Safe Travels

Safe Travels
Expert advice for worry-free travel

The best time of day to visit a National Park, safety conditions, mask usage, and more with Alicia Filley | Ep.49
Aug 10 • 18 min
The summer of the road trip has led many travelers to our wonderful National Parks…but many don’t know what to expect. Our guest today is Alicia Filley from . Alicia and her family traveled to 2 National Parks and has a full report of safety…
Expert tips for first time RV renters with Brooke Johnson from TumbleweedTravelCo | Ep.48
Aug 6 • 22 min
With so many RVers hitting the road this summer, RV rentals are through the roof. But what if it’s your first time renting an RV? What type should you get? Where should you rent it from? How does it all work? We have a pro today. Brooke Johnson is the…
Quick Takes: How are people planning travel now? w/ Nicolette from | Ep.47
Aug 3 • 10 min
Travelers are pondering many of the same questions. When should I start planning again? Is it crazy to think about this now? What about a simple road trip? There is no clear, simple answer to this that guarantees a no-risk trip, but it is always…
The secret of a successful travel gap year for your family during coronavirus with Melissa Schwartz | Ep.46
Jul 27 • 31 min
Our guest today is parenting coach, author, and speaker Melissa Schwartz from Melissa has advice today for any family considering taking a travel or gap year due to coronavirus. The fall reopening plan for many schools has…
What every parent ought to know about world-schooling with Karen Ricks | Ep.45
Jul 23 • 43 min
Have you heard of Unschooling? How about Deschooling? Roadschooling? Worldschooling? I’m sure you’ve heard of homeschooling, and the bizarre words above are (mostly) all variations of homeschooling. Parents this year are facing an uncertain fall…
How to Get Started with Road (Home) Schooling w/ Caroline Makepeace from | Ep.44
Jul 20 • 30 min
Most people have heard of homeschooling, when families choose to skip the typical education system and teach their children themselves. Roadschooling is similar….it’s basically homeschooling while traveling. It’s a term that covers a lot of…
Road trip report: Coronavirus conditions on the road and how to stay safe with Cindy Richards | Ep.43
Jul 16 • 13 min
As we’ve talked about before, 2020 us the summer of the road trip. Travelers are packing up the car, renting RVs, and finding any way they can to get out and explore. But, as we all know there are safety concerns. What are safety conditions like on…
How to move a loved one with medical needs without paying for an expensive air ambulance | Ep.42
Jul 13 • 14 min
You will probably learn something new in this episode, I definitely did. Here’s the situation: Imagine grandma is in Florida and you want to move her closer to you in Boston. She has medical needs and is currently in a nursing home. How do you move…
12 Tips and hacks for first-time RVers: Preventing the “pyramid of poo”, cleaning hacks, and awesome apps with Marc & Julie from | Ep.41
Jul 9 • 33 min
The summer of 2020 is very different for travel. People are avoiding airplanes and taking road trips…and many are hitting the road in an RV too. Among those taking an RV trip are a lot fo newer users, and today’s show is all about avoiding the…
What to expect on a road trip this summer with Megan Tenney from | Ep.40
Jul 6 • 15 min
The summer of 2020 is the summer of the road trip…at least that is what everyone is saying. If you are thinking of hitting the road, you might be wondering what it is like. What safety measures do you need to know? Is it business as usual as you…
Masks on a Plane: Learn about the rules, enforcement of bans, and fake exemption cards with Josh Grafman from JetBlue | Ep.39
Jul 2 • 13 min
By now all airlines are finally requiring masks for passengers (looking at you Allegiant), sometimes with the risk of lifetime bans for non-compliance. Who is requiring masks? Are they really banning people? How does it all work? The answers to this…
Road tripping this summer? An economical insurance policy that could save some headaches (and $$) with Jeremy Murchland | Ep.38
Jun 30 • 18 min
If you are taking a road trip this summer, you will be joining millions of other people out on an adventure. But, what happens if there is a problem or accident on the road? It might be a medical emergency, accident, or anything else….but how what…
How are cruise lines sailing again after coronavirus? Get the overview with Nicole Ratner | Ep.37
Jun 26 • 25 min
There are still many unknowns about how the cruise industry is going to handle returning to the seas after coronavirus lockdowns end. When will they start sailing? What will be different? How will they handle safety concerns? Will anyone go? To help…
A great hack for family travel, and how to get the VIP treatment with Mimi Lichtenstein | Ep.36
Jun 23 • 26 min
Coronavirus numbers are declining in much of the United States, and many people are starting to plan travel again (or at least thinking about it). Travel suppliers have enticing trip offerings with low prices and eased cancellation policies, and the…
Expert tips for Disney’s re-opening…plus trip planning mistakes to avoid with Kevin Gillooly | Ep.35
Jun 18 • 30 min
Disney parks are planning to re-open soon, but there are many details that travelers ned to figure out. When are they opening? Which parks will open? Which resorts will open and when? What does my family need to know? To answer these questions and…
An inside look at the world of private jet charters with Scott Buss of Advent Jets | Ep.34
Jun 16 • 17 min
In today’s episode you will get an inside look into the world of private jet chartering from a pro in the business. We will be joined by Scott Buss of AdventJets, which is jet brokering company as opposed to one of the membership clubs. Scott’s core…
What you need to know about Disney’s re-opening plan with expert Julie Elster #33
Jun 12 • 26 min
Disney parks are planning to re-open over the next month, but there is no simple answer to how they are going to open. Each park and resort is on a different schedule, which makes it hard to know how to plan your trip. Plus, there are new safety rules…
#32: Shy Bredewold on the benefits of using advisors, finding a good advisor, and the myth of the “best day to book”
Jun 10 • 60 min
This show I am joined by Shy Bredewold from Shy is a travel advisor and shares what he has learned in helping travelers plans their vacations, common mistakes, and myths to debunk. Shy was a pleasure to chat with, and the show ran…
#31: Tips for new RV travelers, the “Angie’s List” for RVers, and more with Gigi Stetler
Jun 8 • 19 min
Today’s show is for new RV people, or those who are thinking about trying RV travel. Vacation plans are changing this summer, with many travelers switching from plane trips and cruises to staycations, road trips, and even RV trips. But, for those new…
#30: Free upgrades and how you can’t VIP yourself with Estee Gubbay from
Jun 5 • 19 min
People that plan trips used to be called travel agents, but now they are called travel advisors. Today we’re going to be speaking with Estee Gubbay from about the benefits of using a travel advisor. There are a lot of benefits in…
#29: Finding a doctor while traveling, forgetting your meds, and how food causes most doctor visits on vacation with Yuval Zimerman
Jun 3 • 20 min
Travel is slowly starting to happen again, but in general many people are still avoiding air travel because of coronavirus concerns. But, there are some people who need to travel for various reasons, and today’s show is about what they can do to stay…
#28: How to easily compare coverage for coronavirus on different travel insurance policies w/host Damian Tysdal
Jun 2 • 8 min
Last week we talked about travel insurance and how it covers coronavirus. There are a lot of different travel insurance companies, and each company has several policies, so it’s difficult to compare plans and figure out which ones have which coverage….
#27: How to assess travel risks: advice from former military intelligence officer K. Campbell
Jun 1 • 23 min
Today I’m speaking with K Campbell (goes by KC) who is a military intelligence veteran and currently a senior security and intelligence consultant at a company calledBlue Glacier Security & Intelligence. He has experience and training in…
#26: Afraid of losing reward points during the shutdown? Get advice that will make you happy with guest Jamie Larounis of
May 29 • 14 min
This show is not just for rewards points gurus…but for new people too. Rewards points programs can be confusing to figure out (which is why I just have a United CC, good enough for me). But, many travelers are pros at earning, saving, and spending…
#25: How does travel insurance cover coronavirus? w/ host Damian Tysdal
May 28 • 12 min
Most travel is still shut down. But, as travel suppliers start offering deals too good to pass up…some travelers, are thinking of booking for fall and winter of 2020. However, with all the uncertainty surround coronavirus, additional outbreaks, and…
#24: Shark Tank lessons, slashing time at the airport, and making your bed with Brian Altomare from
May 27 • 20 min
Today I’m speaking with Brian Altomare from Even though most travel is still shut down, some parts of the country are starting to move around again. I was curious about getting some advice for those who were still concerned about…
#23: Campground tips for RVers amid the coronavirus situation, advice for success, and mistakes to avoid with expert guest Jeff Crider
May 26 • 34 min
In this episode we are talking about RV travel for the summer of 2020, and how to handle coronavirus concerns. I’m joined by Jeff Crider, who is a publisher and author for several RV and campground-related publications, and has been in the business…
#22: “Road-schooling” tips for traveling families and more with Leslie Stroud (
May 22 • 33 min
In this episode I speak with Leslie Stroud of She and her family (5 kids!) were traveling the world full-time when coronavirus came along and brought their plans to a halt….in New Zealand. Leslie talks about the very strict and…
#21: Tips & advice for RV travel during coronavirus with guests Marc & Julie Bennett of
May 20 • 31 min
In this episode I speak with full-time RVers Marc and Julie Bennett about the challenges, and benefits, of RV travel during coronavirus. The Bennett’s are not only full-time RVers, but make a living running where they produce a wealth of…
#20: How to know when it’s smart to plan travel again after coronavirus, with guest Janice Lintz
May 18 • 32 min
Travelers are playing the waiting game. On one hand, much of the United States is still on some sort of shutdown in an effort to slow the spread of covid-19. Because of this, it’s hard to feel comfortable booking any sort of travel for the future. On…
#19: Is RV travel a good “Coronavirus-friendly” choice for trips this summer? An interview with Jason Epperson from
May 15 • 39 min
In this episode I speak with Jason Epperson from…and we’re talking about RV travel as a good alternative during the coronavirus situation. Many travelers who might usually take flights or cruises are looking for something more low key,…
#18: Advice for picking the safest airlines post-Covid19 with Simone Collins from TravelMax
May 13 • 36 min
In this show we try to answer the concerns of many travelers who are thinking of booking travel for after coronavirus. “How can I book post-Coronavirus trips, but also stay safe and protect my investment?” I am joined by Simone Collins of TravelMax, a…
#17: Tips for educational family travel from former teacher Kirsten Maxwell, plus planning travel post-Covid19
May 11 • 22 min
In this episode I’m joined by Kirsten Maxwell from . Kirsten is a former teacher, and now runs a blog that documents her travels with her family of 3 boys. In addition to her main blog Kids Are A Trip, Kirsten runs a Facebook group and separate site…
#16: How to plan travel post-Covid19, obsessive travel planning, and “vacations” vs. “trips” with guest Tamara Gruber
May 7 • 24 min
This episode I’m joined by Tamara Gruber from . Tamara is a self-described “obsessive travel planner”, and her website shares in depth information about destinations and travel advice. In the show she shares her coronavirus cancellation story,…
#15: How to get a refund or credit if your cruise was canceled due to coronavirus
Apr 23 • 5 min
Cruise travel has come to a complete halt throughout the world. In fact, with thee no-sail order from the CDC and many ports not allowing entry, many currently sailing cruise ships are at anchor or waiting to dock…with up to 80,000 crew members on…
#14: How to protect yourself when you book a travel deal after coronavirus
Apr 17 • 4 min
Coronavirus travel deals are getting hard to pass up. Travel suppliers are offering huge discounts on airfare, hotels, cruises, and more. Flights are 50% off, 5-star hotels are 80% off, the list goes on and on. But who isn’t a little nervous about…
#13: Should I cancel my summer vacation & falls trips for Coronavirus?
Apr 16 • 7 min
Travel is done….for now. But it’s not dead forever. Travel will return slowly as we work our way out of the Coronavirus lockdown. But many of us have trips planned for the summer, fall, and beyond. And the question is, “Should I cancel those…
#12: Why it might be less risky than you think to book travel for later
Apr 15 • 4 min
Travel deals are abundant right now, but is it crazy to book them? Since Coronavirus shut down virtually all travel, the vacation industry is trying hard to get you to book a trip for the future. To do this, they are changing some of their long-held…
#11: What changes to expect when we start traveling again after Coronavirus
Apr 13 • 8 min
Coronavirus has caused travel to come to a screeching halt throughout the world. Flights are empty, cruise ships are waiting in port, and everyone’s waiting to find out when they can start planning trips again. But, much like after 9/11, there will be…
#10: When will we know it’s safe to travel again? Key indicators to watch for, and what to ignore.
Apr 10 • 6 min
The Coronavirus outbreak seems to be peaking right now. And although it has been devastating for many, it seems to be less so than many models predicted…which is great news. The hard work of medical workers, travel bans, restrictions, and social…
#9: Jeremy Murchland- How travel insurance covers Coronavirus, how to plan trips going forward, and other tips for safe travels
Apr 8 • 28 min
In this interview we discuss the basics of travel insurance, how it covers Coronavirus, tips for planning travel in light of the virus, and some general ideas for worry-free travel. The interview features Jeremy Murchland from Seven Corners Insurance….
Episode 8: 16 Ways for you to help during the coronavirus outbreak
Mar 21 • 7 min
As the US enters a second week of widespread shut downs due to the Coronavirus pandemic, travel has almost completely shut down. However, instead of planning their next trip, travel fans (and everyone else) are looking for ways to help out. In this…
Episode 7: What to do if you are traveling abroad during the State Dept. Level 4 Advisory
Mar 20 • 4 min
The US State Department issued an unprecedented Level 4 travel advisory on March 19th, recommending all US citizens to avoid international travel. It also recommended that all US citizens currently abroad return to the US as soon as possible. What…
Episode 6: 5 ways to help small businesses during the Coronavirus shutdown
Mar 16 • 7 min
Travel has screeched to a halt and most citizens are social distancing. This means they’re not only avoiding travel…but not even going out of their homes unless necessary. Small businesses around the country are seriously hurting from the lack of…
Episode 5: How to plan travel the smart way while considering coronavirus
Mar 13 • 5 min
As the country enters a “self quarantine” for a while, many people want to think ahead and plan trips. But with the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus it’s hard to plan too much. Here are some tips for planning travel in the uncertain times of…
Episode 4: What you need to know about the Europe travel ban
Mar 12 • 5 min
President Trump declared a 30 day travel ban from all European countries on March 11, and we’re going to talk about what you need to know.
Episode 3: Answers to 7 of the top travel questions when it comes to coronavirus
Mar 11 • 10 min
Today we’re answering some common questions travelers are asking about their travel plans and coronavirus.
Episode 2: State department advises US citizens against cruise travel
Mar 9 • 5 min
On Sunday March 8th the US Department of State issues a statement advising US citizens to avoid travel on cruise ships, in response to the growing concerns of Coronavirus. The statement includes recommendations and we discuss on the show some of the…
Episode 1: How travel insurance covers Coronavirus
Mar 4 • 7 min
In this episode we talk quickly about how travel insurance covers cancellations due to Coronavirus, and tips on how to get coverage as we go forward.