Rollem If You Gottem

Rollem If You Gottem
Talking about A Song of Ice and Fire the miniatures game what more do we need to say!

#19 Bolton Units
Jul 14 • 38 min
We dive further into the Leech Lord looking at the 4 House Bolton Units! Cutthroats, Black Guard, Bastards Girls, and Flayed Men!!!
#18 Neutral Heroes 1 overview!
Jun 29 • 56 min
We finally show some love to the Neutrals! Our first installment exploring the Neutral faction looking at their Heroes 1 Box!
Rank’em if you Gott’em 9&10 Point units!
Jun 16 • 43 min
Lets take a look at the & units we have at 9 or 10 points!
#16 Gamers Haven Event Recap!
Jun 3 • 65 min
Take a look into the placements and some stats from the Gamers Haven Event from this past weekend! Wow it felt good to get back to playing Again!!!
Cmon Virtual Expo Recap!
May 23 • 61 min
We take a deeper dive into everything that was shown at the cmon virtual expo!
Rank’em if you Gott’em Episode 5
May 15 • 46 min
Lets take a look at the 8 point units for A Song of Ice and Fire!
Finally The Champions of the Stag!
May 5 • 49 min
We Look at the champions of the stag, go over our first round of the Northern Realms Gaming Tournament, and Invite everyone to join us in a Painting challenge for the month of May! Also, Should you consider Dark Wings Dark Words in you competitive…
Targaryen Spoilers Breakdown!
Apr 29 • 50 min
And it has been confirmed that these are legitimate. It was all confirmed between the recording and posting of the Episode! Also we apologize for the episode being a couple days late, the file got misplaced in the computer. Whoops. Enjoy!
Campaign 2 Preview, Grey Worm, and Dungeons and Dragons!
Apr 21 • 28 min
This episode we look at out second run through the campaign and some of the things we are going to change. Also we go over the leaked content for Grey Worm and look to the future for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign we will be Playing!
Rank’em if you Gott’em Episode 4 NCU’s!
Apr 14 • 91 min
In this episode we look at NCU’s in our Rank’em if you Gott’em and and look forward to some possible ideas for the channel!
First Campaign Recap, Tararyen Spoilers, and More!
Apr 9 • 50 min
In this episode we go into how our Neutrals and Free Folk campaign played out and look at some upcoming things!
Rank’em if you Gott’em Episode 3 and Final Round of Starter Set Tournament!
Mar 30 • 75 min
In this episode we do the 7 point units in our Rank’em if you Gott’em and recap our Nights Watch vs. Free Folk Finale!
Starter Tournament 2nd round, On an Open Field, and First in Battle!
Mar 23 • 49 min
This Episode we go over our Free Folk v Targaryen starter sets match and look at some new things coming to ASOIAF!
Rank’em if you Gott’em Episode 2
Mar 16 • 68 min
Here we discuss the 16 Six point units for A Song of Ice and Fire! (some audio discrepancies had to record Carls part on a laptop :/)5
Starter Sets Tournament First Round!
Mar 11 • 32 min
In this episode we go over the results of the first round of our starter sets tournament and preview whats next to come!
Rank’em if you Gott’em Episode 1
Mar 2 • 25 min
In this Episode we will be looking at the Eight available five point units in A Song of Ice and Fire and ranking them from Worst to Best!
Sir Davos’ Salty Surprise!
Feb 28 • 42 min
He everyone this is an unplanned Surprise episode on what we have so far on the Baratheron Hero Boxes!
Starter Sets In Depth
Feb 25 • 34 min
In this episode we break down the Nights Watch, Free Folk, Baratheon, and Targaryen Starter sets. We dive into them looking at things like competitiveness and beginner friendly and more! Also we Discuss a starter set “Tournament” we will be doing and who…
Intro to Stark and Lannister Starter Sets.
Feb 17 • 24 min
This episode is based off the premise that two people split the Lannister and Stark Starter sets and what units they should look to obtain to expand their Army’s. We also provide some sample list break-downs that are beginner friendly and a good…
Welcome to Roll’em if you Gott’em
Feb 11 • 6 min
Hi everyone! This episode is a short introduction to us and what we are hoping to bring to the A Song of Ice and Fire Community! Thank You for Listening!