Don't Scare me With Donor Data

Don't Scare me With Donor Data
A podcast wherein I speak with non-profit professionals about all things data.

Ep8 - Discussing 3rd Party Data Appends with Ryan Woroniecki of DonorSearch
May 27 • 28 min
I sat down to speak with Ryan Woroniecki, VP of Strategic Partnerships at DonorSearch. We spoke about the considerable fundraising value of getting 3rd party prospect research data appended to an organization’s donor records. I’ve used DonorSearch in the…
Ep7 - Discussing lvls of non-profit data sophistication w Celeste Bannon Waterman, Partner of Research & Analytics @ KCI
May 6 • 41 min
In this episode, I spoke with Celeste Bannon Waterman, Partner/Lead of Research & Analytics at KCI. The topic was a document she sent me that details the 4 stages a non-profit can go through as it becomes more and more sophisticated in terms of data…
Ep6 - Discussing Recession Fundraising with Ben Miller, Chief Analytic Officer @ DonorTrends
Apr 30 • 26 min
I spoke with Ben Miller, Chief Analytic Officer @ EveryAction’s DonorTrends. He told me about his analysis of fundraising during the Great Recession of 2008, using the world’s largest dataset on charitable giving, called the “Growth in Giving” dataset.…
Ep5 - Discussing Care2 w Canadian Director, Claire Kerr
Apr 27 • 31 min
I spoke with Claire Kerr, Canadian Director of Care2, to learn more about her organization. Care2 is a progressive social enterprise that helps individuals and non-profits across the continent reach their awareness and advocacy goals by connecting them to…
Ep4 - Talking about Donor CRMs with Dave Saraiva
Apr 20 • 23 min
In this episode I had the honour of speaking with my friend Dave Saraiva, of Lifeline Design, about the CRM his company created. It’s an illuminating look at the inner workings of non-profits, and how they can be vastly improved, or adversely affected…
Ep3 - Speaking with Kirk Schmidt of STARS
Feb 25 • 25 min
In this episode, I spoke with Kirk Schmidt, Director of Fundraising Analytics and Systems at STARS Air Ambulance. We spoke about the power and promise of analytics both simple and complex, and at times it was like speaking with someone who gets me on a…
Ep2 - Speaking with Marianne Pelletier
Feb 6 • 31 min
I speak with Marianne Pelletier (of Staupell Analytics Group) about major gift prospect modeling. It’s a process with so many technical and interpersonal steps, so I’m interested to hear how she manages it. You can learn more about Marianne’s company at…
Pilot Episode - Conversation with Woodrow Rosenbaum of #GivingTuesday
Jan 23 • 24 min
I speak with Woodrow Rosenbaum about some intense analytical work that I did with #GivingTuesday to help uncover helpful and interesting insights on the value of GivingTuesday. —- Send in a voice message: