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All Things DnD's Story Dungeon
This is the official Podcast channel of All Things DnD which is dedicated bringing you the most entertaining Dungeons and Dragon stories this side of Faerun! Need ideas for your next campaign or are you interested in listening to epic tales and some ep…

D&D Story: How A Street Thug Beat A God
Jul 29 • 15 min
When the villains become the heroes. Sad. It sounds like the “Heroes” really let this game get in their heads.
D&D Story: How A Fat Drunken Monk Beat The Demon Lord
Jul 28 • 8 min
Never underestimate the power of a monk and his ability to brew the finest of booze
D&D Story: DM Twists Our ‘Four Horsemen’ Campaign To A Totally Different Level
Jul 16 • 14 min
Ooooh chills! I love a false hydra story but this might be my favorite!
D&D Story: Assassin Makes The Paladin Question His Morals With A Single Phrase
Jul 16 • 14 min
So. Who is right? Is the paladin a killer in shiny armor and no different than the assassin?
D&D Story: How To Make Your Players Ugly Cry
Jul 7 • 8 min
I couldn’t say it better myself. What an incredible story. Don’t let anyone tell you these shared experiences aren’t real and amazing, because they are.
Party Outsmarts The Evil Necromancer With Epic Roleplaying
Jun 24 • 29 min
A well crafted dungeon, a super creepy necromancer, and creative problem solving by the players.
D&D Story: Lawful Good Paladin Ends Up Signing A Warlock Pact
Jun 20 • 10 min
Lizard Folk may be my favorite race in all of DND. Such a heartwarming tale! I believe in you Chuu
Narrated DnD Story: How A Player Managed To Outwit A Bad Dungeon Master
Jun 18 • 11 min
So many bad DMs, so little time! Hopefully we can all learn some valuable lessons from these stories and become better for it.
The Party Used An Exploding Gnome As A Bomb
Jun 11 • 8 min
Why is that when wishes come true, it’s always terrible?
How The Party Beat The BBEG Using His Weapon Against Him
Jun 11 • 9 min
That was quick thinking at best!
Warlock Outsmarts The Dungeon Master & Surprises Everyone
Jun 8 • 16 min
When your own homebrew magical items backfire. Well played, this was honestly the best quick thinking I’ve heard in a long time.
Party Faces An Impossible Challenge After Accidentally Summoning BBEG Early
Jun 2 • 9 min
Why is it that wishes always seem to backfire But at least there was a happy ending to this one!
New Yorker Ducks With An Army Of Hats Go FULL CRAZY
May 29 • 7 min
I want an army of ducks. Especially if one of them has a New York accent! Tell us about some of your crazy home brew magical items!
How The Legendary Archer Single-Handedly Ended A War
May 29 • 10 min
Now I regret every archer I’ve ever played. But with my luck my DM would have us in dungeons every session and punish this kind of character.
That Time My Bard Fathered An Entire Village
May 24 • 8 min
What a wild ride. I still feel gross after hearing it but each table is different. I’m glad everyone was in on it.
The First Time I Rage Quit A DnD Campaign
May 21 • 9 min
Don’t steal people’s ideas… especially if they are your own players. And don’t make encounters that are impossible. Come on!
Goblins Use A Human Suit To Sneak Into A Human Town For A Better Life
May 17 • 28 min
My heart! Such a wonderful happy ending for the goblins.
Gay Gandalf Overthrows A Vampire Cult & Takes Over A City
May 17 • 9 min
Well, that was a wild ride. Can we give this man a hand? Have you ever played DND with your own “Wizard”? What was his name?
How We Retired The Best Bard Ever With A Real Life Funeral
May 11 • 10 min
That was sad yet so so wholesome! I wouldn’t mind retiring like that, to be honest. Talk about retiring in one’s own terms!
Why A Dungeon Master Should NEVER Try To Win DnD
May 8 • 16 min
Preach, brother! DND is about teamwork and good times. Don’t be like this DM.
Players Use A Fake Dragon Hoax To Con Their Way Out Of Prison
May 5 • 11 min
Quick thinking and great execution from the party and the DM. It’s great moments like this that really bring a group together.
What If A Famous Historical Event Was Played Out As A DnD Session?
May 3 • 11 min
This was fun to read from start to end!
How The DM Tried To Make My Paladin A Serial Killer
May 2 • 15 min
It’s like a red flag parade. A GM with secret house rules that he never explains. A little bit of player confusion. But lessons were learned and it’s so important to really find the right people to play with. Or was the player actually the one who made…
How A Tale Of Friendship MADE ME CRY For The 1st Time Ever In My DnD Career
Apr 29 • 9 min
Redemption for Dra’goul. Becoming aware of your own failings is one of the most difficult things to do.
How The DnD Party Survived A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE In The City Of Undead
Apr 27 • 16 min
A city of undead, a player set on revenge and a BBEG going down before the DM even finished their plot arc. Perfect.
How A Party Of Four Level 3s Nuked A Dragon And Somehow Survived
Apr 25 • 9 min
It’s always a surprise when you give your group an item at random and it comes back and blows up in your face, or in a dragon’s face. A well executed plan and an awesome turn of events.
How A Lizardfolk Became A Half-Dragon Demigod Of Asgorath
Apr 22 • 18 min
It is such a tragedy losing a real life friend and companion. Make sure to thank your DMs and don’t let your dreams be dreams. Zar Zar didn’t.
How I Defeated A Rakshasa Solo Because The Dungeon Master Forgot How Druids Work
Apr 19 • 8 min
I‌ ‌applaud‌ ‌the‌ ‌DM‌ ‌for‌ ‌owning‌ ‌his‌ ‌mistake‌ ‌and‌ ‌rolling‌ ‌with‌ ‌it.‌ ‌Being‌ ‌able‌ ‌to‌ ‌improvise‌ ‌and‌ ‌change‌ ‌the‌ ‌narrative‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌fly‌ ‌is‌ ‌a‌ ‌sign‌ ‌of‌ ‌a‌ ‌great‌ ‌DM.
How A DnD Campaign Gave Us The Most Emotional & Tragic Moment
Apr 16 • 21 min
What an incredible ride. A near TPK, an epic rescue, and a tragic ending. This is everything that DND should be!
What Is The Most Awesome Or Evil Thing You’ve Ever Accomplished In Your DnD Campaigns
Apr 14 • 7 min
These were pretty awesome and downright evil stories.
How The Crazy ‘Lawful Good’ Paladin Went On A Murder Spree
Apr 12 • 7 min
Alignments are not for everyone. But if you’re playing Lawful Good you have to at least try. Or be Chaotic Evil and murder away.
How The Veteran DM Taught Me The Importance Of Having A Great Backstory
Apr 9 • 12 min
A great character background can make for incredible moments. That’s why I make backgrounds mandatory for all of my players.
Cursed Echoes Epic Conclusion: How The Dead Have An Issue Staying Dead
Apr 8 • 33 min
Questions were answered but now I have more. Most importantly, what is up with the chicken?
Cursed Echoes - How A Botched Chicken Heist Brought The Party Together (Part 1)
Apr 5 • 15 min
Make sure you check out to get your own copy of Cursed Echoes and the incredible 3d printed dungeon kit that goes with it!
How Arcade Badwyn Embraced Evil In The Most Twisted Way Possible
Apr 3 • 11 min
Playing an evil character is always a challenge, but it is clear this group and this player really went for it. Have you ever had a successful evil campaign?
How A Player Attempted To Seduce the DM, Ruining the Game and A Real Life Relationship
Apr 1 • 12 min
Cringe comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s amazing she thought this was okay to do. Have you ever seen something this bizarre?
How A Half-Baked Character Concept Rose To The Level Of Godhood
Mar 30 • 7 min
Hafer would make a great villain for those foolish enough to try to steal his arcane knowledge. Have you ever had a character ascend into something as epic as Hafer?
How The Evil Wizard’s Manipulative Political Career Went Up In Flames
Mar 29 • 13 min
That feeling when you try to make things better only to light a mansion on fire and drive someone insane. Oof. Was the story too political for your taste?
Death And A D20: How Death Gave Andrew The Most Unexpected Conclusion Ever (Part 3)
Mar 26 • 19 min
Thank you for listening! This series will always remain close to my heart, forever.
Death And A D20: How Death Gets Into Character as Dante The Bard (Part 2)
Mar 24 • 13 min
This is part 2 of 3 of a published short story by our Writer and Editor which is available for free for a limited time. Please let us know what you think about the absolutely GRUESOME and gory details of the session! Was that too violent for your taste?
Death And A D20: How The DM Tricked Death Into Playing DnD For His Soul (Part 1)
Mar 22 • 17 min
This is part 1 of 3 of this video, Death and a D20. Please let us know what you think of the favorite of the dice gods, Death. And also what about Andrew? Do you think he will survive in the end?
How Two Evil Players Broke A Lawful Good Character’s Will To Live
Mar 19 • 8 min
As a player I would struggle with other players being constantly at odds with the group. But if this is how they play and it works for them, that’s great.
How My Party Burned Down A House To Fix A Creepy Doll Problem
Mar 18 • 9 min
I don’t care who you are, but dolls are creepy. And bringing it back to mess with the players is a stroke of genius!
How A Player Outsmarted The DM In The Most Glorious Fashion
Mar 16 • 6 min
What an absolutely brilliant move! Have you ever turned the fight to your advantage thinking outside of the box like this?
How The Gray Necromancer Cemented His Legacy Raising The Mountain Of Dead (Part 4)
Mar 16 • 22 min
And with that ominous warning Astoshan lay at rest… but for how long? The Gray Necromancer will rise again… someday.
How A Player Accidentally Created An Omnipotent Viewer Of Worlds
Mar 16 • 7 min
An ever present villain watching over your games. That’s a pretty great idea and it would be interesting to see what other schemes he has in store for the players. Have you ever brought back a BBEG in an interesting way?
How To Tame Your Dragon: Expand The Dragon Family (Part 2)
Mar 16 • 22 min
Would you have robbed the merchant of the eggs? The moral question of doing a bad thing for a good reason. I think it was justified.
The Gray Necromancer’s Antics Gone Too Far, The Party Finally Makes A Move (Part 2)
Mar 16 • 12 min
It had to happen, one way or another..
How To Tame Your Dragon: Raise The Dragon As My Daughter (Part 1)
Mar 16 • 24 min
That’s the first step. Raise it as one of your own.
How Astoshan Became The Terror-Striking Gray Necromancer He Is (Part 3)
Mar 16 • 28 min
Chills! Revenge is close at hand!
How The Incredible Dungeon Master Used My Backstory For An Epic Storyline
Mar 16 • 14 min
What a fantastic DM to take a player’s backstory and create such an epic story. Has your DM ever taken your character through a journey like this?
How The Mighty Necromancer Flashed His Shades Of Gray (Part 1)
Mar 16 • 15 min
And that is how, the Gray Necromancer Astoshan came to be..
How To Tame Your Dragon: Love Them Enough To Let Them Fly Away (Part 3)
Mar 16 • 14 min
What an incredible journey. It’s hard watching your kids grow up. Even if they happen to be dragons. Such a heartwarming and amazing ending to a fantastic tale.
How The Monk Saved The Party From TPK With His Mighty Fists
Mar 16 • 10 min
Taking on a vampire single handedly! Pretty epic to say the least. Have you ever managed to kill a creature in spectacular fashion?
How The Brilliant Goblin Necromancer Brings The Game To A Fiery End
Mar 16 • 8 min
The moral of this story - be careful what you say when you monologue as the GM. Especially when you have a goblin necromancer around. They may just be famous last words.
How The Dice Gods Work in Mysterious Ways
Mar 16 • 4 min
Somebody needs to check that dicebot or for once the dice gods look down upon the player with something other than spite. Have you ever turned the game around with a clutch crit?
How Oohgie The Innocent And Hardworking Ogre Made Everyone Cry
Mar 16 • 20 min
I’m not crying, you’re crying. It’s always something special when an NPC becomes more than an NPC. Have you ever had an NPC go beyond a background character in your game?
How Our Dungeon Master Created An In-Game Cooking Competition With Real Food
Mar 16 • 6 min
This is the definition of bringing a game to life! What a great way to really immerse your players in the game. Have you ever done something like this?
How My Party Actually Worked Together (Not A Myth)
Mar 16 • 5 min
It’s amazing what players can accomplish when they actually work together. True Polymorph to Double Dragon! The DM never saw it coming. A lesson in teamwork for sure!
How A Nightly Island Conflict Ended Up Becoming A Strange But Memorable Battle
Mar 16 • 8 min
I am not sure I agree with limiting what classes people can play due to the DM’s world, but if the players are on board it could be interesting to see how it plays out.
How I Accidentally Triggered A Cold War Between The Dungeon Master And The Party
Mar 16 • 9 min
That turned out much better than I had expected it to! It’s pretty refreshing when everyone just talks about what is wrong and they fix it.
How A Druid In A Modern Campaign Proved Everyone At The Table Wrong
Mar 16 • 7 min
Never disregard the power of nature! Such clever thinking in an awesome setting! Have you ever played a DND campaign in a cyberpunk setting?
How A DnD Noob Pulled Off The Craziest Plan Ever
Mar 16 • 9 min
Entering the hivemind of mindflayers? Pure insanity! She is lucky she managed to escape with her sanity. But like she said, they did it!
How I Accidentally DM’d An Edgelord Cast Of Mary Sues
Mar 16 • 5 min
Well, with the two problems out of the game, everything seemed to really come together. Don’t be that couple at the table — no one likes it. At all. Have you ever had some game-poopers disrupting the session?
How A 10-Year-Old Pokémon Trainer Captures A Legendary & Derails A 5e Campaign
Mar 16 • 7 min
Pokemon and DnD? Sounds like an incredible setting to me! Would you have let your player capture the BBEG like that? Was this a great game or homebrew gone wrong?
How A Big Lovable Lug Stopped A Pair Of Chaotic Stupids From Ruining The Game
Mar 16 • 16 min
That was a pretty epic one shot. And honestly 3 out of 5 players being great is not that bad for a pick-up game at a convention. Have ever had a memorable one shot with strangers?
How A DM & His PCs Ruined My First Attempt At DnD
Mar 16 • 8 min
A lifetime of suffering terrible DMPCs dominating a game. You dodged a bullet, and trust me when I say that there are MUCH better DMs out there. Don’t give up on the game yet!
How The Terrible DM Creates The Most Annoying Doom Vortex
Mar 16 • 23 min
Oof. So many red flags and terrible decisions were made by the DM. Have you ever been caught in a doom vortex? Was I perhaps a little too over the top with the stringent matter-of-facts, and an annoying player to deal with?
My Players Killed One of the Most Powerful People In The Kingdom By Accident
Mar 16 • 19 min
Have your players ever taken down an entire city’s crime syndicate in one brilliant move? Would you have done it differently?
False Hydra: How The DM Sowed Seeds Of Deception To Fool The Party & Destroy A Town
Mar 16 • 28 min
“If in doubt set it on fire.” - This was quite a tale.
How The Party Somehow Managed To Save A Dying Town
Mar 16 • 17 min
What an incredible set up and execution of a false hydra! I get chills every time I think about it. The subtle hints and clues the DM left for his players were masterful! Did you figure it out before the reveal?
How The Bard Discovered The True Cost Of Being Immortalized In Song
Mar 16 • 17 min
All the FEELS! Would her original sacrifice have meant as much if they had managed to bring her back? Have you performed a heroic feat in your own game?
The Veteran Necromancer Teaches The Greedy Party A Valuable Lesson
Mar 16 • 15 min
Complete and utter humiliation! That’s what happens when a group of newbies get big heads and don’t show respect. I guarantee the other players weren’t expecting that to happen! Have your games ever resulted in your party turning against one another? Or…
How The Ingenuous Monk Became A Benevolent Deity
Mar 16 • 24 min
A bittersweet ending for an epic character. Retiring a PC is always hard but the memories are priceless.
How The Party Actually Tried To Get My Character Killed In Game
Mar 16 • 7 min
Wow. It sounded like a group of bullies wanting to ruin a game for someone else. There is roleplaying and being mean. At least now the player is in a better group and isn’t trying to get killed for no reason.
How The Selfish Rogue Blatantly Ruined A Campaign
Mar 16 • 8 min
I don’t know why people are like this. Insecurity? Bitterness? A false sense of what DND should be? At the end of the day, don’t be this person and don’t ruin the fun for others.
How The Sly Gnome And His Half-Orc Steed Killed Everything, Literally
Mar 16 • 9 min
What an incredible duo! Both incredibly formidable AND incredibly STUPID… Have you ever come up with a character concept like this before? Or something even more diabolical and humorous at the same time?
How The Party Discovered Giant Frogs Are OP
Mar 16 • 10 min
Overpowered indeed. Good Heavens that my initial intention to kill Toothy off in a reckless encounter did not work.Aside from the OP giant frog, did you guys like the charisma lord Brynn? What about meager Marigold?
Why The Terrible DM Should Just Write A Novel Instead of Running Games
Mar 16 • 6 min
He should really start penning that novel now if he doesn’t want his players to have any kind of agency in his games. Have you ever been held prisoner by a tyrant DM?
How The Party And DM Are Obsessed With Megan, Our Girl
Mar 16 • 4 min
Roll for sexiness. Oh no… a crit fail. Just kidding, you’re beautiful! Please don’t go! Have you ever had a DM cater to a single player in your game?
The First Time I Kicked Out A Player From A Session
Mar 16 • 7 min
Did Sam deserve to be kicked out? Do I hear a yes, or a hell yes? Regardless, his backstory does explain some things, if not justifying them.Have you ever had a player like Sam in your party? How did you and the group handle it?
How The Gang Yee’d Their Last Haw In An Epic Shootout!
Mar 16 • 10 min
Yeehaw that was intense and fun at the same time! Have you ever played in a western setting? Or created a gang that went out in a blaze of glory?
How The Motley Crew Of Elves Saved Santa And Christmas
Mar 16 • 7 min
What a hilarious setting for DND. This should be done every year and I may just run this myself for Christmas!
What Happens When Dungeons & Dragons Meets Multi-Level Marketing
Mar 16 • 7 min
Dungeons & Dragons at work? Not a bad idea, I guess.
How The Sniveling Cowards Left Me, A Paladin to Die
Mar 16 • 17 min
Cowards! A party adventures together and dies together. Would you have turned and run or would you have made a final stand? And how miraculous was that fight?
How the Terrible Dungeon Master Cant Improv, At All
Mar 16 • 9 min
Were the player’s expectations too high for the DM or was the DM half-assing it? I’m sure for every great DM out there, there are 10 bad ones.
NEVER Give Players A Note To Do Something Without Question From The Local Ruler
Mar 16 • 4 min
This was definitely an amazing story. As a Reddit user davecrazy pointed out, “I actually think the lesson here is ALWAYS give the players a written note,” no one would have expected them to make use of the written note like this.
How The Poor Rogues Bad Luck Keeps Getting Worse
Mar 16 • 8 min
The cruel twist of fate that is the dice! How have so many cool ideas have been undone with a natural one? Have your plans ever backfired spectacularly, and like this manner?
How We Infiltrated A Demon’s Party Just Because I Wanted My One Gold Back
Mar 16 • 7 min
That was quick thinking casting the major image spell to not only get gold but to get out alive. Have you ever gotten out of a sticky situation with some quick thinking?
How The Cookie-Making Granny Became An Unstoppable Force
Mar 16 • 10 min
Granny is hardcore! What an awesome character concept. Have you ever played a character that was this different from the norm?
The Adorable Tale Of How A 4 Year Old Plays Dungeons & Dragons
Mar 16 • 8 min
So wholesome! It’s so cute seeing her imagination spin the story so vividly. Have you introduced DnD to a child or younger person?
How The Heroic Warforged Lived On Forever
Mar 16 • 11 min
I guess Warforged do have souls. What an incredible story with the possibility of creating a Sprocket Version 2 in the future. Have you ever had a character discover something profound about themselves?
How The Chosen King Of Neckbeards Continually Kept Ruining My Sessions
Mar 16 • 10 min
Good thing the neckbeard did not bring his katana to the game. Otherwise, things could have gotten really ugly. Some advice for you all: take showers, use soap, and do not be that guy.
How The Awful Dungeon Master Absolutely Loves Anime
Mar 16 • 14 min
Is the setting worth the pain and struggle? Maybe in the end the DM will improve and everyone will be happy. We’ll see!
How My Sly Dungeon Master Baited Me Into Killing A King
Mar 16 • 11 min
Have you had similar experiences of almost falling victim to a well-laid trap and getting your behind saved by a heroic Barbarian?
How ‘That Guy’ Nearly Made Me Quit Dungeons & Dragons Forever
Mar 16 • 9 min
Anger issues, entitlement and D&D never go well together. Be nice to your DMs and you might just stumble into that plate you want so badly. Have you ever had “That Guy” in your party?
How My Friend Tried To Kill Me In Game, Ruining The Game & Our Friendship
Mar 16 • 6 min
Sometimes people forget that DnD is a team game. Has something like this ever happened to your group? Lose a friend over an in game fight? How did you, or the group, handle it?
How My Deranged Player Became The Undisputed Rat King
Mar 16 • 7 min
A DM can never plan for the crazy things players will do. What a fantastic example of a player thinking outside the box to ruin even the best of plans. Have you ever outmaneuvered your DM?
How My Players Learned What Chaotic Neutral Means
Mar 16 • 12 min
Are we the baddies.jpg? These players learned that actions have consequences. How would you have handled a group of players like this? Did the author perhaps go overboard, a tiny bit, at least?
How I Invoked True Terror In My Campaign
Mar 13 • 6 min
How would your players react if they were dying in a lucid nightmare? Have you almost killed your party or killed your party in an unconventional way? And WITHOUT THEM EVEN KNOWING WHY?!
How I Overthrew The Dungeon Master By Becoming Truly Divine
Mar 13 • 15 min
What an incredible twist, a DM deleting his own game to be usurped by a player! I guess next time you give a player a wish, have your lawyer look it over before granting it! Have you ever pulled a fast one on the DM?
How Farmer Brown Buried The Goblin Horde With His Lethal Shovel
Mar 13 • 7 min
Farmer Brown putting the smackdown on everyone! Have you ever had an NPC outperform your players? Please let us know about your epic NPC moments!
How A Single Punch Ruined An Entire Campaign
Mar 13 • 13 min
Oh my God, this is what is called blurring the lines of morality. Was it the curse of lycanthropy that made the wizard go mad? Was it just the player that went over the line? Has anything like this happened to you?
How Love And Friendship Triumphed Over An Evil Inquisition
Mar 13 • 9 min
What an incredible journey! These are the stories that make DnD such a wonderful experience. Friends. Magic. Love.
How A Player Turned Out To Be The Secret BBEG Of The Session
Mar 13 • 8 min
This is the kind of game that I want to be a player in! What an incredible twist at the end! The wizard played the long game and came out on top. Have you ever played a game like this? Were you ever the secret BBEG plotting against other players?
How I Got Forever Banned From Playing Cleric At A Table
Mar 13 • 8 min
It is kinda hard not to play an OP cleric in Pathfinder, afterall.
How I Justifiably Led A Devious Player To Be Devoured By Spiders
Mar 13 • 8 min
Come on, don’t be that guy! Be honest with your DM and be honest with yourself. If you be cheatin’ you gon’ get eaten.
How I Ran An Epic One-Shot For 13 Players And Lived To Tell The Tale
Mar 13 • 19 min
Thirteen players and three DMs, amazing. Despite the challenges of that many players, the DMs managed to craft a game for new players and veterans alike. Have you ever played in a huge game like this?
How A Players Emotional Death Brought The Party To Tears
Mar 13 • 5 min
My heart! Such a bittersweet death for this party! Do you have any fond memories of playing with a family member? Or how a character’s death brought the group closer together?
How Abrum The Unyielding Became A Legend
Mar 13 • 20 min
A legend is born. What an inspiring character that really had a powerful impact on the players. Have you ever run into an NPC that became legendary?
How I Became The Groups Inside Joke And Loved Every Second Of It
Mar 13 • 6 min
Sometimes missing every single hit can be just as satisfying as landing them. D&D is a game of inside jokes and gags. Have you ever had something unfortunate like failing spectacularly turn into something great?
How A Game I Ran Ended Because One of My Players Had A Paranoid Breakdown
Mar 13 • 8 min
Who would believe a demon in the first place? It seems like they should have trusted their gut and followed one of the core rules of DND. Never split the party.
The Player Who Outsmarted The DM And The Entire Party
Mar 13 • 11 min
In this Dungeons & Dragons story, we’ll discuss a player who got revenge on his jerk DM and his entire party, by doing the unthinkable.
D&D Story: Garg And The Moonslicer - Just What Is Good?
Mar 9 • 10 min
This is a Dungeons & Dragons story of an ogre named Garg who is on a quest to understand what is good alongside Moonslicer. A beautiful story that is as wholesome as it gets.