The Laymens Lounge

The Laymens Lounge
Discussions to aid everyday Christians trying to navigate normal everyday stuff that make up our wonderful (yet often horrible) existence. Listen-in as we bring other everyday Theologians to get a Theology of, and for, regular folks (you know, our stuff like: work, leisure, hiking, sex, fighting, art, beer, music, self-image, doubt, the Gospel, depression, sales, baseball, the church, hippies, annoying neighbors, family, etc.). Christianity is more than just a heaven to gain and a hell to shun a life composed of mere “sin management”. Jesus really is living water for us thirsty pilgrims.

Edwin van Driel: What is Jesus Doing? Is He on the move or asleep? How can we be a part of His activity?
May 21 • 56 min
Join us as we talk with Dr Edwin van Driel as we ask: what is Jesus doing? Is He even doing anything at all (because it seems like this world is going to hell and the Church seems to have no influence)? Is Jesus just a mental truth from 2,000 years ago or…
John Walton: “Why did God ‘rest’ on the 7th day?” and Other Genesis Questions for the Modern Bible Reader
Mar 5 • 53 min
Join us as we interview Dr John Walton (professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and one of the world’s most prominent scholars and voices on Ancient near east background to the Bible) with crucial questions like 1. How do we read/interpret the…
Amos Yong: Exploring the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
Mar 4 • 47 min
Join us as we interview Amos Yong (professor of Theology and Mission at Fuller Seminary) who seeks to bring Biblical clarity to the person and work of the Spirit, in the academy as well as the Church. In this discussion we ask who is the Spirit? What does…
Bruce Ashford: Storyline of the Bible & Cleaning Cats
Feb 6 • 34 min
Bruce Ashford is Professor of Theology & Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and seeks to cultivate a “Christianity for the common good” with his conviction that Jesus is Lord and, for that reason, we should be thoughtful and intentional…