The Product Coach Podcast

The Product Coach Podcast
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E006 — The Only Success is Team Success
Mar 24
That every now and then you gotta ask yourselfDo you really wanna win or just look good losing? Phonte (Little Brother), Dreams Mikal and Sam discuss what it means when the only success is team success, why it’s important for teams not to treat…
E005 — Product Team Members Must Hold Themselves to an Atypically High Standard
Mar 17
One thing that’s phenomenal was the day I decidedTo hold myself accountable for my behavior Royce da 5’9″, Hero Mikal and Sam discuss that the trust in the product team, corresponds with an accountability for team members to hold themselves to an…
E004 — The Product Team has Skin in the Game (Job Risk) Regarding Product Outcomes
Mar 10
Find your direction through introspectionAnd for my people out there I got a questionCan we be the sole controllers of our fate?Now who’s gonna take the weight? Gang Starr (Guru), Who’s Gonna Take the Weight? Mikal and Sam discuss who is on the ‘product…
E003 — The First Building Blocks to Great Products
Mar 3
But you can’t break the mold in by holding your breath Cee-Lo, Die Tryin Mikal and Sam discuss why empowered and accountable Product Teams are the first building blocks to great products. Series: How do you build a ‘Product Team?’ Episode 3/13 Each…
E002 — ‘Product Teams’ Pursue the Law of Increasing Returns
Feb 25
The name is well kept, and the rep just gets bigga Gang Starr, The Rep Grows Bigga Mikal and Sam explore what product teams should aspire to, why a lot of what we think is great Product Teams are actually Optimization Teams, and the law of increasing…
E001 — Great Products come from ‘Product Teams’
Feb 13
Slow down! You’re still a amateur What separates the pro from the amateur is stamina KRS-One. “Health, Wealth, Self.” KRS-One Mikal and Sam introduce The Product Coach Podcast, quick wins, and what’s wrong with product today. Series: How do you build a…