Second Table

Second Table
If spirituality, philosophy and psychology could have a baby, it would be this podcast. Hosted by Winston Janusz.

Season 1 Closing Thoughts
Jun 3 • 11 min
In this episode Winston has an announcement to share and offers some final thoughts at the close of season 1 of the podcast.
Shamanism and Christianity
May 29 • 82 min
In this episode, Winston meets with Daniel L. Prechtel, John R. Mabry, and Katrina Leathers, who collaborated to write the book Soul Journeys: Christian Spirituality and Shamanism as Pathways for Wholeness and Understanding. In this conversation they…
Thomas Jay Oord - The Problem of Evil and Suffering
May 21 • 54 min
In this episode Winston talks with theologian, philosopher and scholar Thomas Jay Oord about the problem of how God could allow evil and suffering in the world. Oord proposes a radically new way of conceptualizing God. His most recent book is entitled…
Brian McLaren - The Future of Church
May 8 • 57 min
In this episode, Winston talks with author, speaker, activist and public theologian Brian McLaren about his book The Great Spiritual Migration, the future of church, and how our religious institutions have the potential to help transform the world. You…
Morgan Caraway - God, Ego, and Suffering
May 1 • 57 min
In this episode, Morgan Caraway and Winston meet again to discuss spiritual life, having a relationship with God, how the deal with our egos, and the nature of suffering. Here is a link to the Douglas Harding exercise that Morgan referenced in the…
Barbara Brown Taylor - Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others
Apr 22 • 47 min
Barbara Brown Taylor is a best-selling author, teacher, and Episcopal priest. In 2014 TIME included her on its annual list of the 100 Most Influential People in the world. In this episode, she and Winston talk about her most recent book, Holy Envy:…
David Roper - How to See Christ in Everyone
Apr 17 • 93 min
In this episode, Winston talks with positive speaker and holistic life coach David Roper. They discuss spiritual transformation, learning to trust God, and how to see Christ in everyone.
The Meaning of the Cross
Apr 8 • 29 min
With Easter just around the corner, Winston reflects on the the meaning and symbolism of the cross, and calls into question the way that the crucifixion is commonly interpreted. Note: The book that is referenced in this episode is Myth and Ritual in…
Is the Bible Infallible?
Apr 1 • 32 min
In this episode, Winston discusses some of the problems with common understandings of the Bible, and offers ways that we can still gain value and meaning from the ancient texts of the Bible, even if we don’t take them literally. Additional note: The…
Paul Knitter - Without Buddha I Could Not Be a Christian
Mar 26 • 70 min
In this episode, Winston talks with Paul Knitter, who is the Emeritus Paul Tillich Professor of Theology, World Religions, and Culture at Union Theological Seminary, and the author of Without Buddha I Could Not Be a Christian. Paul and Winston discuss…
Contemplating COVID-19
Mar 19 • 45 min
In this episode Winston and his wife Jessica Janusz discuss the COVID-19 pandemic from their apartment. They discuss the importance of processing our emotions, finding the collateral beauty in the midst of this catastrophe, and remind listeners that we…
Can You Be Buddhist and Christian? A Conversation with Matt Carriker
Mar 11 • 67 min
In this episode Winston talks with Matt Carriker, an ordained UCC pastor at Agape Spiritual Community in Waltham, MA and Protestant Chaplain at Brandeis University. Matt and Winston have both been impacted by the Buddhist tradition in significant ways,…
Peter Rollins Part 2
Mar 5 • 96 min
In this episode, Peter Rollins and Winston enter even deeper into the issues discussed in part one. Once again they explore how Hegelian philosophy compares with the thought of Alan Watts. They also discuss how understanding the crack at the heart of…
The Last Hoop (Bonus episode)
Mar 5 • 72 min
In this episode Winston shares one of the last “hoops” he had to jump through to become an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ. Get to know your host better as he presents his theology and vision for the future of the church to a live audience,…
Peter Rollins on Oneness vs Deadlock
Mar 5 • 75 min
In this episode, philosopher, writer, speaker and pyrotheologian Peter Rollins talks with Winston about how the philosophy of oneness can be problematic. In the episode they explore the thought of Hegel, Alan Watts, Freud and Jung. Peter Rollins advocates…
Loving the Mystery with Morgan Caraway
Mar 5 • 62 min
In this episode, author, musician, and pioneer in sustainable living Morgan Caraway joins Winston in a discussion about Alan Watts, Ram Dass, community, love, and the mystery of it all. You can find Morgan’s most recent book Ecological Awakening here:…
What is Second Table?
Mar 4 • 9 min
This is a brief introduction to the Second Table podcast in which Winston talks about the parable that inspired the title.