Give A Damn

Give A Damn
A podcast that intentionally and mindfully explores life’s common challenges, in order to break down the barriers between us and become the best version of yourself.

End of Season One: Taking Time to Heal
Sep 18 • 14 min
Today is a very special episode. With my heart on my sleeve and no script, I am putting a close to our first season of the podcast. With a little hiatus, I am intentionally taking time to heal, process, give back to our community, and come back with a…
Monique Iniguez: On What You Should Know About Human Trafficking
Sep 13 • 35 min
On today’s episode, I sit down with Covenant House’s Human Trafficking Case Manager, Monique Iniguez. Monique Iniguez was born and raised in California, In 2010 she began to learn about the issue of human trafficking and started attending task force…
Why Gratitude is the Most Important Part of your Day
Sep 6 • 13 min
On today’s episode I am talking about the most important part of your day: gratitude. Tune in as I talk through why I think everyone should have a daily gratitude practice, the studies that prove it, and then break down how to do gratitude most…
Rikki Mendias: On Spreading Love and Connection One Pair of Sneakers at a Time
Aug 30 • 39 min
On today’s episode of the podcast I interview the amazing and inspiring Rikki Mendias. Rikki is the Founder and CEO of HavASole, a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to provide the homeless and at risk youth population with quality footwear to…
Melissa Ellingson: On Optimizing your Health from the Inside Out
Aug 23 • 40 min
On today’s episode I am interviewing Melissa Ellingson. Born and raised in Seattle, Melissa has lived “the dream”, living in both NYC and LA and working high profile jobs in fashion and events. However, after encountering a health battle and finding…
Birthday Reflection: Thirty-three years of life lessons.
Aug 9 • 22 min
On today’s episode I reflect on the life lessons that I have learned over the span of my life, as I celebrated my birthday this week. I share the 8 most important lessons I have learned that I use as my guiding principles.
Shannon Morton: On Black Women Leading
Aug 2 • 48 min
On today’s episode I interview writer/producer/activist/ organizer Shannon Morton. Shannon has spent most of her career working in tv and film, and her love of storytelling drew her to writing courses at UCLA extension and ultimately producing her own web…
The Year of Wonder: Questioning More and Answering Less
Jul 25 • 13 min
On today’s episode I explore the concept of wondering. Inspired by my friend and GAD podcast guest, morgxn, and his newest song called wonder, I propose a year of questioning more and searching for answers less to help us all navigate the second half of…
Sam Heumann: On Holistic Wellness & Prioritizing Yourself
Jul 19 • 39 min
Tune in today’s episode where I interview friend and holistic wellness coach Sam Heumann, founder of HumanlyWell. Sam started HumanlyWell to help her clients make wellness-driven decisions that align with their health goals. As a holistic wellness coach,…
Identity Crisis: Finding your true identity vs. external identity.
Jul 12 • 16 min
On today’s episode, we are talking about how we form our identities. We discuss the difference between external and internal identities and I give you tools to start taping deeper into your true self versus letting the external world define you.
Dr. Cynthia Ganote: On Racism and Systems of Oppression.
Jul 4 • 68 min
On today’s episode of the podcast I had the pleasure of interviewing my favorite college professor Dr. Cynthia Ganote. Dr. Ganote has been teaching about race, class, gender and sexual inequality for the past 20 years at Saint Marys College of California…
Manifestation & the Power of Controlling your Thoughts
Jun 28 • 20 min
In today’s episode I share my take on manifestation. Siting the great Dr. Joe Dispenza, I talk through his principles on thought and feeling control and how that understanding ultimately sets you up for manifesting a big abundant life.
Georgi Kay: On Beating To Her Own Drum.
Jun 14 • 34 min
Join me as I interview Grammy nominated, multi-ARIA and APRA award winning singer-songwriter Georgi Kay. Tune in as we talk about growing up in Australia, coming out to her family, and how she’s never let herself fit into one bucket and continues to…
Brit Moore Gilmore: On Racial Injustice and Homeless Workforce Initiative
Jun 7 • 54 min
On today’s episode I interview former Giving Keys President Brit Moore Gilmore. Recorded weeks before our nations uprise for equality, Brit talks about her passion for racial equity within our country, as well as within the workforce. Recently leaving…
Eric Rias: On Making Your Mess Your Message
May 31 • 31 min
On today’s episode I sit down with Eric Rias, a coach pretend, pretend writer, and the host of the Hearts Over Everything podcast. Tune in as Eric talks openly about his journey with addiction, sobriety, and how we found redemption in a life of service…
Less Fixing, More Filtering: Finding new ways to cope.
May 24 • 15 min
In today’s episode I am talking with you about something I have learned a lot about lately, and that is how to cope. As things have spiraled in our lives to a new level of lack of control, all of us control freaks out there need to find new ways to…
Aubree Nichols: On Finding True Self Love
May 17 • 47 min
Tune in as I talk to the amazing Aubree Nichols about her journey and experience with finding true, unconditional self-love. Aubree is a feminine feminist that believes self love heals all. Her writing has been featured in The Week, Observer, and Elite…
Kevin Francis: On A Life vs. A Lifestyle
May 9 • 37 min
Today I sit down with my friend and generational influencer Kevin Francis. Kevin is a shepherd, a preacher, a speaker, a musician, and a mentor. Tune in as we talk about faith, finding your spiritual home, and learning the difference between living a life…
Finding Happiness: The lies we tell ourself and how to actually be happy.
May 3 • 12 min
In this episode I talk about happiness. The one thing that everyone wants to attain but we don’t always know how to get there. Today I go over all the ways we try to cheat our way there and what things in life ACTUALLY make us happy.
Slowing Down: How to avoid burnout and create healthy habits.
Apr 25 • 14 min
I had planned to do an episode about slowing down and avoiding burnout long before the pandemic hit, so it felt even more right to cover this topic now. In today’s episode I talk about how we can set ourselves up for success to notice burnout sooner after…
morgxn: On the great slow down and how to embrace the process of finding your own way.
Apr 19 • 32 min
On today’s episode I have a conversation with my dear friend morgxn. morgxn is a musician with over 3m views on YouTube on his hit song “home”. morgxn is also an all around beautiful human, soul, advocate, and humanitarian. Check out our conversation on…
Missy Modell: On following your heart & turning your passion into a business.
Apr 12 • 32 min
On today’s episode I am interviewing my dear friend and absolute soul sister Missy Modell. Missy is a pop parody artist and the founder of YES MAM - a creative consulting agency focused on socially conscious brands. We discuss spiritual practices, self…
You Are Not Your Thoughts: How to overcome limiting beliefs.
Apr 6 • 19 min
Today we unpack the concept “you are not your thoughts”. Limiting beliefs can hold us back our whole lives, so while we are home and have the space to process, I teach you an exercise on working through and overcoming limiting beliefs.
Being Ok With NOT Being Ok: How to move through the stages of grief we’re experiencing.
Mar 29 • 18 min
Everyone is moving through a space of unknown right now. Each week is different, each day is different, HECK, each hour is different. So today I talk about being ok with not being ok and how to honor our feelings in a healthy way and move through the…
Week One Down: What did we learn?
Mar 22 • 23 min
We may have thought we had a plan last week, but a lot has changed. Today I talk about finding the true message in this social distancing time, how you can take advantage of the space the Universe is giving us, and some recommendations on who to follow to…
Who’s Got Lemons?: When shit doesn’t go according to plan.
Mar 14 • 10 min
There’s an elephant in the room and everyone is talking about it… Corona Virus! So let’s talk about it. Today I discuss how we can learn to see this time as an opportunity to slow down and reflect on the way we’ve always done things.
Nick Perdomo: On why joy feels different on & off the yoga mat.
Mar 7 • 31 min
On this episode, I do my first interview with my dear friend Nick Perdomo. Nick is a brilliant yogi and yoga teacher and one of the people in my life who inspires me the most. We discuss his upbringing in Venice, CA, his journey in becoming a true yogi,…
Do Unto Others: Stopping the ish talking.
Mar 1 • 14 min
Today we are going to discuss the importance of giving a damn about other people. We get to the root of why we talk ish about people and go over some easy tools to stop the cycle of negative energy output.
The importance of personal boundaries.
Feb 23 • 16 min
On today’s episode I am talking about personal boundaries. I discuss why we need them, why so few of us have them, and how to start implementing them into your life before burnout hits.
Sharing my journey
Feb 16 • 17 min
On today’s episode, I share with you all my journey in finding myself and following my heart. I share this today so that my listeners can better understand why this is so important to me and why I started this podcast.
Viewing obstacles as growth vs. detriments.
Feb 9 • 16 min
In this episode, I discuss the choice we all have to view obstacles that come up as opportunities for growth. Obstacles can get us stuck or hold us back from accomplishing our goals if we don’t prepare for them. I talk through each stage of facing…
Not feeling like you’re enough.
Jan 28 • 17 min
In my very first episode, I explore the one thing that has held me back from starting this podcast, and that is not feeling like enough. I discuss all the things that make us feel like we’re not good enough and what techniques we can use to get over that…