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Fulfillment of Prophecy: Moving Off Premise with Erle Dardick
Aug 6 • 35 min
5 insights and other wisdom from food industry founder, consultant, visionary and thought leader, Erle Dardick for restaurateurs moving forward.
The Future Of Restaurants: Positioning Post-COVID-19 with Bruce Reinstein
Aug 3 • 18 min
6 tips and other insights from the award-winning hospitality executive and partner and Kinetic12.
Making Restaurants More Efficient with Bradley Bloch
Jul 30 • 27 min
Bradley Bloch is the co-founder and CEO of CFO2, a company dedicated to helping restaurant operators level up their financials and run a tighter ship. He discussed four specific tips and gave other great insights with Ovation CEO Zack Oates on this…
5 Steps Restaurateurs Must Take During COVID-19 with Crafton Bryant IV
Jul 29 • 25 min
As the former head of marketing for Metro Diner and Bloomin’ Brands, restaurant consultant Crafton Bryant talks with Zack Oates about using down time created from the corona virus, merging operations and marketing, and more on this episode of Give An…
Keeping Restaurants Safe During COVID-19 with Steven Mandernach
Jul 24 • 22 min
5 tips on sanitation and navigating the new normal with the executive director of the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO).
Advice For Restaurants In The New Normal: 5 Tips with Ann Rolke
Jul 22 • 25 min
Ann Rolke shares some of her expertise as a strategic marketing and communications professional with over 20 years in the restaurant industry.
Reducing Risk In Restaurants Post-COVID-19 with Dr. Ben Chapman
Jul 21 • 24 min
Five expert tips and other insights from North Carolina State University Professor, Ben Chapman.
Hospitality In The New Normal: How To with Kelli Laube
Jul 21 • 23 min
Kelli Laube, hospitality trainer at, gives 5 specific pointers on making guests feel welcome generally and during a pandemic.
How To Attribute Your Marketing Dollars With Sean Vazan of LuckyDiem
Jul 16 • 14 min
LuckyDiem - a truly risk-free marketing tool? (Hint: yes.) Find out on this episode of Give An Ovation with LuckyDiem’s VP of Sales, Sean Vazan.
The Role Of Restaurant Tech In The New Normal with Kelly MacPherson
Jul 15 • 31 min
Kelly MacPherson, former CIO of Restaurant Brands International, Hard Rock Cafe, and other massive brands, gives 4 insights and other info about restaurants post-COVID-19 in this knowledge-packed episode of Give An Ovation.
The Post-COVID 19 Restaurant: What To Expect with Cory Warfield
Jul 11 • 27 min
5 Insights from the CVO and LinkedInthusiast, Cory Warfield, about how restaurants and businesses can succeed going forward.
Local Longevity: How Your Business Can Succeed with Dave Loveland
Jul 10 • 19 min
The founder of Keep Local Alive, a platform for business owners to tell their stories, shares 4 tips on how local businesses and restaurants can truly become a part of the community.
Rethinking Restaurants In The New Normal: 5 Insights From Henry Patterson
Jul 1 • 33 min
Senior Partner at Rethink Restaurants chats about building effective relationships, navigating COVID-19, and even gives a little shout-out to Ovation.
How To Respond To Reviews with Tom James
Jun 19 • 19 min
Five-star expertise from the founder of Overall Reviews.
5 Screens and 4 Tips: Effective Outdoor Advertising with Lee Houghton
Jun 19 • 25 min
Soundbite after soundbite from OOH expert and Outdoor Media Senior Consultant at Yesco.
How To Be An Exceptional Manager with Sean Taylor
Jun 15 • 24 min
Founder/CEO of Up To Par Management and Taylor Hospitality gives 4 tips and other information on hiring well and running a productive team.
Staying Smart and Secure: 5 Essentials for Restaurateurs from Brock Weeks
Jun 11 • 19 min
CEO/Founder of Savi shares advice for restaurants based on expertise he’s gained from providing solutions to top brands such as Burger King, Kneaders, and others.
Raising Your Advertising IQ With Joe Mediate
Jun 11 • 23 min
CEO and Founder of Webociti shares 4 insights and other expertise on how restaurants and retailers can reach customers more effectively.
Thinking Outside The Box: Pivoting Post-COVID-19 with Jeremy Staub
Jun 9 • 17 min
Four tips and other insights for restaurants from the Owner and Creative Director of Box 8 Creative Studio.
How To Find Your New Normal Post-COVID-19 with Danny Klein
Jun 1 • 19 min
Five tips for restaurateurs on adjusting successfully as they reopen their doors from the Director of Digital Content at Food News Media.
Love + Service + Care = A Successful Restaurant - with Fred Glick
May 29 • 37 min
President of Amergent Hospitality Group, Inc. shares 5 insights on how to be a good restaurateur and a good person.
The Recipe For Success - How To Increase Profits with Mark Kelnhofer
May 27 • 23 min
President and CEO of Return On Ingredients describes four crucial actions restaurant owners must take to make money.
How To Bring Back Business Post-COVID-19 with Stephanie Jarm
May 22 • 19 min
5 knowledge-packed strategies from Stephanie Jarm, founder of Stephanie Jarm consulting!
Holy Cow! Restaurant Supply Chains Post-COVID-19 with David Maloni
May 21 • 18 min
5 tips for restaurateurs from Executive VP of Analytics at ArrowStream, David Maloni.
How To Succeed Post-COVID-19 with Symon Perriman and Scott Johnson
May 18 • 20 min
CEO and VP of Sales at FanWide give 5 pieces of advice to all restaurateurs to navigate the ever-changing COVID-19 industry.
How Restaurants Can Score Post-COVID-19 with Donald Burns
May 13 • 21 min
The Restaurant Coach™ took a quick time-out to share 5 strategies from decades in the industry that restaurants can use to survive now, and grow going forward.
How To Position Your Restaurant Post-COVID-19 with Nico Nieto
May 12 • 24 min
VP/Head of Marketing and Brand at Roti offers 5 strategies and other insights on how restaurants can succeed right now and in the aftermath of COVID-19.
How Restaurants Can Succeed Online with Bruce Irving
May 8 • 26 min
Founder of talks with Ovation CEO Zack Oates about 5 essential tips in putting your restaurant on the map.
How To Implement SEO with Chris Morin
May 8 • 20 min
Chris Morin is the founder and CEO of, an agency that helps businesses maximize their Search Engine Optimization efforts. Chris has experience helping large and small businesses, and shared 4 knowledge-packed tips with Zack Oates, CEO of…
How To Engage Your Customers with Nate Mills
May 8 • 15 min
Nate Mills from Atmophere and Chive TV shares about what restaurants can do to keep their customers engaged longer, especially when it’s not Football Sunday.
How To Use Text Marketing with Derek Morgan
May 8 • 13 min
VP of Customer Success Derek Morgan and CEO of Ovation Zack Oates discuss why text marketing is so effective in today’s restaurant industry, and how owners can implement it successfully.
How To Innovate Post-COVID-19 with Bo Bryant
May 7 • 24 min
4 pointers from restaurant expert, author, and technologist Bo Bryant on how restaurants can succeed in the post-COVID-19 economy.
How To Maintain Revenue During COVID-19 with Jake Lyman
May 6 • 15 min
VP of Sales at Hownd offers 3 insights on how restaurants can manage during these hard times, and how Hownd specifically can help.
How To Prepare Your Restaurant for Post COVID-19 with Ladd Biro
May 5 • 24 min
Founder and Principal of Champion Management offers 6 pointers on how to be a restaurant champ Post-COVID-19.
How To Re-Open Post COVID-19 with Josh Goodman
May 3 • 18 min
Founder/CEO of PourMyBeer shares 4 tips straight from the tap about how restaurants can prepare for their re-grand openings.
How To Thrive Post COVID-19 with Scott Porter
Apr 30 • 26 min
Founder/CEO of San Diablo Artisan Churros Scott Porter shares 5 tips with Ovation CEO Zack Oates on how restaurants can succeed as they begin to open up again.
How Restaurants Can Adjust Post COVID-19 with Werner Lomkin
Apr 29 • 19 min
Domino’s Franchisee and World’s Fastest Pizza Maker shares 4 tips and other insights on what the new restaurant business will look like and how to flourish in the new environment.
How Restaurants Can Pivot Post COVID-19 with Rory Balkin
Apr 28 • 25 min
Founder of Donut Digest, Rory Balkin, shares 6 tips on how restaurants can take advantage of post COVID-19 changes.
How to Hire Post COVID-19 with Derek Williamson
Apr 27 • 15 min
Founder and CEO of HigherMe shares 5 tips on hiring the best talent once we all come out of quarantine.
How Restaurants Can Survive COVID-19 with Seth Weinert
Apr 21 • 13 min
CEO Zack Oates and VP of Sales Seth Weinert discuss how restaurants and retailers can keep their doors open during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.
How Restaurants Can Adapt During COVID-19 with Fred Langley
Apr 20 • 13 min
Ovation CEO, Zack Oates and Restaurant Systems Pro Ceo Fred Langley talk about what restaurants can do to succeed during these hard times. Reach out to Fred at:
How Restaurants Can Stay Afloat During COVID-19 with Chris + Chris Horton
Apr 14 • 21 min
What can restaurant owners do to lessen the damage dealt by the COVID-19 virus? And what can they do to prepare for future crises? Zack Oates, CEO of Ovation, finds the answers to these questions on this episode, where he talks with Chris Jr, one of…
Bruce Irving on Succeeding in the New COVID-19 Restaurant Business
Mar 24 • 18 min
Zack Oates, Ovation CEO, and Restaurant Marketing Strategist, Bruce Irving, discuss the top strategies for restaurants to adapt to the new restaurant business created by COVID-19. From utilizing social media to managing finances, listen to find out how…
Joey Ngoy on Communicating with your Customers during COVID-19
Mar 23 • 15 min
Ovation CEO, Zack Oates and Joey Ngoy, restaurant owners and CEO of TFN Media, disucss the importance and best practices for restaurant owners to communicate with their customers during COVID-19. Link to Google map of open restaurants from TFN Media:…
Ethan Cisneros on Building Value despite COVID-19 and Stores Closing
Mar 19 • 10 min
Ovation CEO, Zack Oates talks with Ethan Cisneros, founder of Thirst Drinks about how restaurants can still build value for their customers and keep business rolling in even with store closures due to COVID-19/Coronavirus.
Rev Ciancio on Lessons from COVID-19 for Restaurant Owners
Mar 17 • 18 min
Ovation CEO, Zack Oates, and Rev Ciancio, Founder of Yeah! Management, an independent marketing consultant agency, discuss how COVID-19 will ultimately change the restaurant business as we know it today. Listen to learn how you can come back from the…
Joe DeSimone on Resolving Recruitment Frustrations
Mar 12 • 19 min
Joe DeSimone is currently the Recruiting & Business Development Manager at Source One Hospitality out of Chicago. Cutting his teeth in hospitality over twenty years ago, Joe made the transition to the recruiting world to assist in growing the…
Reviews, Loyalty, and Text Marketing to Grow Restaurant and Retail Business
Feb 20 • 16 min
Want to grow your business? Want more customers coming back through your doors? CEO Zack Oates and VP of Sales/Co-Founder Seth Weinert of Ovation discuss the importance of leveraging reviews, customer loyalty, and text marketing to grow business for…