The Pinnacle Performance Podcast

The Pinnacle Performance Podcast
Hosted by Conor Harris. All things biomechanics, movement, posture, and performance.

31. Lee Taft - Training Multidirectional Speed, Athlete Self-Organization During Speed Training, Myths of Speed Development, & Questioning Trunk Stiffness in Cutting Actions
Jul 23 • 50 min
Lee Taft is the founder of several training facilities across the country & does private consulting for athletic development programs.
30. Joel Reinhardt - Training for “Game Speed”, Managing Volume of Practice Loads in Athletes, Technical & Tactical Models in Sport, & Using Constraints for Better Transfer to Sport
Jul 16 • 70 min
Joel is the Assistant Director of Sports Performance at University of Massachusetts Amherst.
29. Logan Jones - Muscle Tone in Athletes, The Overhead Squat Assessment, Common Compensations in Baseball Players, & Strength Training Shop Talk
Jul 12 • 55 min
Logan Jones is a S&C coach for the Arizona Diamondbacks
28. Zac Cupples - Exercise vs Manual Interventions, Layers of Compensations in Human Patterns, The “Pathological” Shoulder & Pelvis, Vision Considerations, & Infrasternal Angle Shop Talk
Jul 3 • 59 min
Zac Cupples is a physical therapist with experience working in NBA, private, and online settings.
27. Greg Hawthorne - How Athlete Body Types Affect Training Approaches & Performance, How to Analyze the Specific Needs of a Body Type, & Genetics vs Training Influences on Performance Longevity
Jun 25 • 50 min
Greg Hawthorne is an Athletic Trainer and S&C coach.
26. Alex Effer - Embryology in Human Patterns, Addressing Compensatory Patterns in Human Movement, Evolving Training Models with new Evidence, & Cervical Spine’s Role in Range of Motion
Jun 18 • 56 min
Alex Effer is a strength & conditioning coach and also runs a mentorship program for coaches looking to evolve their model.
25. Kyle Dobbs - Principles in Training Systems, Growing Your Training Model, Adapting as a Trainer to Client & Athlete Needs, & Building Resiliency in Clientele
Jun 11 • 54 min
Kyle Dobbs is a Strength & Conditioning coach & mentors other trainers in the field to grow their training model and business.
24. Sean Light - Being a Strength Coach in the NBA, Neurology of Elite Performance, Asymmetry of Elite Athletes, & Building Your Fitness/S&C Career
Jun 3 • 47 min
Sean Light is a former strength coach for the Los Angelos Lakers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. He now helps fitness professionals build their careers.
23. Neal Hallinan - Postural Restoration Institute Principles, Vision in Pain Syndromes, Addressing Patterns in Humans, & The Brain’s Influence on Posture
May 27 • 60 min
Neal Hallinan is a certified through PRI methodology & works primarily with people in pain.
22. Aleena Kanner - Endocrine Responses to Training & Nutrition, The Psychological Cost of Fitness Goals, The Idea of “Bulking” & “Cutting”, Coach/Client Relationships
May 24 • 41 min
Aleena Kanner is a personal trainer & Olympic Weightlifting Competitor.
21. Dr. Tommy John - Training Enviornment, Isometrics as Assessments, Assessing Human Movement Patterns, Fatigue, & Mindfulness Practice
May 19 • 53 min
Dr. Tommy John is a strength & conditioning coach, chiropractor, and health coach.
20. Aaron Davis - Myths of Energy System Development Training, Occulsion, Choosing the Right Modality for the Individual, & Moxy/OmegaWave Technology in Training
May 15 • 50 min
Aaron Davis is a sports physiologist & Strength and Conditioning coach for Evolve Health & Performance.
19. Jake Tuura - The Value of Isometrics, Improving Vertical Jump, Power Training, & Overcoming Jumper’s Knee in Athletes
May 8 • 57 min
Jake Tuura is a Strengh & Conditioning coach at Youngtown State University in Ohio
18. Dr. Locatelli Rao - Combining PRI, DNS, & FRC Systems, How Vision Affects Treatment, Intra-Abdominal Pressure, Femoral-Acetabular Impingement Myths, & When Surgery is/isn’t an Ideal Consideration
May 5 • 51 min
Dr. Locatelli Rao is a physical therapist for Pasadena Physcial Therapy.
17. Taylor Fakas - Psychology of Client & Coach Relationships, Spiritual Aspects of Training, Human Beings in Patterns, How to Reach Someone on an Emotional Level, & Frequencies of Life
May 1 • 77 min
Taylor Farkas is a holistic lifestyle coach and biomechanics specialist for Zero Point Performance.
16. Dr. Ben House - Biases in “Evidence-Based” Approaches, How to Best Remain Objective, Carbs Vs no Carbs, Dietary Influences on Hormones, & Testosterone Shop Talk
Apr 28 • 59 min
Dr. Ben House has a Ph.D. in Nutrition from the University of Texas at Austin, which is one of the top ranked public universities in the United States. Dr. House is also a Nutritionist (CN), Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN), and Certified…
15. Josh Clark - Biomechanics & Neurology Shop Talk, The Complexity of Pain, Why we Need a Multi-Facted Approach to Training, & Why Some Research Isn’t as Legit as we Think
Apr 26 • 61 min
Josh Clark is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and consultant for chronic pain patients as well as specializes in distance-running athletes.
14. Bob Alejo - All Things ACL Injury/Return to Play, Psychological Factors in Injury, The High Performance Program, & What we Have Forgotten in the Era of Social Media
Apr 23 • 55 min
Bob Alejo is the Senior Associate Athletics Director at California State Northridge
13. Ryan Banta - The Sprinter’s Compendium Book, The “Criticial Mass” System, Applicable Sports Psychology, Weightroom Training for Track Athletes, Consequences of Training
Apr 18 • 67 min
Ryan Banta is the author of “The Sprinter’s Compendium”
12. Tyler Rathke - Total Motion Release System, How to Combine Several System for Success, How to Utilize Vision and the Jaw for Better Performance, & why Frequencies are key for the Nervous System
Apr 9 • 51 min
Tyler Rathke is a Track & Field coach and also a Strength & Conditioning Specialist.
11. Zach DeChant - Pelvis/Ribcage Biomechanics, Common Errors in Baseball S&C, Grip Strength/Readiness Correlation, & Why your Recovery Strategies Might not be Optimal
Apr 7 • 42 min
Zach DeChant is the head baseball S&C coach for TCU and also is the author of “Movement Over Maxes”.
10. Adarian Barr - “Falling” vs “Pushing”, Best Ways to Simplify Cueing, Why the Transverse Arch Unlocks Speed, & What we can Learn From the Top Sprinters
Apr 1 • 56 min
Get ready to get your mind blown!
9. James Smith (The U of Strength) - Maximizing Skill Acquisition, Perception-Action Coupling, Designing A Learning Environment, & How To Keep S&C Training Fun
Mar 31 • 52 min
Episode 9
8. Christina Myers - Coaching and Programming for Female Powerlifters/Gymnasts, How Introverts can be Great Coaches, & Psychological Considerations in Coaching
Mar 29 • 72 min
Apologies for the audio quality on my end, microphone wasn’t functioning correctly.
7. Adam Menner - Loading & Propulsion, Bracing, Referencing the Ground, Perceptual-Cognitive Training, & Starting a Business
Mar 27 • 67 min
Adam Menner and I go back and forth on some great topics.
6. David Grey - Isometrics & Cocontractions, Understanding Stiffness, Muscle Slack, & Top-Down vs Bottom-Up Approaches
Mar 24 • 44 min
You will not want to miss this one.
5. Jake Dunn - The Intensive Seminar, The only Plane of Movement, Training Gait, & Building a Successful Online Business in Today’s World
Mar 22 • 49 min
Jake Dunn goes into detail with the human body and might blow your mind.
4. Q&A - Foundations of Asymmetry, Hip Shifting, How I Coach the Deadlift, & Why you Should Understand Biotensegrity
Mar 18 • 21 min
Take 20 minutes off of your Caronavirus quarantine for a quick Q&A!
3. Cody Hughes - Dealing with Coronavirus, High School S&C: Building Buy-in & Underrated Programming Tips for Athletes
Mar 14 • 60 min
Cody discusses the pandemic, how to build meaningful relationships, and how to not get stapled to the floor on a heavy clean.
2. Q&A - My Story, Top 3 Things Young Coaches can do to Get Ahead, Building a Business, & Biggest Mistakes of my Career
Mar 6 • 30 min
Because I got so many questions about/from young coaches, I decided to dediate the first Q&A to that topic.
1. Jack Anderson - Super Simple Gait, Vision, Shoes, & Adarian Barr’s Sprinting
Mar 4 • 57 min
On the first official episode of the Pinnacle Performance Podcast, Jack Anderson and I discuss how to make gait easier to understand, why vision matters & how our shoes can affect our vision, and Adarian Barr’s interesting take on sprinting mechanics.