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How to Start a Business From Scratch - Weatherman on Demand Dan Pope #57
Jul 2 • 47 min
Starting a business is daunting. I speak with Dan Pope, a meteorologist, who has 40 years of Television weather experience (He’s my dad) and we talk about how we started a business in less than 72 hours and soft launched it. Checklist on what to do to…
Bundling with Kristin Ostrander: Mommy Income & Amazon Files #56
Jun 30 • 31 min
How can you beat the competition through bundling or kitting. Kristin Ostrander, creator of and host of the Amazon Files podcast.Why should we bundle?Race to the bottom is avoided. How do you bundle?Frequently bought togetherHow can you…
How to Sell Books on Amazon with Ellen Violette #55
Jun 25 • 39 min
Have you ever wanted to write a book or sell books on Amazon? This is the podcast for you. Today we talk to a visionary who knows how to help you reach the coveted title of “#1 Best Seller on Amazon.” Ellen Violette is an award-winning book and business…
Nobody at Amazon Will Help You Increase Sales, You Have to Grind it Out #54
Jun 23 • 10 min
Amazon in person meetings tend to be a lot power points and hot air. After they show you some cool looking charts but meaningless fluff… They will likely put the onus on you to help yourselves and ask for lower prices. Spend more on ads. That kind of…
Sell? or Build to Hold Your Business? #53
Jun 19 • 30 min
You’re building a business. But why? Is it to flip it and sell it later? Or are you building to hold it forever? For some of you - you’re building an Amazon business to become an entrepreneur and not work for “The Man.” Whatever your reason, this will…
Good Better Best Product Strategy Explained #52
Jun 17 • 14 min
The Good Better Best product strategy helps improve conversion rates, traffic, margins, and more. It’s a core ecommerce strategy - Steven Pope.How Marcus Lemonis Saved a Dying Business From Its Feuding FoundersHere’s how the host of CNBC’s The Profit,…
James Thomson Buy Box Experts Founder on Digital Brands vs Brick & Mortar Brands on Amazon #51
Jun 15 • 34 min
There’s a battle between Digital native brands and national retailers with brick and mortar presence. And while there’s room for both to sell on the platform, today we will look at how both digital native brands and brick & mortar brands need to…
How to Sell Internationally on Amazon with Kevin Sanderson Maximizing Ecommerce #50
Jun 12 • 44 min
Selling internationally can feel overwhelming. Today we talk to an Amazon expert who will help you simplify the process to expand your business to other countries. Kevin Sanderson, host of the Maximizing Ecommerce podcast and a successful Amazon seller….
Trademark Brand Registry Expert Interview Preston Frischknecht #48
Jun 1 • 23 min
We talk with a Trademark expert who has filed more than 1000 trademarks. We’ll talk about everything you need to know about trademarks for your brands. Preston Frischknecht Trademark registrationsWhat’s the…
How to Handle Stockouts as an Amazon Seller? Close Listing to Maintain BSR? #49
May 31 • 11 min
Get Amazon Consulting at adjustable dumbbell listing has been doing really well. It is the number 4 bestseller in the fitness weights category on amazon. It looks like I will be out of stock in two weeks, having sold half the…
How to Run an Business Like a News Organization #47
May 30 • 27 min
How does an Amazon agency work, how does My Amazon Guy run? In today’s podcast I reveal how I run the agency like a news organization. Many of the principles I use are applicable in most organizations.Roles in a news organizationGeneral ManagerNews…
Automating ShipStation Orders for Amazon Etsy Walmart eBay Shopify with DeArmond #46
May 29 • 23 min
Signup for ShipStation. How do you automate shipping across your marketplaces, Amazon, and website? One of my favorite solutions is joining our podcast today to talk about ShipStation. Cody DeArmond - Sales Director at ShipStation. First 20 employees…
Zon Tools Tarik Ozkan CTO on Amazon Automation #45
May 28 • 27 min
To get 15% off Zon Tools use promo code “myamazonguy” Tarik Ozkan CTO of Zon ToolsSearch Term IsolationPhilosophy to only advertise on converting keywordsDecreasing bids doesn’t always lower ACOSZon Tools - Automation of PPCAutomate existing…
Amazon Advertising Filter Tip to Find Under-performing Products Lacking Impressions, CTR, or Clicks #44
May 26 • 8 min
Get Amazon Advertising Management at My Amazon Guy. You can search for campaigns, ads, keywords and product targets, and ad groups by entering all or part of the name in the search box at the top of the table. By layering multiple filters you can…
How to Appeal Amazon Account Suspensions with Plan of Action and Root Cause Identified #43
May 23 • 11 min
Listing reinstatement and suspension service went wrong?Diagnosis and strategy in relation to “what went wrong” forms a big part of how…
Suspensions Increasing May 2020, How do Prevent Common Amazon Suspensions Podcast #42
May 22 • 19 min
Get listing reinstatement help at My Amazon Guy. Warned 2 times on something, the 3rd time will almost surely result in a suspension within 90 days.Inauthentic items claimsReview manipulationMisuse of variationsListings yankedInfringement…
Amazon is Suppressing Listings for Title Violations such as the Word “Gift” #41
May 21 • 11 min
Product title requirements Reinstatement Service for $500 this video I cover this error “Product Name : The Title has…
Advertising PPC Tips with BetterAMS Destaney Wishon Podcast #40
May 19 • 27 min
Advertising is a continuous hot topic for clients at My Amazon Guy, how do we get better at it, what should we be doing now? Today we talk to a PPC expert. Destaney Wishon with Better AMS. www.betterams.comBetter AMS, who you are, what you do.What’s…
Amazon Prime 2 Day Shipping is BACK #39
May 13 • 2 min
As of today Amazon’s 2 day shipping is back for FBA Sellers. Great Seller Central News. Coupons are also back. And shipping restrictions are gone.Quick update today just to share the news.
Profit Whales Amazon PPC Automation Podcast #38
May 12 • 19 min
Should you automate your PPC? We talk with Vitalii with Profit Whales. is Profit Whales? PPC automation tool. Software check every hour.What does an automation tool do?Should we increase or decrease bids, add…
Amazon Selling Challenges and COVID-19 Seller Central News #37
May 6 • 22 min
Current Events with Amazon SellingOverwhelmed feeling? If you’re an essential worker you’re an unrecognized underpaid hero right now. If you are an non-essential worker you’ve been holed up in your house. My favorite comment I heard today was “What day…
Amazon FBA is Overwhelmed - Limited Restocking / Shipping Wrong Items #36
Apr 28 • 7 min
Limited Restock, Shipping WRONG ITEMS on Multi Channel Fulfillment MCFNew Service - Listing Reinstatement: is shipping the wrong items to consumers on MCF orders, be sure to watch for that and…
Listing Reinstatement on Amazon, How to Get Unsuspended #35
Apr 20 • 15 min
Guide on Amazon Reinstatement Used Sold as New. In today’s podcast we speak with Duston Fenton who is an account manager at and has gotten 8 accounts reinstated with suspended listings in the past couple of weeks.What are the common…
Ask Dave Taylor on Video Best Practices for Amazon #34
Apr 17 • 26 min
Video best practices for Amazon. What makes for a good video and how much should I invest in it? My name is Steven Pope and this is the My Amazon Guy podcast. Now joined by Dave Taylor of and YouTube Channel. 22,000 subscribers….
Pathway to Profitability on Amazon #33
Apr 15 • 16 min
If you have concerns about profitability, the first thing you should consider doing is raising prices. Do you have the right business model? Private labelWholesaleRetail ArbitrageSWOT analysisStrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreatsUltimately raise…
What’s a Good ACOS for Amazon? (Advertising Cost of Spend) #32
Apr 13 • 11 min
To see the YouTube chart Get Amazon Advertising Management at you break even on Ads because for every sale you get by PPC you get 3 SEO organic sales.Average ACOS By…
Cash Flow & PPP with Tyler Jefcoat CEO of Seller Accountant #31
Apr 10 • 28 min
We’ll be talking current events on keeping your business afloat during COVID-19, and that means cash flow. So we’re talking a cash flow expert on the new PPP loans, how to keep the ship afloat during these uncertain times.My name is Steven Pope and this…
Amazon Seller Conference 2020 Mid West Ecom with Travis Barritt Podcast #30
Apr 9 • 22 min
Every year thousands of Amazon sellers attend a conference to keep up with best practices and networking. Today we’ll talk about how you should strategize your attendance and why it should still be on your radar in 2020 despite COVID-19. We’ll also have…
Advertising 2020 Tips for Amazon Seller Central #29
Apr 8 • 29 min
Advertising is difficult. Competition is going up. On this podcast we go over Questions to Ask to Improve ACOS & Revenue on Amazon Seller Central.Get Ad management from the pros at there any stock…
Diversifying with Amazon for Authors & Speakers with Chad Littlefield We and Me CoFounder #28
Apr 6 • 46 min
Speakers, Authors, mentors, and anyone that needs to meet people in person for their business have seen tremendous fall offs to their business. And they are hurting big time right now because most events have cancelled. This podcast will talk about how…
How to Generate More Amazon Product Reviews with eComEngine’s Colleen Quattlebaum - Feedback Five #26
Apr 2 • 26 min
Product Review Strategies have changed a lot in the past 3 years on Amazon. Today’s guest Colleen Quattlebaum, Marketing Manager with eComEngine, will tell us how to get more product reviews while staying compliant. Feedback Five is their flagship…
Photography Tips with Jeff Delacruz President of POW Photography #25
Apr 1 • 27 min
Photography is an art that is hard to get right. On today’s podcast we talk to the experts on how to get the best photos in front of your consumers on Amazon to increase sales. Jeff Delacruz - President of POW Photography or Products on White…
Stuck in India During COVID-19 with Sean Halls #24
Mar 31 • 36 min
Sean Halls is currently in India in the midst of a shutdown and COVID-19. To get a flight out of India right now it would cost $6,000. Sean is hunkering down. I used to go to high school with Sean and we played chess, basketball, and MTG back in the…
Should I Drive Traffic to Amazon Brand Store or Listing Page? Advertising Sponsored Brands 2020 #23
Mar 31 • 7 min
Get help with Advertising management: Buy a Brand Store Page $350 Custom Image Brand Advertising Release: Get Amazon Consulting #BrandStore #SellerCentral
What Photos Convert the Best CTR for Sponsored Brand Ads Amazon Seller Central #22
Mar 30 • 6 min
New Custom Image Video Demo This video came from a comment on our custom image video: What photos convert the best CTR? In the video I show how people with smiles, the product in use, or a lifestyle image showing the end product are the best way to get…
Amazon Rewards Reporting Review Manipulation #21
Mar 28 • 15 min
I received in the mail an offer for a $10 gift card if I submitted a 5-star review for a product I had purchased more than a month ago. This is a blatant violation of Amazon rules. You can’t incentivize a review on Amazon. So I reported it to Amazon on…
How to Hire Your First Virtual Assistant and their Job Duties for Amazon #20
Mar 25 • 20 min
Start here to post a job for candidates in the Philippines. They speak English, may have prior Amazon experience, and are hard working individuals. Post your first job posting and get immediate candidates for $3-6 an hour.Things you could hire an Amazon…
Outsourcing and Remote Work Increasingly Important - Interview with Founder John Jonas #19
Mar 24 • 31 min
Why outsourcing is even more relevant today. Guest with John Jonas, Founder of OnlineJobs.PH who has 26 members of his team in Philippines.Why VAsGet help they needFocus - time back in lifeWho are theyHow to find themPhilippines 100 mil population vs…
NEW Amazon 2020 Ad Image Sponsored Brands - Cheaper BIG IMAGES #18
Mar 23 • 8 min
A new low cost method to boost sales, spread brand awareness, and increase sales on your account. Video Demo. Step by Step guide.Sponsored Brands – Custom Image CampaignSponsored Brands is an advertising method for brand registered Amazon accounts, such…
Amazon Delays Shipping 30 Days COVID-19 Corona Impact #17
Mar 23 • 2 min
Amazon Delays Shipping 30 Days out into April 2020 COVID-19 Corona Impact - Turn on MFN ASAP. Activate your merchant fulfilled capacity in Seller Central ASAP if you are affected by FBA shipments being delayed a month out. Get Amazon Consulting at…
Trademarks: How to File and Pick a Brand Name for Amazon #16
Mar 23 • 24 min
Why do you need a registered trademark on Amazon? Get a Trademark today with My Amazon Guy. Accurate brand representationPowerful search and report toolsAbility to remove listings using your brand nameBrand-building benefits such as Enhanced Brand…
Amazon is Recession Proof & eCommerce will be FIRST Sector to Recover from Looming Depression #15
Mar 17 • 16 min
World Wide Depression is looming right now. Amazon is recession proof. Ecommerce will be the first sector to recover. Cash on hand is king. COVID-19 and Corona impact.Savvy entrepreneurs will go on buying spree in the next 14-60 days buying businesses…
Amazon Shuts Down Inbound FBA Shipments - Activate MFN! #14
Mar 17 • 5 min
Amazon is pausing inbound FBA shipments until April 5. If your company is able to ship MFN (Merchant Fulfilled) we recommend duplicating skus to offer MFN as an option to customers. When your FBA stock runs out, MFN kicks in. We keep MFN pricing $1…
How to Adopt Project Management for Your Business #13
Mar 16 • 22 min
Project Management is tricky because of all moving pieces. Joined today by My Amazon Guy Project Manager Dustin Fenton.Is project management different than another field with Amazon?· New things occur consistently – you must be abreast of new…
Price Gouging vs Market Shortages, How to Fix the Gap Period with Amazon #12
Mar 15 • 23 min
UPDATE: The Man With 17,700 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer Just Donated Them “A key political and economic issue, and one that has been debated after every natural disaster for at least the last half century, is this: Should we allow market prices to rise…
A+ Enhanced Brand Content Best Practices #11
Mar 15 • 18 min
Merima Makelja is our special guest today, she is the Design Director at My Amazon Guy and has developed hundreds of ASIN A+ enhanced brand content. Thanks for joining me Merima. Steven: A+ content is now recognized by most sellers as the most important…
Amazon Cracks Down on Price Gouging, Sellers Hoarding Thousands of Hand Sanitizer #10
Mar 14 • 18 min
NY Times Article: Book a coaching call”On March 1, the day after the first coronavirus death in the United States was announced, brothers Matt and Noah Colvin set out in a silver S.U.V. to pick up some hand sanitizer. Driving around Chattanooga, Tenn.,…
Kevin Strawbridge on Entrepreneurship and Business Development #9
Mar 13 • 23 min
Kevin Strawbridge, an experienced CEO and entrepreneur, joins the podcast and speaks about his history of working with Amazon since 2001 with JCPenney. Kevin has also been the CEO of ClickBank, and a leader of many other companies. For our listeners can…
So You’re Married to an Amazon Seller? Roast Me #8
Mar 13 • 27 min
Today I’m joined by a very special guest. She’s the most amazing person in my life, mother to my 3 children, and head of our house, my wife Emily Pope. Thanks for joining me Emily.I’m rather excited about this episode. I predict it will be the most…
Amazon Seller Interview Gregg Rosenfield, Former Clear Channel Executive #7
Mar 12 • 24 min
I’m joined by Gregg Rosenfield who is a former Clear Channel executive and owns his own media company. Gregg has been dabbling with Amazon for the past 2 years.Clear channelPrime Time - 275 employees22 P&Ls. Each newspaper had its own P&L.Find…
Hire Technicians NOT Marketers for Amazon #6
Mar 11 • 20 min
Selling on Amazon is a game of finding Where’s Waldo. You need a technician to find Waldo. You know how each page has a different setting? That’s Amazon. A marketer is better at running the same playbook over and over again, traffic, and conversion. A…
External Traffic is King on Amazon #5
Mar 11 • 10 min
Amazon Advertising Attribution Setup.Amazon took away some nifty stuff with APIs and ability to track sales into platforms like Facebook this past summer. They are now rolling out new tools and functionality to everyone but in a more controlled format…
Amazon Seller Story New Wave Swim Buoy #4
Mar 10 • 59 min
I sit down with Andrei Lozovik, owner of New Wave Swim Buoy, a million dollar brand. This guy is the best in the business at crowdsourcing content. He drives more earned traffic through social media so I’m excited to…
Amazon News - Pinterest Ads - FBA Fee Changes #3
Mar 9 • 23 min
Spider Web is an interesting tool we came across and wanted to share with you called “Yasiv”. You can put in any ASIN (Product) into it and it will spit out all the items connected to the listing. According to the tool it’s an “Amazon…
Selling on Amazon is Getting Complicated as Amazon Enters the Maturity Lifecyle Phase #2
Mar 7 • 33 min
Amazon has gone from 2 day shipping to 1 day shipping to PRIME NOW. Selling on Amazon is no longer just about listing a product. Non-sophisticated sellers are going to go under, and sell to other complex selling machines. You need to open up…
Learning to Sell on Amazon is Hard #1
Mar 7 • 32 min
My eCommerce Journey on How to Sell on Amazon. Learning is hard. How do you learn to sell better?