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Create Inspire Convert
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Pivoting Your Business - Why, When, and How - Episode 5
Mar 27 • 23 min
On today’s episode we go over why, when, and how to successfully pivot your business. Sometimes making the right change, at the right time, can lead to big gains! We also address our own pivot and name change from “Marketing with Moxie” to “Create Inspire…
How to Engage & Monetize Your Facebook Group - Tip Tuesday
Mar 24 • 8 min
On today’s Tip Tuesday, we go over how to engage and monetize your Facebook Group. We cover 4 best practices for building engagement and driving revenue to your business. And you’ll learn the amazingly effective “Teach-Ask-Teach” sequence to implement…
How to Market & Sell Ethically in Times of Crisis
Mar 19 • 8 min
On today’s episode, we cover how to market and sell ethically in times of crisis such as we are experiencing with the present pandemic of COVID-19. We cover 3 basic guidelines on how to market mindfully in this current environment to build your customer…
How to Start & Grow Your Facebook Group - Tip Tuesday
Mar 17 • 7 min
On today’s Tip Tuesday, we go over 7 key considerations when it comes to creating and growing your Facebook group. Check out last week’s Tip Tuesday as well where we covered WHY you should start a Facebook Group right now in 2020!
3 Reasons You Should Start A Facebook Group - Tip Tuesday
Mar 10 • 3 min
On Today’s Tip Tuesday, we go over 3 reasons you should start a Facebook Group right now! Namely, we go over things you should ask yourself in particular which if you answer “yes” to, you should probably consider getting a Facebook Group up ASAP. We’ll be…
Consultative Selling - Part 1 - Episode 2
Mar 5 • 31 min
On today’s episode of Marketing with Moxie, we go over the first 3 phases of the Consultative Selling process as they relate to sales and marketing: Research, Ask, and Listen. Here’s a link to the Richardson Selling Model text we reference and recommend…
Top Marketing & Sales Trends for 2020 - Episode 1
Mar 4 • 30 min
In today’s episode of Marketing with Moxie, we cover what we think are the Top 3 Marketing & Sales Trends to take note of for 2020. Plus, we go over ways you can practically apply these trends in your own business!
How to Get Verified on Instagram or Facebook - Tip Tuesday
Mar 2 • 6 min
On today’s Tip Tuesday, we’ll go over how to get your Instagram or Facebook page verified.
Introducing Marketing with Moxie! - Episode 0
Feb 29 • 15 min
Welcome to Marketing with Moxie! We are Alex and Amanda Rosen, a husband and wife duo who bring years of experience from two different angles: sales and digital marketing. In this introductory episode, we go over our professional background & experience.…