And Also With Y'All

And Also With Y'All
“And Also With Y’All” is a podcast from Rev. Evan Dolive, a Disciples of Christ minister in Texas. This podcast will explore the intersection of faith and life in the 21st Century.

Sermon: What Do We Believe
May 12 • 18 min
Rev. Evan offers a sermon based on John 14:1-11. Sermon given at First Christan Church (Disciples of Christ), Longview, TX.
Sermon: The Head Heart Connection
May 7 • 19 min
Rev. Evan M. Dolive shared a message based 1 Corinthians 2:1-12 entitled “The Head Heart Connection” preached at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Longview, Tx on February 9, 2020.
Resurrection is Happening!
Apr 16 • 7 min
Rev. Evan looks at John 20:19-22 and discusses how like the Disciples we are looking for Christ this Easter season.
Lenten Devotional: God is Here
Mar 31 • 8 min
Rev. Evan explores how we worship in light of COVID-19 and Holy Week.
Lenten Devotional: People and Snakes
Mar 24 • 7 min
Rev. Evan looks at Numbers 21 and discusses why people should be our focus in our walk with Christ.
Lenten Devotional: COVID-19 and Snow Globes
Mar 17 • 6 min
Rev. Evan looks at the connection between, COVID-19, snow globes, and faith.
Lenten Reflection: Disconnecting in a Connected World
Mar 4 • 6 min
Rev. Evan explores how Lent calls us to disconnect when the world around us wants to be overly connected.
Lenten Reflections with Rev. Ev: Ash Wednesday
Feb 26 • 6 min
What is Lent? What is Ash Wednesday? Rev. Evan aka REv. Ev explores this holy day and the beginning of a holy season in the church calendar.