Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop
Highland Ag Solutions is changing the game in agriculture. Our aim is to empower farmers to plan ahead, market smart, care for the environment, and defend their worth like never before. Through this podcast you will hear fresh perspectives from familia…

New Generation of Leadership | Dennis Ross
Jul 1 • 20 min
Dennis Ross served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2011 to 2019. After he retired from Congress, he returned to his hometown of Lakeland, FL where he joined Southeastern University as a distinguished professor of political science to launch… | Bud Chiles and Kalan Royal
Jun 25 • 23 min
Bud Chiles, son of late Governor Lawton Chiles, describes how he turned his passion to help the decline of the American family farm into an organization of farmers and consumers called American Grown Inc. Currently, Bud serves as its National Director,…
Women in Ag | Jamie Viramontes of Viramontes Farms and Red Mountain Produce
Jun 22 • 20 min
Jamie Viramontes chats with Bristol Wells about growing crops in the Southwest, her absolute love for farming and what she is learning by working alongside husband Cole. Jamie explains why keeping your faith and staying positive helps cope with the…
Women in Ag | Chelsea Consalo of Consalo Family Farms
Jun 17 • 14 min
Chelsea Consalo is the Vice President of Produce Operations for Consalo Family Farms. We talk with Chelsea about working in the family business, from starting as their food safety coordinator to her present-day role as the VP of Operations. We learn…
Women in Ag | Kameron Coggins-Harwell of Grimmway Farms
Jun 10 • 15 min
From her farm family, to getting into trouble for hauling hay at 9, Kameron discusses it all. Kameron Harwell of Grimmway Farms chats with host, Bristol Wells on farming, family and working your way through a tough but rewarding industry.
Women in Ag | Beth McQuaig-McIntyre of Anna’s Garden
Jun 3 • 23 min
Elizabeth “Beth” McQuaig-McIntyre of Anna’s Garden, 66, is a retired English teacher who became a blueberry farmer later in life. Although much of her life was spent teaching and raising her three sons, this leg of the journey at Anna’s Garden and…
Stella Farms | Keeping Watermelons Moving
May 13 • 29 min
Stella Farms provides watermelons and pineapples to the retail, food service, and processing industries year-round with the goal of bringing customers superior produce grown with responsible and sustainable practices. Mike Martori, VP of Sales discusses…
Bushmans’ Inc. | Things You Never Knew About Potatoes
May 12 • 17 min
In 1909 Joseph L Bushman started Bushmans’ Inc. and today it is the longest continuing potato growing operation in Wisconsin. The company grows and ships more than 10 million pounds of potatoes a year that go to grocers, retailers, and food service…
Wish Farms | How Do Grocery Stores Have Berries Always Available?
Apr 30 • 26 min
JC COO of Wish Farms, explains how our grocery stores always have our favorite foods readily available. From US grown to imports, JC discuss the process of getting the produce we’re used to buying at our convenience from farm to table.
Primus Auditing Ops | On Food Safety Audits Going Virtual
Apr 24 • 15 min
A recent breakthrough has occurred in food safety regarding auditing at farms. Primus Auditing Ops has introduced desktop documentation review by approved software companies. Documents must be in an organized fashion for auditors to review prior to the…
DiMare Fresh | On the Trade Inequities Facing American Farmers
Apr 17 • 29 min
Tony DiMare, 3rd generation owner of DiMare Fresh, talks about NAFTA and the newly implemented US-MCA. This episode sheds some light on how NAFTA and the effect it had on Florida tomato growers, and how the new US-MCA has made changes to create a more…
Titan Farms | On Keeping Workers Safe in the Peach Industry
Apr 14 • 25 min
The farming world has changed. Chalmers Carr has a serious talk with Steve Maxwell and Justin Machell about the steps his farm is doing to keep his workers safe, what they are doing to keep up with a changing food supply chain, and the importance of…
Atticus Crop Protection | Protecting Our Crops During the Pandemic
Apr 6 • 26 min
Feeding the world means growers have to protect their large-scale crops from pests and disease. Although most products are sourced outside of the US, American growers are hoping to bring crop protection products back to the US in the future. We speak…
Russ Goodman | On Buying American and Keeping it Local
Apr 6 • 28 min
Guest Russ Goodman, 7th generation famer and congressional candidate, explains the importance of buying local and American grown produce and provides insight to things consumers may not know when shopping in the produce section.
Wade Purvis | On Buying American Produce
Apr 1 • 25 min
Guest Wade Purvis, bean famer, talks about what is happening to your local farmer and how we can help save them.
Coronavirus | A Guide for Growers Part 2
Mar 30 • 31 min
As the Coronavirus continues to spread, Chief Science Officer, Frank Kelsey provides further steps growers and business owners can take to reduce COVID-19 at the farm level.
Coronavirus | How it’s Impacting Agriculture Part 2
Mar 26 • 32 min
We continue to find out what’s happening to agriculture and COVID-19. CEO Steve Maxwell and Justin Machell, VP Business Development and Analytics at Highland Ag Solutions follow up with Jerome Crosby, farmer and president of the Georgia Berry Exchange.…
Coronavirus | How it’s Impacting Agriculture Part 1
Mar 20 • 27 min
What’s happening to agriculture with the outbreak? CEO Steve Maxwell and Justin Machell, VP Business Development and Analytics at Highland Ag Solutions talk with Jerome Crosby, farmer and president of the Georgia Berry Exchange. They explore what’s…
Southern Belle Organics | A Look at the Blueberry Industry
Mar 16 • 31 min
In this episode we take a peek into the blueberry industry, its expansion and its challenges with Vince Ferrante, Executive Vice President and Brick Rooks, President and CEO of Southern Belle Organics. Hosted by Justin Machell and Steve Maxwell of…
Coronavirus | A Guide for Growers Part 1
Mar 5 • 33 min
Chief Science Officer, Frank Kelsey and Food Safety Specialist, Bristol Wells talk about the best ways to reduce the risk of spreading viruses in your home and growing operation.
About Us | Steve Maxwell and the Heart of Highland
Feb 26 • 35 min
CEO Steve Maxwell discusses the highs and lows of starting and running an agricultural business. He chats with his daughter Megan, about his philosophy of building a team, not using contracts and keeping the faith no matter what. Learn how this…
Pilot | Introducing Cream of the Crop
Feb 20 • 21 min
Our pilot episode. Highland CEO Steve Maxwell and VP of Sales and Business Intelligence, Justin Machell, chat about the business of blueberries with Jason Watts, owner of Florida Best Farms and Alan Abe, General Manager of East Coast Berries.