Geoinnovation - for fun or profit

Ed talks with Alex Wrottesley of Geovation
Mar 30 • 30 min
Ed talks with Alex Wrottesley, head of Geovation. Show notes on the Geomob website.
Ed talks with Alexis Batlle
Mar 23 • 26 min
Ed talks with Alexis Batlle, CEO and co-founder of AVUXI. Show notes on the Geomob website.
Privacy and Location
Mar 17 • 31 min
Ed and Steve discuss the challenges around privacy and location. Show notes on the Geomob website.
Steven talks with Steve Chilton
Mar 10 • 28 min
Steven talks with long time London OpenStreetMapper Steve Chilton. Show notes on the Geomob website.
Mapping the Coronavirus
Mar 8 • 29 min
This is a special out of schedule episode in which we discuss mapping the spread of the coronavirus. Show notes on the Geomob website.
Ed talks with Joana Simoes
Mar 3 • 21 min
Ed speaks with Joana Simoes, veteran of the Barcelona geo scene and organizer of Geomob Lisbon (#geomobLX) Relevant links: Joana is on Twitter as @doublebyte Joana’s website
Steven tells us about Mappery and FOSS4G
Feb 24 • 28 min
Steven shares the background on his service and then discusses his experiences as an organizer of FOSS4G Relevant links: OSGeo FOSS4G 2020 (Calgary) FOSS4G 2020 Europe (Valmiera, Latvia)
Introducing co-host Steven Feldman
Feb 22 • 29 min
In this episode I introduce co-host and longtime geomobster Steven Feldman. Steven has been a supporter of Geomob as an attendee, speaker, and sponsor, and has many years of experience in the geo industry in many different roles. We explore his background…
Welcome to the Geomob podcast
Feb 22 • 7 min
This episode is a brief teaser of the Geomob podcast. What is Geomob and why are we starting a podcast now? What can you expect from the podcast? We also list some other geo podcasts we enjoy. Learn more about Geomob events and make sure you’re on our…