REI Marketing Weekly

REI Marketing Weekly
If you’re an active Real Estate Investor that wholesales, flips, holds, turnkeys, or anything in between, and you’re struggling with inbound or outbound marketing, this podcast is for you. Josh Culler has been in the investing industry for 7 years and has helped over 100 investors in their marketing efforts. On this show Josh interviews actual investors that are crushing it in their marketing to share what they’re doing in their actual business.

Using the Market to Guide Your Marketing ft. Paul Lizell
May 30 • 26 min
With over 20 years of experience in the real estate investing industry, Paul Lizell has been through multiple market cycles as well as changed his business model. So how can you keep your marketing in line with your business with so many changes? Paul…
The Lead Conversion Process ft. Dan Schwartz CEO of InvestorFuse
May 23 • 28 min
If you’ve ever wondered where sales and marketing cross over with each other, well here’s your answer. The conversion process (follow up) mostly gets put into the sales funnel, when in reality, it’s a lot more marketing than anything. Understanding the…
How & When to Pivot Your Marketing ft. Stinson Bland
May 16 • 27 min
Pivoting your marketing isn’t something that should happen often, but is needed during certain times. Stinson Bland out of Dallas, one of the most competitive markets in the country tells us how he’s able to decide when to pivot has marketing strategies…
Building Brand Equity ft. Henry Kaminski
May 9 • 21 min
“Branding is all about the relationship between you and your customers, and what does that relationship entail? Well, one, you need to understand them better than they understand themselves.” . Let’s talk about building a brand in the real estate…
Keeping Your Marketing Lean & Mean ft. Steve Trang
May 2 • 28 min
“If you’re a true marketer, then you are pretty good with your KPI’s and know the ROI on your marketing.” Steve Trang is the host of the Real Estate Disruptors podcast and runs a lean and mean operation in the Arizona market. On this episode we have Steve…
Strategies for Marketing in Primary, Secondary, & Tertiary Markets ft. Bill Allen
Apr 25 • 30 min
On this episode Josh is joined by Bill Allen is the CEO and owner of 7 Figure Flipping, where he helps lead the top house flipping and wholesaling mentoring groups in the nation. Bill and Josh discuss marketing and data. [00:05:08] - Bill Allen and 7…
Virtual REI Marketing in Multiple Markets ft. Steven Pesavento
Apr 18 • 24 min
“…when sellers actually pick up the phone and call, it might be 10, 15, 20 pieces of mail that hit them before they finally said yes, but it wasn’t because we sent them 20…it was because we showed up at the right moment.” . on the REI Marketing Weekly…
Showing You’re the Expert, Not Telling ft. Dan Zitofsky
Apr 11 • 26 min
In a world of real estate investing, there is so much competition in any market or asset class you operate in. So how do you stand out? One way is to put out content and marketing showing that you’re the expert, not telling people you are. Dan Zitofsky…
Building Your Marketing Around Results Not Trends ft. David Dodge
Apr 4 • 35 min
When it comes to marketing, many real estate investors will go after marketing tactics that are trending and then abandon marketing tactics that are driving results. In this case, the potential to lose momentum is extremely high because of stopping what’s…
How to Leverage Content Marketing in Your REI Business ft. John Martinez
Mar 25 • 30 min
RIGHT NOW is the time to start leveraging content marketing in your real estate investing business. Now, more than ever, content marketing is one of the most effective ways to market to your to target demographic! . Excited to have our good friend, John…
Building Relationships with Sellers ft. Jerry Green
Mar 21 • 35 min
“When you’re talking to sellers, you have to focus on creating solutions not making offers.” . Got one of the coolest people in the world, Jerry Green on the REI Marketing Weekly! What better person to talk about going through rough times in real estate…
Marketing to A Prospect Vs. A Lead ft. Josh Hines
Mar 14 • 27 min
“One of the first things that you need to determine is if a seller is in YOUR buy box and if that person is even motivated to sell.” . Great time having Joshua Hines on the show! In this interview, we talk about the difference in marketing towards a…
Getting the Most Out of Your Direct Mail ft. Todd Swaggerty
Mar 14 • 38 min
“The decision cycle for sellers isn’t the same, so knowing your target demographic is so critical.” • If you’re an active real estate investor that does direct mail, this is a must-listen! Todd and I chop down the myths and give some interesting insight…
Using A CRM for Marketing Purposes ft. Don Ross
Mar 14 • 26 min
“You can have all the bells and whistles in marketing, but if you don’t do the basics consistently, then nothing in marketing matters.” . Got my good friend Donald Ross on the REI Marketing Weekly Newsletter! . On this interview, we chat about using a CRM…
Crafting Your Messaging Toward Motivated Sellers ft. Adrian Nez
Mar 14 • 39 min
Adrian and I talk about crafting the right messaging towards your motivated and distressed sellers in order to bring the right attention your way. We also talked about how to structure your website the proper way to in order to get maximum results! .…
Tracking Your Marketing 101 ft. Mike Hambright
Mar 14 • 35 min
“A key question to ask yourself is ‘who are you marketing to?’ Most of you can’t afford to market to everyone.” . We got the man, the myth, the legend on the show! . Mike Hambright chats with us about the importance and how to track your marketing. Super…
Consistency in Marketing ft. Greg Helbeck
Mar 14 • 24 min
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The Value of Building An Audience ft. Michael Zuber
Mar 14 • 24 min
The Value of Building An Audience ft. Michael Zuber
The Marketing & Sales Relationship ft. John Martinez
Mar 14 • 16 min
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Customers Chasing You ft. Max Keller
Mar 14 • 16 min
Customers Chasing You ft. Max Keller
Using Skiptracing & Lead Stacking ft. Jesse Burrell
Mar 14 • 21 min
Building Credibility with Marketing ft. Melissa Johnson
Feb 29 • 14 min
A good reputation in your market is one of the best marketing channels you possibly have. But how do you build a good reputation? My close friend and client, Melissa Johnson, flipper and wholesaler in San Antonio, tells us how she’s leveraged a good…
Closing Deals with SMS Marketing ft. Joe Dillon
Feb 29 • 32 min
SMS Marketing is pretty big deal right now, but does it actually work? I bring Joe Dillon out of Tampa, FL to talk about how he and his students are using SMS marketing to bring deals in!
Creating Your Own Video Content ft. Michael Singletary
Feb 29 • 21 min
Creating videos for your business is something most people don’t look into because they think it’s difficult. Realistically, creating good video content for your active investing business is pretty easy! My good buddy, Mike Singletary tells us how he…
Generating Leads with Value Content Marketing ft. Greg Dickerson
Feb 28 • 27 min
Generating leads is the name of the game in marketing for active real estate investors. No leads, no business. One way to bring in leads with little cost is through value content marketing. Our friend Greg Dickerson talks about how he brings in leads with…
Becoming Confident with Content ft. Abhi Golhar
Feb 28 • 13 min
When putting content marketing out for your active real estate investing business, sometimes it can be tough to get on a video and shoot good content for your distressed sellers to find. Abhi Golhar, an investor out of Atlanta and media personality talks…
“No Money” Marketing ft. RJ Bates
Feb 28 • 21 min
Marketing always costs money…..this is actually a myth. Sometimes there are marketing techniques out there to bring you deals without having to spend a cent. RJ Bates does deals in crazy markets like Hawaii and Alaska, so in order to get deals, he’s had…
Calibrating Your Marketing with Data Analysis ft. Paul Del Pozo
Feb 28 • 15 min
Data is something that people have a love-hate relationship with. Maybe you are someone that hates data, but you need to understand it in order to properly calibrate your marketing efforts and see the best results. Paul Del Pozo out of Southern California…
Building A Meetup To Bring In Deals ft. Dylan Tanaka
Feb 27 • 32 min
One of the best strategies of bringing in deals and building a community of bird dogs is to build and host a meetup group. Give value, teach new investors how to wholesale, pay them when they bring you a deal, and you’ll create an army of people bringing…
Where to Put Your Marketing Dollars ft. Don Costa
Feb 27 • 29 min
Deciding where to put your marketing dollars is a tough decision to make especially if you aren’t familiar with marketing ROI metrics. Don Costa, a flipper and wholesaler in Northern California gives valuable insight on how to determine what marketing is…
Customers Sharing Their Story ft. Zach Beach
Feb 27 • 15 min
Typically you think of testimonials as content with your customers, but what about getting their story? This is a little bit of a mindset shift from your typical testimonial video, but makes a major difference. Zach Beach, a real estate investor out of…
Know, Like, & Trust Marketing ft. Brian Trippe
Feb 27 • 28 min
Building trust with a motivated or distressed seller is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort, energy and a lot of times money to build a great relationship with a seller to where they like you, trust you, then sell the house to you. So how do you…
Using Cold Callers In Your Marketing ft. Elizabeth Navarrete
Feb 27 • 21 min
Cold calling is a big lead source for a lot of real estate investors, but how do you get the most out of that marketing/sales channel? Another thing to think about is demographics. Elizabeth Navarrete, a wholesaler in Houston, has a large demographic of…
Making Your Direct Mail Stand Out ft. Jimmy Ogle
Feb 27 • 10 min
When sending out direct mail, one of the worst things that happens is your mail piece getting lost in the sea of other investor’s mail pieces. So how is it possible to stand out? A simple trick that Jimmy Ogle, a wholesaler in Oklahoma City is doing, is…
Building Out Google My Business ft. Dave Payerchin
Feb 27 • 47 min
If you’re an active real estate investor and you’re not maximizing the potential of Google My Business, then you possibly missing out on a lot of deal. In a day and age of digital marketing and customers are more than ever, reading reviews from past…