The Be Her Village Podcast

The Be Her Village Podcast
We are changing the way women are celebrated! On this podcast we meet all the different types of service providers available on Be Her Village’s unique gift registry. And we meet real moms who share their stories of needing support during birth and the?

Socially Distant Tea Time: Masks, Panic Costco Trips, and Other Pandemic Musings
Jun 25 • 30 min
This week’s episode is a look back at the beginning of the pandemic and how far we have come. We talk about how masks are the WORST to wear but a necessary part of our life right now. And how our maternal instincts kicked in to care for our children…
Socially Distant Tea Time: Being an Imperfect Mother
Jun 18 • 34 min
This episode has a little bit of everything. Vulnerability, growing as a person while trying to parent, why your birth matters, Black Lives Matter, the unfair burden on working mothers, and trying to change motherhood together. We are honest, raw,…
Socially Distant Tea Time: Navigating the Reopening
Jun 11 • 29 min
In this episode of Socially Distant Tea Time Kaitlin, Laura and Evelyn talk about the difficulties of navigating the post-COVID reopening. As stores, businesses, and activities reopen and friends and families begin to gather there are lots of new…
Socially Distant Tea Time: An Honest Conversation About Anti-Racism
Jun 3 • 32 min
Kaitlin, Laura, and Evelyn have an honest, off-the-cuff discussion about whiteness, police, riots, mothering, and what we can and can’t do about it. We are all learning, having difficult conversations, and doing it very imperfectly. Listen in to hear…
Socially Distant Tea Time: Reopening and the Impact on Mothers
May 27 • 26 min
In this episode Kaitlin, Laura, and Evelyn talk about the implications for reopening on mothers. The unknown future largely impacts mothers as they envision a post-pandemic world. How we handle this matters on large and small scales. Tune in for a…
Socially Distant Tea Time: How To Be a Good Mom. (Hint: It’s easier than you think!)
May 20 • 30 min
We get into the nitty gritty on this episode with Laura Otton and Evelyn Page, both LCSW and maternal mental health specialists. How do we know if we’re doing this right? What if we don’t like being a mom? How can new moms tell when they are slipping…
Socially Distant Tea Time: That Time My Friend Almost Nursed My Baby + Infant Feeding Choices
May 13 • 31 min
In this episode of Socially Distant Tea time we get into it. Breast isn’t best? Blasphemy! Or is it? Breast milk is great for babies. But being a breastfeeding parent is NOT easy. And sometimes the best thing for baby is to have well-supported, stable,…
Sex After Baby? The good, the bad, and the orgasmic.
May 4 • 62 min
In this can’t-miss episode sex therapist Heather Simonson sits down with us to talk about what sex looks like after baby. How to manage the demands of motherhood while still connecting physically with yourself and/or a partner.
Socially Distant Tea Time: Personal Growth Through Quarantine
Apr 29 • 30 min
The good things that are coming out of quarantine, how we are forced to face our fears, and parallels between becoming a mother and the coronavirus. Tune in for validation, solidarity, and an inside look on how three mothers are coping with the…
Pt. 2: Had a baby? Feeling off? Everything you need to know about maternal mental health.
Apr 27 • 9 min
In this episode Laura Otton, LCSW and Be Her Village founder, Kaitlin McGreyes, discuss the implications of COVID-19 on maternal mental health.
Pt. 1: Had a baby? Feeling off? Everything you need to know about maternal mental health.
Apr 27 • 55 min
In this episode Laura Otton, LCSW shares tips for new moms. What happens when we have sad or angry feelings after birth? What if we feel like we’re failing? Or if we just don’t think we like being a mom? There are lots of emotional ups and down when you…
Socially Distant Tea Time: Working from Home with Kids
Apr 23 • 30 min
Maternal Mental Health specialists Evelyn Page and Laura Otten sit down with Kaitlin McGreyes, founder of Be Her Village, to talk about week 6 of quarantine and how we can continue to cope with the ever evolving challenges of life in the time of COVID-19.
Socially Distant Tea Time: Maternal Health in the Age of Quarantine
Apr 8 • 26 min
Introducing our new Socially Distant Tea Time Series. Every Wednesday we sit down with maternal mental health specialists Laura Otten and Evelyn Page to talk about parenting in the time of COVID-19.
Mom Friends: Why You Need Them and How to Make Them.
Mar 18 • 62 min
Sitting down with Ashley Meccariello, Gaia Midwife and best friend of Be Her Village founder, Kaitlin McGreyes. We laugh a whole lot and remember how we met and the challenges we faced on our way to becoming friends.
Mindful Mothering with Dr. Amanda Salazar
Mar 13 • 49 min
We sit down with Amanda Salazar to talk about mindfulness, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.
There’s how many in there? What to do when you find out it’s multiples!
Mar 4 • 42 min
Sitting down with Lauren Oak, a postpartum doula and twin expert from Twiniversity. She shares with us what her experience was when she found out she was pregnant with twins and how she helps families cope when life hands you twins!
Pelvic Floor: What is it? What does it do? How do we take care of it?
Feb 28 • 68 min
Sitting down with Rachel Parrotta, DPT, a pelvic floor physical therapist, dispelling myths about the pelvic floor. We cover how to push your baby out, how to safely exercise, and what to do when sex hurts.
Let’s talk birth: Midwives, Doulas, and Home Birth Safety
Feb 21 • 54 min
We sit down with Colleen Heinze of Gaia midwives to talk midwives, doulas, home birth, home birth transfers, and more!