Toxic Parents.” | Ask Kati Anything!
Jun 10 • 64 min
Audience questions for Ep 14 of Ask Kati Anything!1. Hi Kati, I have trouble focusing/concentrating almost all the time. I worry a lot about the past and how it’s affecting my future. This leads me to try to …2. Hey Kati! I’ve been going through what…
ep #13 - I’m Anxious & Worried, I Feel Like a Failure! Ask Kati Anything!
Jun 2 • 70 min
In episode 13 of Kati Morton’s podcast Ask Kati Anything! ep 13 she answers these questions:1. How can I deal with the anger, frustration, sadness, powerlessness of seeing Black people killed every day for no good reason? I’m sick of things and the…
ep #12 - Counting Calories, Irritable Outbursts, Feeling Down and Anxious… Ask Kati Anything!
May 27 • 71 min
The audience questions for Ep 12 of Ask Kati Anything!1. How to stop irritable outbursts that come all of a sudden when you’re feeling fine? Like I don’t feel any kind of emotion but all of a sudden a…2. How to stop counting calories? I won’t let…
ep #11 - How Do I Learn To Trust Again and Open Up? Ask Kati Anything!
May 21 • 67 min
The audience questions for Ep 11 of Ask Kati Anything!Hi Kati, is there ever a time when you think by yourself in a session; “Well, you didn’t need to share THIS. But okay…??” every Sunday I send my therapist an ..Hi Kati, “happy thursdayyy!” I was…
ep #10 - Is it common to fantasize about going through a traumatic event? Ask Kati Anything!
May 14 • 61 min
The audience questions for Ask Kati Anything ep.10 are:Hi Kati! I was wondering if it’s unhealthy or weird that I go to my teacher to vent and get advice instead of my mom or family? I feel like it’s so weird, but I’m more comfortable with her, is that…
ep #9 - Are Depression & Anxiety on The Rise? Ask Kati Anything!
May 6 • 66 min
The audience questions for Ask Kati Anything ep. 9 are:What can one do if small tasks feel impossible or out of reach? Simple things like getting out of bed, basic hygiene, making a decent meal, etc.How do you tell your therapist you are super depressed…
ep #8 - You Are Leading A Double Life? Ask Kati Anything!
Apr 29 • 61 min
Audience Questions:1 My therapist talks about herself a lot. I kind of want a new therapist but I don’t know how to tell her that. Is there any advice you can give me?2 What is your take on cutting toxic family members out of your life? I feel like it…
ep #7 - “How Can I Set Boundaries?” Ask Kati Anything!
Apr 23 • 62 min
This week on Ask Kati Anything, we’re going over some great mental health questions! Put your headphones on and spend a little me time :)1) How does a person regain confidence in themselves to do a certain job, when employers think they are worthless?2)…
ep #6 - Highly Sensitive People, Intrusive Thoughts, Toxic Family… Ask Kati Anything!
Apr 15 • 63 min
Audience questions:1. Hi Kati! When I talk about my parents/ my childhood, I’m constantly worried I’m making things up / remembering it wrong / not being objective. How do you deal with this? How can you help someone understand their childhood when all…
ep #5 - I think I have Bipolar Disorder… Ask Kati Anything!
Apr 9 • 65 min
Audience Questions:Is it common to go backward at the beginning of therapy? I’ve found that when I first begin therapy, after being away for a while, I always feel worse for a few weeks before getting better.Hey Kati, I recently realized that I was…
ep #4 - I find it really hard to talk about my feelings as a result of abuse/trauma… - Ask Kati Anything!
Apr 2 • 66 min
1 I find it really hard to talk about my feelings as a result of abuse/trauma, I’ll often just shut down and not be able to make eye contact…2 For long-term depression that has been deemed medication-resistant, what are the best next steps?3 My first…
ep #3 - Quarantine & Self-Isolation as a Teen? Disruption to Our Daily Lives? Ask Kati Anything!
Mar 24 • 57 min
Welcome to Ask Kati Anything!, the podcast where Kati Morton, LMFT answers your mental health questions and talks about psychology. Audience Questions:1. Why do some people never recover from mental illnesses that most people make a recovery from (e.g….
ep #2 How do you maintain your mental health when you are in physical pain? - Ask Kati Anything!
Mar 9 • 50 min
Welcome to the second episode of Ask Kati Anything!, a fun podcast with Kati Morton, LMFT where she answers your mental health questions and talks about psychology. Audience Questions1. How to deal with atypical anorexia how to deal with feeling not ill…
ep #1 Do you ever get frustrated with clients not making progress?- Ask Kati Anything!
Mar 9 • 65 min
Welcome to the first episode of Ask Kati Anything! a fun podcast with Kati Morton, LMFT where she answers your mental health questions and talks about psychology. Audience Questions1. Have you ever lost a client to suicide? If so how did that make you…