A podcast dedicated to exploring and understanding the black experience through our millennial lenses. Through the transparency and discussion of our own lives, thoughts, and experiences, we attempt to navigate religion, sex, adulthood, popular culture…

Chocolate & Vanilla Swirl featuring Dr. Nora Nneka
May 11 • 91 min
In this week’s main topic, we’ll be discussing interracial relationships! What are our implicit biases about mixed race couples?
Friends: How Many of Us Have Them? Featuring Coronavirus
Apr 27 • 86 min
Friendships: why do they feel so much different now that we’re grown? Why was making friends so much easier when we were in school? Tune in!
Smoke Weed Every Day feat. Shaun Williams
Mar 17 • 76 min
Vaughan, Daijah, & JaNay host another episode of Seen. In this week’s main topic, we’ll be exploring the myriad curiosities & qualms surrounding marijuana: should it be legalized federally? How do we define impairment in different people? When…
Beauty Standards
Mar 2 • 98 min
In this week’s episode, we’ll be exploring implicit biases within black beauty. Join us as we discuss preferences, social media’s impact on beauty standards, cyberbullying, and much more…
Grown or Nah? feat. Jordan Searcy
Feb 17 • 70 min
Are we raising our black children adequately enough to navigate adulthood? Maybe we’re under preparing them? Perhaps we’re raising them to find a partner without teaching them to live independently? Join as we discuss black parenting methods, adult…
You’re Canceled!
Feb 3 • 66 min
What is cancel culture? Does it even truly exist? Join us as we talk about Terry Crews, Kevin Hart, and others as we attempt to navigate this sticky, heavily polarized subject; also, go Kansas City Chiefs! —- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The…