Ball and Chain – The Sports Betting and Crypto Podcast

Ball and Chain – The Sports Betting and Crypto Podcast
In Ball and Chain, we take an in-depth look at everything related to sports betting and cryptocurrencies. Join us every two weeks to hear about sports betting strategies, new technologies, industry news, and other topics. This podcast is brought to you by ZenSports, the peer-to-peer mobile sports-betting app. Download it today for iOS or Android at

Episode 11: Traditional Sports Bookmaking with Robert Kowalski
Jun 18 • 69 min
Ever wonder what it’s like to be a sports bookie? Mark is joined by Robert Kowalski, the head bookmaker at Baldini’s Sports Casino in Sparks, Nevada. Robert talks about his roots making book back on the streets of New York, what it was like operating the…
Black Lives Matter, the NBA Returning, and What Is Wrong with MLB Players
Jun 9 • 29 min
Episode 10 of the Ball and Chain Podcast is a monologue from Mark. He touches on what Black Lives Matter means to him and what we can do to be better human beings to each other. He also gives his thoughts on news of the NBA season returning in July, and…
Data and Sports Betting Tech with Bjorn Nilsson
May 26 • 47 min
Companies like Triggy are working with sports betting operators to provide data and real-time notifications on sporting event updates to bettors. Mark is joined by Bjorn Nilsson, the Co-Founder of Triggy, to find out which data points sports bettors care…
Mobile Gaming and AR in Sports with Trevor Doerksen from ePlay Digital
May 20 • 71 min
Mark is joined by Trevor Doerksen from ePlay Digital, and the two discuss the history of mobile video in broadcasting sports, second screen gaming to keep fans engaged while watching sports, and of course, betting and crypto within mobile gaming. Trevor…
America reopening, sports are starting to come back(!), and the future of conferences and crypto in sports.
May 14 • 47 min
Mark is joined by Jackson Weinreb of Blockworks Group, which produces events and podcasts to provide education and information about the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Mark and Jackson kick things off with a fun and lively debate on when/how America…
Analytics & Sports Betting with Dan Rubin from Cleat Street
May 10 • 67 min
Dan Rubin has been using analytics and quantitative methods for years to gain an edge in sports betting. He joins Mark to share some of his secrets for successfully finding value in bets, his analytical methodologies for improving expected outcomes, and…
Deep Dive Into Esports With Jacob Shrader
Apr 20 • 69 min
Jacob Shrader is an avid Esports player and gamer, and he joins Mark to talk about the ins and outs of the different major Esports titles, game producers, leagues, formats, and of course, betting and crypto in Esports!
The World of Esports with Ari Fox from Casino Esport Conference
Apr 2 • 56 min
Ari Fox joins Mark to talk about how Esports organizations and leagues operate, players and influencers that drive Esports, and the future of betting on Esports in a post-COVID19 world.
When Will Sports Return, in What Capacity, COVID-19 Business Impacts, and Twitter Vitriol
Mar 26 • 44 min
Mark flies solo with no guest and gives his thoughts on how the sports leagues should treat their seasons when they come back, how COVID-19 is impacting businesses across the sports world, and can’t we all just get along? (on Twitter)
COVID-19 (and Rudy Gobert) Cancels Sports, Crypto, and Life as We Know It
Mar 13 • 56 min
Host and ZenSports Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Thomas, scrambles to find a guest for an emergency podcast to discuss the cancelling of American sports. Jess Udy to the rescue! Jess lives in Utah and is a Jazz fan, and we discuss what it was like for him to…
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain explained, how they tie into sports betting, and ZenSports’ role in the intersection of both.
Mar 2 • 64 min
ZenSports investor and customer, Jess Udy, joins ZenSports Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Thomas, to kick off the very first episode of the Ball and Chain podcast. Mark and Jess share war stories of past cryptocurrency trading adventures, a deep dive into what…