Privacy Please Pod

Privacy Please Pod
Join Cameron Ivey, Gabe Gumbs and interview guests from around the cybersecurity world as they keep you informed around the topics of cybersecurity, data privacy, compliance, breaches, interesting infosec stories, and much more! Learn why it’s more important than ever that we protect what matters most.

19 - Brian Newgent - SVP of IT at Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives
May 26 • 51 min
In today’s episode we take a trip inside Brian’s world, learning his career path that started out in retail and ended up in a highly complex role as Senior Vice President of Information Technology for a large Energy company. Since the pandemic hit, they…
18 - Ed Hudson - CISO at Cal State University
May 19 • 48 min
An awesome episode with Ed Hudson, CISO of CSU and trusted partner. Gabe and I enjoyed having Ed come onto the show for the first time to share his story and can’t wait for everyone to listen. Below are some of the questions I ended up asking Ed and many…
Privacy Please Pod (Trailer)
May 14 • 0 min
17 - Ian Coe - CEO and Founder of Tonic
May 12 • 27 min
In today’s episode we interview CEO and Founder of Tonic. “This unique relationship with Tonic enables security and privacy leaders to meet the growing demand for personally identifiable information (PII) data removal without affecting business continuity…
16 - Kin Lee-Yow - CIO @ CAA Insurance
May 5 • 43 min
In today’s episode, Cam and Gabe have a really good conversation with CIO and proud family man Kin Lee-Yow of CAA. It’s always fascinating hearing where our industry peers started out. Hearing their passion around data privacy and how they ended up in the…
15 - Jonathan Armstrong & Andre Bywater - Brexit Impact Plan - Tech & Compliance Law
Apr 29 • 52 min
In today’s episode, Cam has a great conversation with Law partners at Cordery Compliance and co-authors - Johnathan and Andre around the EU, UK, and Americas compliance issues in the data privacy realm and the Brexit Impact plan. Some of the questions…
14 - Jason Cronk (The Privacy Unicorn) - Author, Privacy, and Trust Consultant
Apr 22 • 47 min
Here is Jason’s book - Strategic Privacy By Design Topics on today’s episode: 1) the second edition of his book - privacy is an evolving field, as well as my thinking, is constantly evolving 2) Real-life…
13 - Jo Gordon - Sr. Consultant, Data Privacy - Zoom Backlash & Marriott Breach
Apr 14 • 40 min
In today’s episode, Cam and Gabe had the pleasure of speaking with Jo Gordon. She is a Senior Consultant in Data Privacy. Very informative and really great points around two of the biggest topics in data privacy in the last few weeks. Please see the…
12 - Lourdes M. Turrecha - Founder & CEO @ Pix, LLC
Apr 7 • 41 min
Lourdes M. Turrecha - Founder & CEO | Privacy & Cybersecurity Strategist & Board Advisor | Former Big Law & Fortune 300 Lourdes loves working on GDPR and CCPA but right now the law is always lagging behind. So in this episode Cam and Gabe discuss with…
11 - Christopher Leach, Senior CISO Advisor @ CISCO
Mar 31 • 35 min
Gabe and I have an awesome conversation with Chris in this episode. We already declared him a recurring guest and I hope you enjoy our chat. Here are some of the questions asked during the episode: Do you see that disconnect between CISO’s and CIO if so,…
10 - Blog-Cast - Data Privacy Tips for Remote Workers
Mar 24 • 11 min
9 - K Royal - Associate General Counsel - Covid-19 & Work-from-home Privacy concerns
Mar 16 • 33 min
Join us on this very special episode and early release around COVID-19, the high push for remote working and how big this is for companies and employees worldwide for data privacy. Join us as we interview K Royal an Associate General Counsel attorney. The…
8 - RSA Conference Recap, highlights and What you may have missed
Mar 11 • 24 min
Cam and Gabe talk RSA week, trends, highlights and much more. More notes to follow In our post blog release on the episode. Please enjoy!
7 - Michael Santarcangelo, Founder & President at Security Catalyst
Mar 3 • 40 min
In today’s episode, Gabe, Cam, and Michael talk deep into Data Privacy, HIPAA and how he fell into being the security catalyst of today. Michael’s unique path from DJ’ing/bartending to the Data Security and Privacy World The un-designed security and…
6 - Blog-Cast - Do Your DLM and ILM Practices Meet New Data Privacy Laws?
Feb 26 • 11 min
5 - Nina Wyatt - Senior VP & CISO @ Sunflower Bank
Feb 18 • 33 min
Research shows that consumers care about data privacy, but many are unwilling to take the necessary precautions to do anything about it. We know that people aren’t going out of their way to protect their data. Gabe and I talk with Nina on these topics and…
4 - Blog-Cast - Three Big Data Indexing Challenges & 3 Best Practices
Feb 11 • 7 min
3 - Scott Giordano VP and Sr. Counsel, Privacy and Compliance - CCPA, GDPR and more
Feb 4 • 33 min
In today’s episode, Cam interviews the very informative Scott Giordano (Dr. Scott!) Vice President, Senior Counsel and Compliance at Spirion. We dive into the CCPA deadline that went live on January 1st, 2020. Did you prepare for this and how much will…
2 - Blog-Cast - 2020 Data Privacy Predictions — Tales from a Salty Soothsayer
Jan 28 • 9 min
1 - Gabe Gumbs CIO @ Spirion - Privacy & Cyber Security Convergence
Jan 21 • 20 min
Episode One - #1 - Introductions / Chit chat Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the very first episode of Privacy Please! My first guest is my lively colleague, co-host and Spirion’s own CIO - Gabe Gumbs In today’s episode we go over -The convergence of…