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The Lancet Voice is a fortnightly podcast from the Lancet family of journals. Lancet editors and their guests unravel the stories behind the best global health, policy and clinical research of the day―and what it means for people around the world. Each?

COVID-19 in Japan and moving on from orphanages
Aug 5 • 33 min
This week we talk with Prof. Kenji Shibuya, Director of the King’s Institute for Population Health, about mask-wearing and pandemic response in Japan, and The Lancet Psychiatry Editor-in-Chief Dr. Niall Boyce walks us through the problems of…
COVID-19 vaccines with Richard Horton, public transport safety, and how to model
Jul 23 • 49 min
Richard Horton updates us on a leap forward in the Oxford and China vaccine progress, we talk viral transmission on public transport, and Kathleen O’Reilly explains how scientists create and test models.
Seroprevalence and Black voices in healthcare
Jul 8 • 36 min
How many people have COVID-19 antibodies? What does having antibodies mean? Rosanna Peeling explains the latest, and we’re joined by Ashley McMullen from the Nocturnists podcast to chat about her experiences and her new series, Black Voices in Healthcare.
COVID-19 vaccines, insulin pricing, and snakebites
Jun 24 • 53 min
In a bumper episode of The Lancet Voice we speak with Kalipso Chalkidou about COVID-19 vaccine access for low and middle-income countries, we hear about why insulin costs so much in the US and what can be done about it, and we talk breakthroughs in…
Cytokine storms explained
Jun 11 • 23 min
What are cytokine storms, and how do they affect patients? Our editors speak with immunologist Scott Canna and rheumatologist Rachel Tattersall to help understand this condition.
Physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection
Jun 2 • 26 min
The Lancet Voice chats with Holger Schünemann and Derek Chu, authors of new research on physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection, to find out the best approach to these vital virus control methods.
The role of the state during and after COVID-19
May 29 • 34 min
Philosopher Philippe Van Parijs discusses the state’s stake in its citizens’ health and the expansion of the role of the state during and after the coronavirus pandemic.
COVID-19 and Sub-Saharan Africa
May 21 • 20 min
Yap Boum of Médecins Sans Frontières and Zoe Mullan, Editor-in-Chief of The Lancet Global Health, discuss the particular issues facing Sub-Saharan Africa.
COVID-19 and the immune system
May 20 • 24 min
Does infection confer immunity? Is the virus mutating? How long could immunity last? Arne Akbar, Professor of Immunology at UCL, answers some of the big questions surrounding the pandemic.
Kawasaki-like disease
May 14 • 23 min
Another special episode of The Lancet Voice speaks with a doctor about the outbreak of Kawasaki-like disease in children following SARS-CoV-2 infection.
Convalescent plasma as a COVID-19 treatment
Apr 24 • 23 min
Another special COVID-19 episode of The Lancet Voice looks into using the blood of recovered patients to treat serious cases. Julie Stacey speaks with Prof. Liise-Anne Pirofski of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
NHS reorganisation during COVID-19
Apr 9 • 29 min
How are staff being reassigned? What have their experiences been like? A special episode speaks with NHS doctors to ask about life during COVID-19 in the UK.
Asthma and COVID-19
Apr 8 • 17 min
A special episode speaks with Professor Hilary Pinnock to examine the current evidence and advice for patients with asthma and clinicians caring for them.
Old age and COVID-19
Apr 6 • 16 min
Much of the discourse on COVID-19 has been about older people being at high risk. The Lancet Voice speaks to Professor Thomas Scharf, president of The British Society of Gerontology about how COVID-19 is affecting age discrimination and loneliness.
Misinformation in a pandemic
Apr 2 • 23 min
How does misinformation start? Why is it spread? What is being done about it? What is “behavioural fatigue”? The Lancet Voice speaks with Sander van der Linden, director of the Cambridge Social Decision-Making Laboratory, to find out more.
PPE in the NHS during COVID-19
Mar 26 • 12 min
A special episode of The Lancet Voice looks into the lack of personal protective equipment, or PPE, for healthcare workers in the NHS.
Pregnancy and COVID-19
Mar 25 • 19 min
How does COVID-19 affect pregnancy? In this special episode of The Lancet Voice, Lancet editors speak to frontline staff around the world to see how approaches have evolved.
Invisible women, COVID-19, and NASA
Mar 17 • 40 min
Caroline Criado Perez discusses how cardiovascular health in women has been ignored by medicine, a doctor in Wuhan shares first-hand COVID-19 experiences, and NASA scientists explain how life on Mars might affect health on Earth.
COVID-19, Ben Goldacre, and the planetary health diet
Mar 4 • 41 min
In a packed pilot episode of The Lancet Voice, our EBioMedicine Editor-in-Chief, Julie Stacey, reports on how SARS changed our approach to treating and tracking coronaviruses, The Lancet’s Editor-In-Chief, Richard Horton chats with Ben Goldacre about…