The Healing Mirror

The Healing Mirror
with Soraya Saraswati

Awakening to Love Satsang
Jul 26 • 51 min
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Ground of Being Meditation Following a short ground of being meditation Soraya speaks about awakening to love. Explaining that…
Touched by Suicide
Jul 16 • 73 min
Touched By Suicide a conversation with RITO Many of us have been touched by suicide. Perhaps with the loss of a friend, relative or immediate family member. Perhaps we have had, or still struggle with suicidal thoughts ourselves. Suicide is not a pretty…
Global Satsang: Awakening and the Spiritual Seeker
Jul 10 • 38 min
When we the spiritual seeker arrives, or awakens to peaceful presence, or oneness there is no separation. The seeker and what is sought are One. We have arrived.
Soraya’s Conversation with Spiritual Teacher Gangaji
Jul 3 • 49 min
Soraya’s Conversation with Gangaji Gangaji is an eloquent, elegant, humble and deeply kind spiritual teacher who resides in America. Her teacher was H.W.L. Poonja affectionately called Papaji and his teacher Sri Ramana Maharshi. It is my great pleasure to…
Jandamarra Cadd Australian Indigenous Artist
May 23 • 64 min
Jandamarra Cadd Indigenous Artist Interview Jandamarra Cadd is an Australian born award winning Artist, and a descendant of the indigenous Yorta Yorta (Northeastern Victoria) and Dja Dja Warung (Central Victoria) nations. In this interview we discuss his…
Terry Oldfield Composer: an extraordinary life
Apr 18 • 91 min
Terry Oldfield Composer-Musician English born Terry Oldfield is a self-taught composer-musician who has had a long and interesting musical career. His main instrument is the Flute which he came across while living on the rocks on the Island of Hydra in…
Overcoming Grief after losing a Child
Apr 18 • 15 min
The loss of a child can trigger a very deep and sad grieving time. But grief doesn’t need to last a lifetime. Death is a natural part of life. In fact the only thing that is certain is that we all will die. Yet the death of a child seems somehow wrong. As…
Stop Ecocide Change the Law Save the Earth
Mar 27 • 62 min
Soraya interviews co-founder of the Stop Ecocide Campaign JoJo Mehta together with co-workers Anita Van Rosum and George Vigeleos. Stop Ecocide aims to change the law making crimes against the earth a criminal offence. Poly Higgins Barrister & Founder of…
Global Satsang: Relinquishing Control
Mar 18 • 52 min
Releasing Attachment The world is now experiencing unprecedented change. We are being asked relinquish control (something the separate-self loves) and to live with uncertainty. We are being stopped in our tracks as asked to release attachment to our plans…
Sarva Atma: Advaita Vedanta Nondual Teacher
Mar 9 • 51 min
Raised in Poverty Born and raised in Kerala India, Sarva Atma is a Advaita Vedanta Nondual teacher. A philanthropist he has developed a spiritual homestay that offers Yoga, Vedanta and Ayurveda. Sarva Atma was born and raised in Kerala India. During his…