The Food Dictator!

The Food Dictator!
Citizens! Pay heed and bask in the incandescent glory of The Food Dictator’s gastronomic wisdom, as your Glorious Leader eloquently dishes on the most authentic world recipes! Join TFD as He regales you with humorous anecdotes, obdurate opinions and hi?

Interview With Feltman’s of Coney Island CEO Michael Quinn
Jul 24 • 52 min
In celebration of National Hot Dog Day, TFD interviews Michael Quinn, co-founder of the company making the best commercial hot dog in America! History, strong opinions and how to make the ultimate dog are all revealed in this episode!
Pizza - The Noble Pie’s History, Types and Best Baking Practices
Mar 7 • 30 min
Citizens, Now Is The Time To Revel, For The Glorious One - YOUR TFD! - Shares All Of His Knowledge About More Than A Dozen Varieties Of Pizza and How To Make The Ultimate Pizza At Home With The Members Of TFD Nation! Your Loyalty To The Cause Is Noted,…
British Indian Restaurant Curries - Including The Hottest In The World!
Mar 7 • 20 min
Citizens - The Suzerain Of Spice (YOUR TFD!) Shares His Limitless Wisdom Regarding This Unique Style Of Curry And Expounds About The Lethal Heat Of Phall As Well As The More Temperate Joys Of Balti, Madras And Korma! The History Of This Unique Style Of…
The Food Dictator - The Culinary Uprising Begins!
Mar 6 • 12 min
Tremble Before The Awe And Majesty Of The First Episode Of The Food Dictator! Learn About TFD’s Mission To Share The True Flavors Of World Cuisine, Combined With Humor and History For The Delight of TFD Nation! Your Loyalty To The Cause Is Noted,…