Coptic Magical Papyri Podcast

Coptic Magical Papyri Podcast
The Coptic Magical Papyri: Vernacular Religion in Late Roman and Early Islamic Egypt is a five-year research project (2018-2023) based at the Chair of Egyptology of the Julius Maximilian University Würzburg and funded by the Excellent Ideas programme. The team consists of Korshi Dosoo (research group leader), Edward O. D. Love, and Markéta Preininger Svobodová. Our goal is to advance the study of the corpus of Coptic “magical texts” – manuscripts written on papyrus, as well as parchment, paper, ostraca and other materials, and attesting to private religious practices designed to cope with the crises of daily life in Egypt. There are about five hundred of these texts which survive, dating to between the third and twelfth centuries of the common era. The largest published collection to-date, Ancient Christian Magic (Marvin Meyer & Richard Smith, 1994), contains only about one hundred of these texts – about a fifth of the total number – while the remainder of those published are scattered in over a

Koptische Magie und Alchemie mit Sebastian Richter
May 14 • 70 min
In our third podcast - exceptionally recorded in German - we sat down with Prof. Sebastian Richter from the Free University of Berlin, to discuss the possible relationship between Coptic magical and alchemical texts. What does alchemy mean in the context…
Gnosticism and Coptic Magic with Dylan Burns
Mar 27 • 84 min
Dylan Burns introduces us to basic conceptions of Gnosticism, as well as its core texts. The focus of our second podcast is on the relationship of magical and Gnostic texts in Roman Egypt. Enjoy!
Introduction to Coptic Magic with Jacques van der Vliet
Feb 19 • 40 min
In the first podcast episode, created by the Coptic Magical Papyri project based at the University of Würzburg, Germany, we discuss ancient magic with the Leiden professor Jacques van der Vliet. Who was the ancient magician and what were his practices?