Together an Active Future Podcast

Together an Active Future Podcast
Jamie Waugh and Ken Masser sometimes wonder what the heck they’re doing and whether any of it make any sense. Along with some fantastic guests, TaAF Talks will share with you their learning and experiences, both good and bad from working on a Sport Eng?

Talks…to Dot about Goats on Zoom and Finding your passion!
Jul 6 • 21 min
Find your passion and you’ll never be short of energy and ideas. That’s the case for Dot McCarthy at Cronkshaw Fold Farm. Listen and watch as Dot takes us on a tour of her farm as well as her approach to life!You’ve seen her on the BBC, on the news and…
Talks…to Creative Football - Part 2 of 2
Jun 22 • 33 min
In this 2 part podcast we talk to Paul, Paul and Wayne and hear all about Creative Football. Through their own experiences of struggling with mental health, they recognised that there was something missing in how services supported people like them and…
Talks…to Creative Football – Part 1 of 2
Jun 22 • 40 min
Creative football is more than getting people down to a pitch to kick a football about. It’s a way of giving people a chance to get out and connect with others, a way of helping people to be active and a great way to have a bit of a laugh. Listen to…
Talks…”running” a virtual mile
Jun 17 • 30 min
Hundreds and hundreds of people in Rossendale took part in a virtual mile recently, showing how you can make things happen, even in a COVID affected life. Listen in as Jamie, Ken and Nathan Bibby share some top tips and ideas on how to get something ‘up…
Talks…to Dr Emma Gladwinfield about COVID-19, wellbeing and what the role of a GP should be
Apr 24 • 52 min
GP’s are the heart of healthcare and provide a vital service in communities. But is the role of a GP evolving with the times? Should GP’s be responsible for looking after your wellbeing as well as your illness?Emma, a GP from Rossendale, shares her…
Talks…mind your language
Apr 9 • 28 min
Language is a complicated thing right? Well it can certainly sound like that when you attend meetings and events within the public sector.But does it need to be? Do we need to think harder before uttering the latest buzz phrases (e.g. social…
Talks (Bitesize)…being a kid with your kids
Apr 9 • 5 min
Getting older is a given, growing up is optional.Now is a great time to spend time playing and having fun with your kids. In this small but perfectly formed bitesize show, Jamie and Ken, with six children between them (mostly Ken’s to be honest) share…
Talks…to Andrea and Ken B about home working and COVID-19
Apr 9 • 45 min
In this crazy time of COVID-19, TaAF Talks to two team members about the realities for them; Ken B has asthma and coronavirus symptoms and Andrea is 32 weeks pregnant.Hear their honest and sometimes emotional reflections of life right now, what they’ve…
Talks…have we got the right team model?
Mar 20 • 23 min
The TaAF team is made up secondments from vastly skilled and experienced people…and we have Jamie in the team too!But what’s the reality of having a team based on a secondment model? Does its value outweigh the pain of trying to manage a team from…
Talks…to Lee Jewitt, rugby legend, about the tools for good mental well-being
Mar 20 • 56 min
Lee Jewitt played in the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley in 2014. The logical next step? Appearing on the TaAF Talks podcast with Jamie and Ken.Listen to how his career in rugby tested his mental as much as his physical strength and how he’s using his…
Talks…to Tina Pilkington, Behind Enemy Lines?
Mar 17 • 40 min
Tina Pilkington is everyone’s favourite scouser and is a Sport England Local Delivery Pilot manager; but in a novel approach for a funding body, Tina has been embedded within the TaAF team. Is she here to check up on TaAF, keep Jamie in order (with a…
Talks…to Sport England Chief Executive Tim Hollingsworth about leadership and culture change
Mar 16 • 43 min
Well, here it is folks, the big one, where TaAF Talks got their hands on the Chief Executive of Sport England.Hear Tim Hollingsworth, along with his new best friends Ken and Jamie, talk about shifting organisational cultures, the values and skills we…
Talks…to Mark Stephenson about partnerships vs self-interest
Feb 14 • 58 min
Partnerships, partnerships, partnerships. Seems like the right approach, but definitely takes a lot more time and effort than just cracking on with things yourself. Listen to Mark (Relationship Manager at Active Lancashire), Ken and Jamie debate the…
Talks…honestly about being active!
Feb 14 • 29 min
Jamie and Ken are part of TaAF, which is learning how to help people to be more active. But what about them? Are they smashing it or are they struggling? Are they practising what they preach? Listen to their honest reflections on the good, the bad and…
Talks…to Tim Pattenden about developing mental resilience
Feb 14 • 62 min
How do you describe good mental health? Listen to Performance Psychologist Tim Pattenden explain his views on how people aren’t really talking about mental health, about why adversity is a good thing and hear some practical steps on taking control of…
Talks…to Leon Cruickshank about the art of delivering great events
Feb 14 • 72 min
Wondering how to make your next event shine? Then listen to the world’s only Professor of Design and Creative Exchange Leon Cruickshank having a chat with Jamie and Ken about the art of designing great interactions. Listen as he shares his hints and…
Talks…the long awaited first podcast
Feb 14 • 27 min
In this first ever TaAF Talks, meet Jamie and Ken, hear the uncertainty in their voices as they explain why they are doing a podcast and learn all about Together an Active Future. Also find out how a 6 foot 3, gob on legs deals with a spider!