Eczema Breakthroughs

Eczema Breakthroughs
Conversations between caregivers & the world’s cutting edge researchers.

Tales from the Frontlines: Parents Share their Eczema Stories and Insights for World Atopic Eczema Day
Sep 13 • 30 min
In this episode six parents of children with eczema from around the world share common experiences, challenges and silver linings from their eczema journeys, and dispel myths and misperceptions about the condition. Join us for this special edition of…
Natural Killer Cells
Aug 26 • 24 min
What do the Iditarod and the immune system have in common? How can we harness the body’s defenses for fighting off infections and invaders to tackle eczema and its complications, including eczema herpeticum. Our guest for this episode of Eczema…
Dispatches from the frontlines of the “Battle of the Bacteria” with Dr. Richard Gallo
Jul 7 • 24 min
There’s a battle underway on the skin between bacteria that make eczema worse and bacteria that can improve eczema symptoms. This fascinating discussion with Dr. Richard Gallo, Chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the University of California-San…
A Roadmap for Navigating the New Eczema Treatment Landscape with Dr. Eric Simpson
Jun 16 • 26 min
Almost every week we hear about new treatments for eczema, many with names that are hard to pronounce and even harder to remember. After a long drought, we’re suddenly experiencing a downpour in new options, but for parents and patients, it’s hard to…
Systemic steroids? Antihistamines? A critical look at common treatment practices with Dr. Jonathan Silverberg
May 6 • 30 min
Oral and systemic steroids are used to treat eczema all the time, but are they safe and do they make sense for a long-term chronic disease? Antihistamines are the most commonly prescribed oral treatment for eczema, but do they actually address its…
Messing with the Microbiome — Insights from Dr. Ian Myles
Mar 24 • 23 min
Why is eczema prevalence on the rise? Are chemicals found in many skin and cosmetic products partially to blame? How do we restore a healthy balance of bacteria on eczema-prone skin? Is the idea that eczema is a “genetic” disease a myth? Learn more in…
A Dialogue with Dr. Peter Lio
Feb 20 • 27 min
Can you control itch with acupressure? Do toxins from bacteria drive eczema symptoms? What is the Dr. Aron Regimen and does it work? How should we think about long-term steroid use? Learn more in this interview with a Dr. Peter Lio, Assistant Professor of…