Don't Touch Your Face

Don't Touch Your Face
A podcast covering all aspects of the coronavirus

Mar 30 • 12 min
What the world can learn from Iceland’s strategy of widespread testing.
Olympics Postponed
Mar 27 • 15 min
A Look Ahead at a Year Without Sport.
Refugee Camps
Mar 26 • 17 min
What happens if the coronavirus hits the most vulnerable such as those in a Mexican refugee camp? Also what are the larger ramifications of Prince Charles contracting coronavirus?
An Unlikely Success Story
Mar 25 • 19 min
How early intervention helped the country of Georgia slow the spread of coronavirus.
Mar 24 • 19 min
Islands have advantages during a pandemic—and some drawbacks.
Mar 23 • 18 min
Why you should start preparing for a full lockdown.
Media Coverage of the Coronavirus
Mar 20 • 15 min
We look at the challenges of reporting on a fast-moving pandemic.
At Risk Groups
Mar 19 • 18 min
It’s more than just the elderly and people with underlying conditions who are vulnerable.
Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation
Mar 18 • 18 min
We look at how conspiracy theories have spread as fast as the coronavirus itself.
Managing Mental Health
Mar 17 • 18 min
We look at some practical ways to manage the stress and anxiety brought on by the coronavirus outbreak.
Mar 16 • 16 min
We look at why opinion polls are showing a sharp partisan divide on the coronavirus.
Biosecurity and Borders
Mar 13 • 16 min
We look at how countries are using borders as their first line of defense
Crunching the Numbers
Mar 12 • 19 min
On today’s podcast: We look at why some countries are reporting surprisingly low numbers of coronavirus cases. Don’t Touch Your Face hosts James Palmer and Amy Mackinnon are joined by Foreign Policy’s managing editor Ravi Agrawal, who previously served as…
Surviving Self-Isolation
Mar 11 • 18 min
Foreign Policy’s James Palmer and Amy Mackinnon take a look at how to prepare for the prospect of self-isolation and they speak with journalist Lauren Teixeira, who has gone through two weeks of self-isolation not once, but twice.
Why Global Problems Sometimes Require Local Solutions
Mar 10 • 17 min
In our first episode, James and Amy discuss the show’s name, and James interviews global health expert Dr. Annie Sparrow.
Trailer: Don’t Touch Your Face
Mar 5 • 1 min
On the last day of 2019, China reported an unusual outbreak in Wuhan, a port city with a population of 11 million. Within two months, the disease would spread to almost every continent on the globe and kill thousands of people. From Foreign Policy, a…