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Living Word Northwest
Pastors Brandon and Heidi Lyles share an honest, grace-filled and encouraging message every weekend at our Northwest campus. By openly sharing from the Word and their real life examples of the Father’s love, you’ll know that God is on your side and th

Lighthouses | Vessels
Sep 13 • 31 min
We are made to carry God’s light to this world. Each one of us is specifically designed and placed in our families and communities to shine God’s promises of hope, safety, and protection. You literally shine.For more information, visit
Lighthouses | The Dreams of God
Sep 9 • 41 min
By nature, light is good, pleasing, and beautiful. Many think light exposes our darkness—our faults. But its nature is to expose the good in us and in others. It shows what’s pleasing and beautiful in all of humanity. Goodness has been and always will…
Frustrated & Flourishing | Bring Jesus Into It
Sep 2 • 42 min
By definition and design, Jesus was programmed to flourish. So with Christ in you, by definition and design, you are programmed to flourish.Maybe you don’t feel like you’re flourishing… Depressed from distanced learning? Bummed from bosses? Crazy from…
Frustrated and Flourishing | Water in the Wilderness
Aug 25 • 24 min
Many times in church we focus on the feel-good sides of the Bible’s standout characters, like Abraham and Sarah: their incredible journeys, their unique faith, the wonderous promises God made to them. But there’s a twist to their story—another character…
Frustrated and Flourishing
Aug 19 • 39 min
Do you believe you can still experience the presence, blessing, favor, and goodness of God amidst your frustrations? We do!We can’t count how many times in life we have given in to daily frustrations, yet God has continued to show His loving kindness…
Special Guest Dr. James Tan
Aug 11 • 43 min
We’re so excited to welcome Dr. James Tan to LW Northwest this weekend! He is the pastor of Covenant Life Church in Jakarta, Indonesia. Not only is he a very good friend of Living Word but he has personally been one of the most influential people in…
Overcoming Depression with Pastor Lynne Hammond
Aug 5 • 42 min
We are so excited to host this conversation with Pastor Lynne Hammond who will share her story of dealing with depression and how she overcame it! It is an inspiring reminder of how Jesus can impact our lives and change our situations if we dare to…
Overcoming Cancer with Sunday Burquest
Jul 26 • 41 min
Everyone has faced or will face those certain challenges that come out of nowhere, hit you like a tidal wave, seem impossible to overcome, and require a miracle.This coming Sunday, we are honored to host a conversation with our friend, Sunday Burquest….
Overcomers | Overcoming Marriage Mountains
Jul 23 • 44 min
If your marriage sometimes feels like a tractor pull, if your household is sometimes measured by the crazy scale, if you drink ridiculously large amounts of coffee to stay on top of things, if all the perfect people marriage books on the market make you…
Overcomers | Overcoming Inequality
Jul 13 • 44 min
Pastors Ryan and Angela Watkins from our Living Word Saint Paul campus are tremendous leaders in their church and city. They join Pastors Brandon and Heidi for an open and honest conversation about inequality that exists around us.It’s impossible to…
Overcomers | Become & Overcome
Jul 5 • 34 min
You are an overcomer. It’s built into your DNA.Pastor Brandon started our new series by reminding us of how important it is to focus on the blood of the Lamb and the powerful word of our testimonies.This year has been challenging to say the least:…
Finding My Self | Forgiveness
Jun 30 • 39 min
What does it mean to forgive and what has to happen in order for forgiveness to take place? Pastors Brandon and Heidi talk about the importance and the power of true forgiveness.For more information, visit If you would like to give a…
Finding My Self | Self-Sacrifice
Jun 21 • 31 min
We’re talking about self sacrifice and self care. A balance of both is needed to have a healthy and sustainable life. This is something that Jesus understood very well and we can see it throughout the bible.For more information, visit…
Finding My Self | Self-Care
Jun 15 • 31 min
We’re talking about self sacrifice and self care. A balance of both is needed to have a healthy and sustainable life. Jesus understood this very well and we can see examples of it throughout the Bible. Pastors Brandon and Heidi share this message live…
Finding My Self | Pieces of Peace
Jun 7 • 30 min
No one knows who you really are and what you’re truly capable of except for the One that created you. You won’t find it on the news or in your social media feed. You’ll only find your “self” in His presence. In this episode, Pastor Brandon and Heidi…
The Restorative Power of Pentecost
Jun 1 • 25 min
On the first Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came to the Earth in a violent, mighty way. Why? To bring together people of different cultures and communities. To have them speak one language and act as one family. This is the way the church was designed to…
The Identity Illusion Pt.2
May 26 • 34 min
Your enemy is below you even before the battle begins. God has been planning your victory long before the conflict or chaos started. His plan is to prosper you and bring you to a place of peace, prosperity, and VICTORY.. even if he has to confuse your…
The Identity Illusion Pt.1
May 18 • 37 min
When we take time to remember what God has done in our lives it reminds us of who He is. This gives us a hope for what He will do next. Regardless of our season or situation, if we are in hiding or in the middle of a battle, His peace will prepares us…
Mother’s Day
May 10 • 35 min
God is faithful to equip moms for the high and hard calling of being a mother. He knows just what every mom needs. He knows the needs of her children and family. Trusting Him with our kids can be hard but there is a reward for letting go and allowing…
Anxiety Into Excitement
May 5 • 24 min
How many of you remember something called television? Before Netflix and Hulu, do you remember checking the TV Guide then setting aside a certain time in your schedule to sit down and watch your show? Every once in a while an episode would end with the…
What’s Mine Is Yours | Knowing You’re Growing
Apr 26 • 30 min
Seasons come and go. Sometimes we feel buried and other times we see light and life in new ways. The key is knowing we are growing as long as we focus on what God can do in our lives in any situation.
What’s Mine Is Yours | Magic Eye
Apr 20 • 29 min
There is more to this life than exhausting ourselves trying to enhance all of our individual experiences. When we can pull away from the day to day details and distractions around us, we allow God to open our eyes and show us His perspective of every…
What’s Mine Is Yours | Easter Sunday
Apr 12 • 37 min
Jesus took all of our sin, guilt, and shame to hell and left them there for the devil to deal with. Those things are not us. They are not our identity. Every restless night, financial fear, and worry about what might happen was taken care of at the…
What’s Mine Is Yours | Already Identity
Apr 5 • 32 min
Our new series kicked off in a powerful way. God has a specific plan for us even BEFORE we’re made. He has a plan BEFORE we arrive at the situation or season. He’s even planted secrets in our hearts that are waiting to grow at just the right time for us…
The Invisible Bridge
Mar 29 • 27 min
Under His Presence
Mar 22 • 32 min
What will happen when families, creatives, business owners, and entrepreneurs have some much needed time rest, refresh, and be together. God can use the most unknown and unconventional circumstances to create needed change. In our first live stream…
Christ in the Crisis
Mar 15 • 36 min
You can’t overflow unless you are full. In this season we must choose to remain in God and allow His grace and goodness to overflow out of you. He has the remedy. He has the solution. He is your protection and your peace. Just breathe.
Grace In the Garbage
Mar 8 • 36 min
Finding grace and favor can be as simple as a change in perspective. There is even grace in the places that we may have written off, discarded, or thrown away. If we can change our perspective to stop looking at the garbage and start seeing the grace…
Greater Grace
Mar 1 • 29 min
God believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. In your greatest failure; during your hardest trial - that’s when He shows up with the greater grace.
I Need a Bumper
Feb 23 • 35 min
God wants you to have victory in your life. It is His first priority. Regardless of your resources or relationships - God is on your side. He is good and is always looking for ways to show His goodness to you. Even in the darkest valley, in the toughest…
Diamonds in the Difficulties
Feb 16 • 28 min
Diamonds in the Difficulties by Living Word Northwest
Rooted in Love
Feb 10 • 36 min
Love is going to be tested, but there is a place you can be where you know the Father loves you. He sees you. He will never, never, never fail because He is love. He will surround you with hope and endure everything and anything for you.
Plans For My Plans
Feb 4 • 48 min
This past Sunday, Pastor Terence and Jamie said goodbye our Northwest family. There were tear filled smiles, lots of hugs, and lots of questions. Here is what we know:God’s plan is always bigger, brighter and bolder than we can imagine. It’s not always…
Jan 27 • 39 min
Labels by Living Word Northwest
Let It Go
Jan 19 • 38 min
Let It Go by Living Word Northwest
Determined to Show
Jan 12 • 37 min
Determined to Show by Living Word Northwest
Healing Protection
Jan 12 • 40 min
Healing Protection by Living Word Northwest
See it His Way
Jan 6 • 33 min
See it His Way by Living Word Northwest
The Power of Perspective
Dec 30, 2019 • 40 min
God can do anything as long as we keep our eyes on him and try to see things from His perspective.Joseph had an amazing, crazy, tragic and triumphant life. Through all of the ups and downs, one thing never changed; the Lord was with Joseph. Joseph always…
Anticipating the Savior pt.2
Dec 22, 2019 • 35 min
Anticipating the Savior pt.2 by Living Word Northwest
Anticipating the Savior pt.1
Dec 15, 2019 • 35 min
Anticipating the Savior pt.1 by Living Word Northwest
Faith in the Middle of Crazy
Dec 8, 2019 • 36 min
Faith in the Middle of Crazy by Living Word Northwest
Dec 1, 2019 • 36 min
Thanksgiving by Living Word Northwest
Grace > Sin
Nov 24, 2019 • 29 min
Grace > Sin by Living Word Northwest
Living by the Spirit
Nov 17, 2019 • 38 min
Living by the Spirit by Living Word Northwest
Established in Love
Nov 10, 2019 • 33 min
Established in Love by Living Word Northwest
Eyes to See
Nov 3, 2019 • 36 min
Eyes to See by Living Word Northwest
Teamwork with God
Oct 27, 2019 • 35 min
God wants you to have victory and to live the best life possible. He has done everything to make sure we can position ourselves for victory. He calls sin - SIN - only because it’s bad for you. He wants you far away from anything that will slow you down.
Your Purpose is Bigger Than You
Oct 21, 2019 • 38 min
God is not holding your sin against you. You are perfectly right with God because of Jesus. He created you in His image and your life is precious and important. Your life has a specific purpose that is bigger than just you!
The Power of Knowing Your Purpose
Oct 13, 2019 • 40 min
The Power of Knowing Your Purpose by Living Word Northwest
Saved and Called
Oct 6, 2019 • 39 min
Saved and Called by Living Word Northwest
Many plans. One purpose.
Sep 29, 2019 • 44 min
The plan of God is solid but your purpose within that plan is fluid. it moves and changes. Honestly, it’s up to you. We have to know that when God says that He wants to work WITH you, He really means it. He worked WITH Moses. He worked WITH Paul. Above…
I am a Child of God
Sep 21, 2019 • 42 min
I am a Child of God by Living Word Northwest
Created on Purpose for a Purpose
Sep 16, 2019 • 61 min
You were created on purpose for a purpose. God made you in His image. He made you righteous. He made you victorious,. holy, pure, clean, and holy. Not for later in life; for now. As He is, so are you - right now.
The Finish Line and the Finished Work
Sep 8, 2019 • 31 min
When Jesus said “It is finished” and accomplished His work on earth, it marked the beginning of the race for the rest of us.God has given you grace to finish your race. Yes - YOUR RACE. Jesus paid a price and produced a finished work for us all - be we…
God Wants Real
Sep 1, 2019 • 31 min
God doesn’t care about labels on the outside. He wants the contents on the inside. God wants your heart above anything else. He wants you as you are - real, sincere, and authentic. Not a facade. If you can get real with God, that is when God becomes more…
Faith is Rest and Relationships
Aug 27, 2019 • 46 min
Do you want to have great faith? - REST. Rest in the work the Jesus has already done for you. Pastor Terrance explains the 4 things we must do to embrace the life of faith and allow God to accomplish all of the great things He has planned for our lives.
God Is Good
Aug 18, 2019 • 34 min
God Is Good by Living Word Northwest
Perspective Produces Passion
Aug 14, 2019 • 33 min
Faith is seeing with God’s perspective on life and making it our perspective of life. How does that happen? How do we change our perspective? Simple - we act on it. Our action is the proof of the revelation we have in life.
Faith, Family & Freindships
Aug 7, 2019 • 44 min
Your family, friends, and the other people you engage with everyday directly impact your experience of life. The Bible tells a story of when Jesus was able to heal a paralyzed man because his friends had “roof ripping” faith. Not him. HIS FRIENDS - they…
Living the Life of Faith
Jul 31, 2019 • 46 min
When we realize that our life is all about our faith, we must understand that - in this world - it’s fight to stay there. The good news is that circumstances in life can not defeat you. There is no circumstance, no oppression, no injustice, no evil, that…
Your Strategy to Win in the Fight of Faith
Jul 14, 2019 • 40 min
The first step in the fight of faith is to realize you’re in a fight. For real. The world has a different standard for your life than God has planned - so we need to draw our line in the sand and find a strategy to accomplish the hopes, dreams, and…
Quality Faith
Jul 7, 2019 • 43 min
Great faith is not found in how much you know. Great faith is found in who you know. When you understand the qualities of God; that He’ll never leave you, that He makes ways for you, that He is holding nothing back from you - because He loves you - you…
The Assurance of Faith
Jul 2, 2019 • 41 min
How big is God? So Big! He’s bigger than any conflict or circumstance. He has given us His promise that He will never leave us. He has our back even in the most trying times. When there seems to be no way out, when the enemy has us tied up and asking us…
The Faith Experience
Jun 28, 2019 • 44 min
How well do you know God?Imagine sitting at a coffee shop trying to get to know the person sitting next to you. You politely introduce yourself, share a little bit about your day, and then ask this person their name, or where they’re from. Maybe you ask…
Build Your Life | Fathers Day 2019
Jun 16, 2019 • 46 min
If you are facing a decision in your life, a difficult circumstance, or you just don’t know what the next step is… talk to God. He wants to make it all work out for you and take the burden of stress, cares, and conflicts out of the situation. How - it…
Permanent Peace
Jun 9, 2019 • 58 min
Jesus climbs into the chaos going on in your life and transports you into a place of peace. How? Through prayer. It sounds simple but it’s true. The Holy Spirit was sent to earth to help bring comfort to us no matter what life brings our way.Video played…
One Spirit
Jun 3, 2019 • 58 min
How we love others is a direct reflection of how much we think God cares about us. When the church can come together to talk and walk out the kind of love that God has given to us - there is NOTHING that can stop us.
The Love of the Father
May 29, 2019 • 38 min
We all know the parable of the prodigal son. It’s a great story of redemption and forgiveness - a father welcoming his son back with open arms despite walking away from his family and wasting his inheritance. In this message, Pastor Terrance takes us…
God said it. That settles it.
May 21, 2019 • 42 min
God is not disappointed in you. He’s just waiting on you to come to Him and get everything you need. His promise doesn’t expire. Time doesn’t run out on His love for you. There is more to God, church, and Jesus than Sunday morning hopes and weekday short…
Blood Covenant
May 14, 2019 • 44 min
God has entered an eternal agreement with you. He has said that He will personally protect you, cover your weaknesses and give you His strength. All you need to do is shake His hand and say His name. It can be that simple. Pastor Terrance walks through…
One Love
May 6, 2019 • 44 min
They will know we are His disciples by how we love ONE another. The world will know how close you are to the Father by how much you show love to ONE another.
6 | Rest. Receive. Repeat.
Apr 29, 2019 • 48 min
Rest is found on the battlefield not on the beach.God’s promises rest to us but we have to decide to trust him and rest in His provision, His timing, and His results. In the midst of the challenge, choose rest. In the midst of the struggle, choose rest.…
5 | This is Easter
Apr 22, 2019 • 46 min
Jesus came to give us all a more abundant life. His victory over sin, death, and the devil was not a one day event… it is an every day from now until forever event. In Him: we live, we rise, and we win. This is the message of Easter… and this is church.
4 | Getting Heaven Into Your Home
Apr 15, 2019 • 42 min
Your home should be a place of peace, rest, joy, and success. God has given us a home so we would be able to establish heaven in it and then take that piece of heaven in the world around. God is not just calling you to a mission in life. You are the…
3 | What is Life?
Apr 8, 2019 • 46 min
The very will of God and purpose of Jesus’ life on the earth is made clear right from the moment of creation. You are meant to have an abundant life. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually, you are designed for increase to burst forth in a rapid way…