Late Night with Theo Goodman

Late Night with Theo Goodman
From MMA to Bitcoin and a side of fine art mixed with Greek Mythology and sports betting. The good things in life, the things Theo Goodman likes.

Episode 8 - DJ J-Scrilla “Sound Money”
Apr 10 • 31 min
I talk to J-Scrilla as we preview his new album “Sound Money”. You can pre-order here and get a rare NFT blockchain collectable:
Late Night with Theo Goodman- Episode 7 - Eleonora Brizi
Apr 2 • 21 min
I speak with Eleonora Brizi about her upcoming art event and the current state of art exhibitions during the COVID-19 crisis.
- Episode 6 with Kirsty
Mar 21 • 23 min
This time I talk to Kirsty about bitcoin crusies, corona and military grade batteries.
- Episode 5 with Kelly LeValley Hunt
Mar 13 • 53 min
This time I talk to Kelly LeValley Hunt about data centers, private blockchains, supply chain management and the difference between French and German. We also discuss what NFTs could be used for and if the oracle problem can ever be solved. Kelly LeValley…
Episode 4 with Ksenya
Mar 8 • 32 min
I talk to Ksenya in Room 77 about Room, the Chease Burger Token and the latest in Gender Blockchain events.
Episode 3 with Jessica Angel #ArtProject Decentralized
Mar 3 • 29 min
I talk to Jessica Angel about ETH Denver, the current state of NFTs and she tells us how platforms can embrace the ethos of decentralization.
Episode 2 - Georgeio - Andrews
Feb 29 • 31 min
This time we talk to Georgeio Andrews about some of the new retail banking companies Revolut and N26 as well as NFTs and of course not without some fight stories and MMA predictions. Here is the fight that we are talking about for you to watch: Cage Rage…
- David Moore from Known Origin
Feb 27 • 26 min
This episode features David Moore and we talk everything from Death origin to Known origin and beyond. How did David get into crypto, NFTs and the early years of Known Origin.