Parenting Decoded

Parenting Decoded
This podcast will help all parents with kids of all ages to learn how to decode the mysteries and challenges of being a parent in today’s challenging times. We will concentrate on practical parenting approaches that you as a parent can use right away!?

19 - Creating Calm with Choices
Sep 20 • 11 min
Do you feel like you’re always battling your child? You tell them to do something and you immediately get a “no” followed by whining and complaining or outright defiance? A simple request that turns into a war is enough to send us over the edge…
18 - Distanced Learning During COVID
Aug 28 • 20 min
Listen to ideas for parents on how to set up the most effective workspaces, routines and rules for distanced learning. Also hear how Family Meetings to brainstorm solutions when issues come up can smooth things out.
17 - Calming the Chaos with Family Meetings
Aug 13 • 16 min
In this podcast we’ll explore what happens in our families if we’re always operating in “crisis mode” then talk about ways to avoid ever getting into that mode by using Family Meetings to set boundaries and limits while communicating as a family what…
16 - Money Matters: Teen and Tween Edition
Jul 31 • 22 min
In this podcast I’m going to cover issues relating to money with middle and high schoolers. I will go over how to give money and how much, when to give money, and how to set up responsible money habits including how to use an ATM card, checking…
15 - Money and Allowance: Early Childhood Edition (3-10)
Jul 10 • 10 min
There are things to do at different ages and stages to help introduce money concepts to your kids so that by the time they graduate from high school they know about budgeting, credit cards and debt. In this podcast, I’ll concentrate on what to do with…
14 - Chores - Why and How
Jun 24 • 23 min
I’ve had quite a few people asking me about chores – how to set them up, do you pay for them, how much do you pay, is allowance tied to chores, do I need chore charts with rewards, what do I do if my kid won’t do their chores. In this podcast I want to…
13 - Anger Management for Parents
Jun 7 • 18 min
In this episode I talk about the anger in our homes that gets directed at our children and some ideas for how we can get it under control. First, I’ll talk about the impact anger has on our families then three ways to help mitigate anger in your home. …
12 - Screen Time Issues: Part 2
May 22 • 23 min
In Part 2, I cover my final 5 rules dealing with older kids when individual cell-phones, laptops and other electronics come in to play by about middle school. Rule 9: Use ContractsRule 10: Use Monitoring SoftwareRule 11: Talk About Online SafetyRule…
11 - Screen Time Issues: Part 1
Apr 28 • 19 min
Get practical ideas for setting screen time limits in your home. Part 1 helps start off younger families with shared family devices. There are 8 initial rules to follow.
10 - Punishment vs. Consequences: What’s the most effective discipline?
Apr 13 • 21 min
Getting our kids to obey and comply is a daily struggle for so many. Our classic styles of punishment just seem to be falling on deaf ears these days, doesn’t it? You can take stuff away or give time outs until your face turns blue and the next day…
9 - Sibling Rivalry: What to do
Apr 4 • 15 min
In this episode we talk about what good might come from sibling rivalry but then some really practical techniques to use with your kids:not taking sidesseparating our kidsteaching them communication skillssetting aside Special Time I also talk about the…
8 - Nighttime Battles: Teens and Tweens
Mar 28 • 11 min
In this podcast we about how to handle sleep for our tweens and teens and why sleep seems to be so difficult for them biologically and socially. I want to give you some ideas about how to react and manage both your expectations and theirs regarding…
7 - Nighttime Battles: Toddler to Elementary
Mar 28 • 17 min
This podcast is for parents of toddlers through elementary school, I have a separate podcast on dealing with issues of sleep and teens so please head there if you have older kids. In this podcast we’ll go through some ideas for moving toward bed,…
6 - Handling Tantrums
Mar 20 • 22 min
Today with CoVID-19 virus keeping families in close quarters I wanted to do a special podcast to help with tantrums that might be happening way too often. Tantrums can be so draining and disruptive to happy family life so in this hour of great need I’m…
5 - Fun With Food: Teen Edition
Mar 13 • 6 min
We often fret about young ones not eating right but things can be just as stressful for parents of teens and tweens. In this episode I talk about what to do when:Teens skip mealsWhen lack of food gets kids emotional or “hangry” as it’s commonly…
4 - Fun with Food: Toddler to Elementary Edition
Mar 13 • 14 min
Food battles are so common in families this podcast is dedicated to giving ideas on how to move from battle to harmony at mealtime. Here are some of the items covered:Family Mealtime Rules1. We eat at the table2. We don’t have electronics,…
3 - Building Resilience: Remember To Forget
Mar 4 • 13 min
In this episode we review a number of different situations where a parent not remembering something allowed their children to become responsible and prove to themselves and their parents that they are capable as well. We also learn how being the…
2 - Teens: Respect, Emotions and Brains
Feb 26 • 11 min
In this episode targeted toward parents of teens we’ll learn how to deal with disrespect in our home. As part of dealing with disrespect we learn what happens to our teens and tweens when they get upset. We learn about the brain science behind the…
1 - Helicopter Parenting - Why and What Impact
Feb 24 • 15 min
Date: 2/25/20Episode #1 - Helicopter ParentingTake a look at how to decode this now classic style of parenting — the Helicopter Parent. The hovering and nagging are holding our kids back! Learn why we do this and get hints on what to do about it so…