Something I Used To Wear - Album 3

Something I Used To Wear - Album 3
Heya GoldinFans…Thanks so very much for following my big lil journey…Next up is Album 3 and I thought maybe you’d like to step inside my recording sessions to have a sneaky peak of what this one is all about :> Come with me…

BBC Introducing #ThreeDays plus many more :>
May 21 • 6 min
Tomorrow “Three Days” drops…are you ready for it?! So much excitement with debuts on BBC Radio Surrey, BBC Radio Sussex, Dubai Eye, Karoo Radio, RealMusik Shoreditch, Zone Radio and more…wooohoooo! Take a listen :>
Hope with Friends features Stoyan Stoyanov Storn, Xenai, Mark Stent & Franco Prinsloo Choir
Apr 20 • 10 min
Very excited to share these incredible versions of #Hope with you. These artists are wonderful friends of mine and would love you to take a listen, share your thoughts and if you love it as much…go get it! OUT FRIDAY 24/04/2020 ! Pre-Save >…
#Hope Creators: Stoyan Stoyanov Storn, Jericho Hendricks, Michael Gormley & Franco Prinsloo Choir
Apr 3 • 13 min
I love that people in the creation of this song were so elevated. Isn’t is wonderful that the air was filled with laughter and dancing?! Hear what they have to say about their experience in studio πŸŽΆπŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘§πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘¦‍πŸ‘¦
Step Into The Studio With Hope
Mar 4 • 8 min
Without giving to much away this is the making of “Hope”. Uncover the one thing I really wanted to add to mix and the simple idea that led to this vibrant composition representing all things Africa. This song creation has a special place in my heart, I…
“Hope is the answer. Hope here’s to you.”
Feb 23 • 8 min
The first scoop is about “Hope” off Album No.3 that I’m sharing. It’s about being unstoppable regardless of the setbacks. And in this podcast you’ll hear all about how I worked through my blips :> and I hope that inspires you to not ever give up the fight…
Introducing Album No.3
Feb 11 • 2 min
Here it is #SomethingIUsedToWear πŸ’Ž well…almost…you’ll see…just hit play already!!!
The Making of #SomethingIUsedToWear
Feb 9 • 0 min
So Album No.3 hey?! Yup 4 years later, so guess it’s time. This podcast is a lil journey through lyrics, notes & life’s fuzzy matters of the heart. As each song drops, you’ll have the scoop on what makes it beat or stop or maybe you’ll add your own…