Long form conversations with the most interesting women you have never heard of. Published every other Wednesday.

MotoGypsy: Wildlife Biology & Motorcycle Journalism
May 12 • 84 min
Janelle Kaz is @motogypsy- a wildlife biologist living a life that merges wildlife conservation work, the fight against animal trafficking and motorcycle travel. In this conversation we discuss the wildlife trafficking syndicate in Asia, village life in…
Alien Botany: A Glimpse Beyond
Apr 30 • 57 min
Zoetica Ebb’s “Alien Botany” is a multimedia project of epic proportions and immaculate detail. It features “specimens of otherworldly plant-animal hybrids and their potential interactions with human hosts,” which “examine various mediums, from…
Photographing Media’s Forgotten Fringe
Apr 17 • 73 min
Alicia Vera is a Mexico City based photographer.. Alicia has been published in Time, The Wall Street Journal, The Intercept, The Guardian, NPR, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Condé Nast Traveler, Vice, Dwell and many others. Alicia’s interest seems to be…
The Adpative Spirit: No Excuses. No Regrets.
Mar 31 • 83 min
Danielle Watson has been living her motto—“No excuses and no regrets”— to the full sense of its meaning. In 2011, Danielle was paralyzed in a climbing at the T6 and now uses a wheelchair for mobility. In this conversation we explore Danielle’s very full…
Lifestyle Design & The Musical Mountaineers
Mar 18 • 121 min
This conversations with Anastasia Allison spans lifestyle design, The Musical Mountaineers, traveling through Bhutan, overcoming fears in the outdoors, finding fly fishing spots by exploring off trail high routes, starting a company supplying the most…
Global Motorcycle Art Journey: The Unus Munus Project
Mar 5 • 130 min
Chelsea Southard is a steel fabricator and sculpture artist who left the united states in 2018 to start a continual motorcycle trip across all continents while collaborating with local art communities along the way. She has already traveled 10,000 miles…
Inuit Tattoo Traditions in Greenland
Feb 20 • 129 min
This conversation is with Maya Sialuk Jacobsen. Maya is a Greenlandic Inuit tattoo artist dedicated to preserving native Inuit tattoo traditions. Taught initially in western tattoo styles she now practices hand poking and skin stitching. We discuss…