Pro-Life America

Pro-Life America
Exciting, provocative and sometimes controversial, this podcast covers abortion and the ongoing cultural civil war in a way you have never seen it before.

25 | Why Aren’t More Abortionists Being Sued?
Sep 17 • 29 min
Listener Allan D. asks “why more abortionists aren’t being sued?” We explain how Tort reform has not only impacted abortion injury cases, but the abortion battle as a whole. We also reveal the abortion industry’s disgusting default defense in court and…
24 | Busted! Abortion Industry Racist!
Sep 10 • 23 min
In the wake of Black Lives Matter, former employees of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and other pro-choice organizations have come forward and stated that they witnessed overt and widespread racism inside these groups. We discuss the tell-all article from…
23 | Pro-Life Message Barred On College Campuses
Sep 3 • 24 min
The pro-life message is being censored in schools and universities across the country. We discuss the clash happening on campuses and how we can fight it. Plus, we discuss how men are told by the pro-choice side to stay out of the abortion issue and the…
22 | Adoption: The Real Story
Aug 27 • 36 min
This week we are talking about adoption. We discuss the lies and myths about adoption touted by abortion supporters, the uncomfortable truth that adoption isn’t the solution to abortion (and why), and Mark’s solution to the “unwanted baby” problem the…
21 | Going Postal Over The Elections
Aug 20 • 28 min
Right now, the country is “going postal” over the possibility of mail-in voting, potential voting fraud and ballot harvesting, and the state of the US Postal Service. We discuss everything from the serious to the hilarious in the debate over the USPS and…
20 | Deceptions, Double Standards, and Denials
Aug 13 • 24 min
This week, we debunk the claim often regurgitated by the pro-choice side, that “pro-lifers don’t care about babies after they’re born.” Plus, we discuss the latest news like pro-lifers being arrested for writing “Black Pre-Born Lives Matter” in chalk and…
19 | The Abortion Industry Harbors Pedophiles and Sex Traffickers
Aug 6 • 39 min
Listener Madi K. requested that we talk about sex trafficking and Planned Parenthood. So this week we discuss how Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation are running a nationwide pedophile protection racket. We listen to clips from our…
18 | Uncomfortable Truths About Sex Education
Jul 23 • 27 min
We put sex education programs under a microscope and discuss the results of the different sex education approaches, what kids are really being taught, and how, for Planned Parenthood, setting foot inside classrooms for sex education is just the first step…
17 | Why Is The Left So Angry?
Jul 16 • 21 min
Recent events prove that the closer the pro-life movement gets to ending legalized abortion in America, the more vicious the other side will become. We discuss the growing anger and vitriol of the left and its significance. We also reveal how “common…
16 | Can You Be Pro-Life & Believe In Exceptions?
Jul 9 • 25 min
The hosts answer a listener’s question about ways to respond to the topic of life-threatening pregnancies in conversations; and they address exceptions in cases of rape, incest, life of the mother, and disabilities. This episode proves why you can’t be…
15 | How The Black Lives Matter Movement Is Bringing Awareness About Abortion
Jul 2 • 32 min
Special Guest Pastor Stephen Broden joins the hosts to discuss how the Black Lives Matter discussion is creating awareness about how abortion is black genocide. They discuss cancel culture, the left’s attempts to re-write history, and why a movement of…
14 | Is Planned Parenthood Untouchable?
Jun 25 • 25 min
In this episode, we discuss the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, their mafia style tactics, and our theory as to how they are able to continue to get away with so much.
13 | Reexamining Our Attitude About Teen Pregnancy
Jun 18 • 28 min
In our discussions about abortion, it’s crucial that we don’t reinforce the other side’s position. But is the way we talk about teen pregnancy causing us to accidentally support the pro-choice position? Mark and Sarah discuss real world examples of how…
12 | The Church & Republican Party MIA On The Abortion Issue
Jun 11 • 21 min
In this episode, Mark reveals the “Great Ping-Pong Scam” that gutless preachers and politicians have been pulling since the day abortion was legalized. We also discuss how our biggest enemy in this fight is not the abortion industry – it’s indifference.…
11 | “Black Lives Matter” & The Racism of Abortion
Jun 4 • 21 min
Outrage over the murder of George Floyd is sweeping the nation but, in all the discussion of “Black Lives Matter,” are there black lives who’s deaths are being ignored? We discuss the racism of the abortion industry and their targeting of the the…
10 | Is It Possible To Be A Pro-Life Democrat Or A Pro-Life Feminist?
May 28 • 21 min
In this controversial episode, we look at the challenge of being both pro-life and a democrat or pro-life and a feminist. It may seem easy in theory, but proves to be a challenge in practice. Plus, we reveal why abortion needs to be a litmus test for…
9 | Is Planned Parenthood Trying To Become A Government Agency?
May 21 • 26 min
Could Planned Parenthood be trying to become an agency of the government? Before you call us conspiracy theorists, listen to our proof that this is real and how this would be beneficial for them. Plus, we address the LA Times article which claims that a…
8 | What’s The Deal With Twins?
May 14 • 20 min
In this shocking episode, we reveal the abortion industry’s discomfort over aborting twins and “selective reductions,” and why the issue of repeat abortions is a can of worms for the abortion lobby. Also, we unravel the pro-choice argument that the unborn…
7 | Do Insurance Companies & Medical Community Benefit From Abortion?
May 7 • 30 min
In this shocking episode, we reveal how the insurance industry actually benefits from legalized abortion and why they don’t fight against legislation forcing them to cover it. We also expose the medical community’s insidious relationship with abortion.…
6 | Following The Abortion Industry’s Paper Trail
Apr 30 • 23 min
In this episode, we bring you an inside look at the abortion industry and expose the lie that women need abortion. We reveal what the abortion industry really makes its money on (and it’s not abortion) and why this is a problem for them.
5 | Is The Pro-Life Movement Committing Suicide?
Apr 23 • 20 min
We told you that this podcast would sometimes be controversial - and this episode is proof of that. In this show, we discuss the role of Crisis Pregnancy Centers and how the overall focus of the pro-life movement, if not corrected, could cause us to…
4 | Constitutional Showdown - A Bold Strategy To End Legalized Abortion
Apr 16 • 29 min
Exclusively on our podcast, we introduce a unique and bold proposal for how we can end legalized abortion in America.
3 | Abortion Industry Shows It’s True Colors During Coronavirus Pandemic
Apr 9 • 21 min
Much of America is self isolating, churches, schools and businesses have closed - but for America’s abortion clinics its “business as usual.” In fact, from their fights with states to remain open, to asking for donations of scarcely available protective…
2 | Why Abortion Should Never Be Sent Back To The States Episode Duration 21 min
Mar 19 • 21 min
Should Roe vs. Wade be overturned? Recent events prove that the left is worried about the future of Roe vs. Wade - and is coming up with their own “Plan B.” We reveal how the way Roe vs. Wade is overturned can have repercussions for the unborn and why…
1 | Proof The Pro-Life Movement Is WINNING!
Mar 12 • 22 min
In our first episode, we discuss where the pro-life movement is currently at in our country’s cultural civil war. We show how the pro-life movement is winning and discuss specific events that prove that the closer we get to victory, the more violent the…
Pro-Life America Trailer
Mar 10 • 9 min
Hosts Mark Crutcher and Sarah Waites provide a short preview of their new podcast, Pro-Life America. Learn more about what you can expect from the show! The Pro-Life America podcast premieres March 12th!