Discovery Self Development

Discovery Self Development
Welcome to the Discovery Self Development Podcast – where we chat about all things family, education and relationships. This is a real, raw and honest podcast that you will make you laugh and where you’ll nod your head in agreement with the situations we explore. I’ll give you tools and strategies to create the life and relationships you’ve always dreamed of. Thanks for listening, let’s get started…

Relationships - The Secret Sauce
Jan 26 • 17 min
Relationships are multi-faceted and driven by our human needs - our human needs also explain why some relationships thrive and others are challenging. In this episode I share the moment that every parent dreads - if the parenting relationship breaks down…
Mummies Take The Mic’
Jan 19 • 27 min
4 wonderful mummies who were on retreat took the mic’ and shared stories about parenting challenges such as finding ‘me time’, sharing the bed, sleep deprivation and relationship survival. One mummy shares the most embarrassing moment which brought lots…
Parenthood - Trials and Tribulations
Jan 12 • 15 min
During this episode you will nod your head in agreement with the trials and tribulations of parenthood I describe. I share tools for dealing with your children’s and your own emotional hijack because let’s be honest - it happens! And the episode ends with…
Progress Not Perfection
Jan 5 • 11 min
This is me - an intro to my life and my number 1 parenting 1 tip!
Discovery Self Development (Trailer)
Dec 27, 2019 • 0 min