Print That Thing Podcast

Print That Thing Podcast
3D Print Design Podcast for those who design and 3D Print. We discuss industry news, ideologies, opinions, and pose questions to the niche market of Desktop 3D Printing & the creators who use them. Support this podcast:

Make Money with 3D Print Design (Top 5 Tips) - PTT Podcast
Mar 11 • 39 min
Lets get naughty and talk money! Our society has raised us to believe talking money is bad - but why is it’s “bad” when we talk 3d printing? 3D Print Designs, Courses, & Events: TOPIC: Money & The 3D Print Community SUMMARY: The taboo…
What is the Future of 3D Printing? (Episode 3)
Feb 26 • 30 min
TOPIC: The Future of 3D Printing SUMMARY: As early adopters of desktop 3D Printing, we have to have some theories on where the industry and technology will lead us in the future. This episode lets use our abilities as futurists & analysist to guestimate…
5 Reasons to Learn 3D Print Design (LIVE) - Print That Thing Podcast
Feb 21 • 25 min
Live Podcast Pfft LEARN 3D Printing? But WHY!? Well, friend, let us take a gander at convincing you why it’s a skill of the future! Amber & Jwall share their experience learning 3D Design and Jwall tries to convince Amber the printing part is worth it.…
Tips on How To Get Started as a 3D Print Designer
Feb 13 • 36 min
TOPIC: Tips on How To Get Started as a 3D Print Designer SUMMARY: Lets talk shop on the things we wished we’d known about 3D Printing before we got started. We want to compile a list of tips for new 3D Printing Designers so that they don’t make the…