Awake with Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt

Awake with Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt
How do we stop and notice that incredible, holy things happen to us every day.My name is Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt and this is Awake - finding the holy in the every day. On this show, I bring the teachings from Jewish mystical texts into everyday life in less than 10 minutes. When you listen, I hope you will take a few minutes to pause and to open yourself to the possibility that holiness, connection and presence are around us all of the time.

“We All Need Moments Of Redemption”
Mar 24 • 10 min
This week I’ve been thinking a lot about redemption. This reminds me of the story of Moses parting the Red Sea and the formula that the Torah gives us for noticing redemption in our lives.
“Being A Witness To The Other”
Mar 17 • 7 min
One of the holiest parts of my partnership with my co-Rabbi Aaron Alexander is watching the other in moments of tremendous joy or pain with a congregant. This is a story of how I recently witnessed the transition of a congregant into the holy unknown.
“I’m Ready To Walk Out Of Here”
Mar 10 • 6 min
As I spoke with the teens at Adas about some of the big issues they are facing regarding gun violence and climate change, I was reminded of the story of Exodus, the final plague and what it means to be willing to stand up for what you believe in, at any…
“Two Different Sides Of Ourselves”
Mar 3 • 8 min
Last night after dinner, I was craving a sweet. After enjoying a chocolate chip cookie, and then immediately wanting more, I thought about the yetzer hatov and yetzer hara, and the need to find balance in our lives.
“I’m Drowning in Spaghetti”
Feb 17 • 5 min
As I spent time with a congregant who was recovering from an illness, she told me that she was drowning in spaghetti.
“How Will I Ever Learn Everything I Need To Know?”
Feb 17 • 4 min
As we were walking home one crisp evening, my son asked me, “Mom - How will I ever learn everything I need to know?”
“God Was In This Place And I Didn’t Know It”
Feb 17 • 6 min
In the story of Jacob’s Ladder, we can learn how to zoom out from that focus, look at the big picture, and find God in the every day.