Welcome to DEFROST: Winchester’s True Crime with Behan & Smith. Join us as we thaw out Winchester’s cold cases.

The Autopsy
Jun 11 • 40 min
LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED: This episode contains details about the victim’s autopsy report that some listeners may find upsetting. 71-year old Winchester resident Lenna Robinson was found outside her Peyton Street apartment with a head wound…
The Roof
May 11 • 32 min
451 North Cameron Street Winchester, VA 22601 Trying to find that address? We’ll save you the trouble - it technically doesn’t exist anymore. But it did in 1976 - and that’s where the slain Lenna Robinson’s stolen purse was located three months after she…
The Purse
Apr 11 • 30 min
The murder of Lenna Robinson on November 11, 1975 didn’t make local newspaper headlines. The Winchester Evening Star did, however, feature a small article in one of its editions that would help lead to the discovery of a key piece of evidence in the…
Trailer 2 - Evidence
Mar 25 • 8 min
Don’t miss this DEFROST episode 2 teaser - in it, you’ll hear a snippet of audio from one of our next guests who helped Behan & Smith research the case. Plus, you’ll find out what evidence still exists and why the number “11” is so important to the…
Mar 11 • 25 min
Episode 1: D-002188 On November 11, 1975, a crime that would remain unsolved for 45 years was committed in a quiet neighborhood of Winchester, Virginia. Join Lt. Amanda Behan and retired Detective Craig Smith as they delve into a binder marked D-002188…
DEFROST Season 1 Trailer: Welcome to Winchester
Feb 18 • 1 min
Winchester, Virginia is a 9.3 square-mile city located at the top of the Northern Shenandoah Valley - a small but flourishing city where families feel safe raising their children. But when murder occurs, it rocks the community. Join Lt. Amanda Behan and…